Petey tossed 60 pitches at St Lonesome today-47 for K’s-and another 20 in the pen afterwards. He gave up 3 runs on 3 hits with a walk and 4 K’s. The big deal is he looked more effective than his last outing and that K/B mark of 47/13 is very encouraging. It seems the next step is for Petey to make two more starts in the bushes and then up to the big club.

I want more than anything for Petey to rejoin the Mets and put his mark on this season but I’m not going to go over board yet. If he makes it back and can give the team 5IP a start and keep them in a game that should be all we can expect, anything else is a bonus.

Besides his prowess as a pitcher, one thing Petey would bring to the clubhouse is a jolt of enthusiasm that I think is missing this year.

I have absolutely no inside info on what goes on in the Mets clubhouse but from watching the team and reading about the club this year I think there are some conflicts of personalities that we never saw last year.

As much as the players and main stream media think we fans are idiots, deep down they know that our sentiments about the club are very similar to theirs. They see Shawn Green as a liability in RF and know that Lastings Milledge should be out there more than he is. The players shake their heads at Willie Randolph’s moves especially when he knows he has a short bench and screws up to the point that Tom Glavine has to pinch hit in big spot. How much would you wager that more than Paul LoDuca’s weak bat this year and advanced baseball age is the fact that his off the field problems with whispers of a gambling problem, his dalliances with young trollops and his infamous “They speak English too you know” clubhouse proclamation is his ticket out of town?

Then there is Titan Tom Glavine’ quest for his 300th win. Glavine always says the right thing as he’s as polished as a graduated of Karl Rove University but the fact of the matter is his Road to 300 (ugh!) over shadowed the fact that he is not an effective pitcher anymore. When the playoffs start he may be the 3rd or 4th starter. It didn’t help matters either that Mrs. Glavine was visibly upset by Guillermo Mota blowing one of many leads he has from the pen. But Mrs. Glavine was upset for her hubby than for the team as we all know the Galvines are huge Braves fans.

I’m sure some players (yenta’s) kvetch about Carlos Beltran and his percentage statements about his health. It’s August, no player is 100 % in fact I bet most of the everyday guys are at the most 85 % so Beltran’s nagging injures and his reluctance to play hurt is met with eye rolls.

The front office can not get pissed at the fans for being restless. You can’t build up your product all winter and charge the prices you do for tickets and concessions and expect this fan base to be patient. We got a taste of post season baseball last year and came within a hit from going to the World Series but let an inferior team go and then win it all. That’s why it’s up to Willie and Omar to right this ship and get some ass’s in gear. From April to the end of May the Mets went 34-18. From June to today the Mets have gone 31-34. UN-FUCKIN-ACCEPTABLE!

I know Willie is not Billy Martin or Lou Pinella, and that’s okay but maybe just maybe Randolph would use the media to send a message to his players that he is not happy with the lackluster play this team has displayed the last two months (I may have been away from blogging but I was watching, oh was I watching) and put some guys on notice. Same with Omar. How about cutting Mota and putting Mike Pelfrey in the bullpen? You know what? Brain Lawrence nice story and nice couple of starts but let’s get Phil Humber up here as the 5th starter until Petey is healthy and ready. I give Omar credit for going with Carlos Gomez and Milledge in the outfield and for brining up Pelfrey and dumping Julio Franco. That’s what I like about Omar, he gets fed up just like the rest of us!



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