The Dana Jacobson “FUCK FEST” just keeps growing and growing and growing but  I must say after seeing this pic on the Big Lead, I think I’m falling in love. I wish I knew Dana Jacobson back in the day like when Max’s Kansas City was the hang out of choice. Just thinking about walking into Max’s with an amazon woman like Jacobson, swilling vodka would make me the envy of every Hell’s Angel member in the place.       

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  1. Man, I thought I was the only one :) I am so hot for her right now, what a effing lady!!!

  2. Please, no Livan Hernandez! Can we PLEASE get away from siging these over-the-hill guys who are on the scrap heap? Does it not clue Omar in that NO ONE WANTS LIVAN IN THIS PITCHING-POOR ERA OF BASEBALL??? How many more Shawn Greens do we need? What is the attraction to these guys? If we don’t get Santana, goi with the kids. Don’t clog our rotation with guys like Livan Hernandez. Fucking pisses me off.

  3. David in Manhattan says:

    But Rich, signing Livan could connected to eventually moving Pelfry as part of the Santana deal. If that is the motive, I like this move.

    At least the Livan deal does not cost us players, and it gives the manager more options, and injury-insurance. If Livan can come in and do what he usually does — win 11 or 12 games and pitch over 200 innings — working out of the fifth hole of the rotation, you’ve gotta like this deal.

    I must admit, I don’t really like him much as a pitcher, mostly cause the Mets seem to always light him up, so we have frequently seen him not at his best.

  4. Ed in the BX says:

    I hope they don’t trade Pelfrey. But i’m not really opposed to bringing Livan here as an insurance.

  5. If it is for only one year, then go for it, but 3 yrs and 10-11 mil. a yr is insane. Don’t give me the stupid argument that he is a innings eater. We want quality innings, and not someone like Traschel who will have a 5.00 era. Hernandez’s velocity is down and his era has gone up over the last couple of years. The fact is he was in the NL which is suppose to be the more pitcher friendly league. Get Santana already and stop flirting with garbage.

  6. Frank from Jersey says:

    Oh God please don’t let us sign him for any reason other than all 5 of our starters got killed in a crash.

  7. David,

    I see your point. But, if Pelfry is traded, we can do better than Livan as a number 5. They say he is 32. Do you really think so? If he’s 32, I’m the Easter Bunny. I’d rather fill the #5 with Humber, or even Mulvey or Guerra, if either is ready. Like John says, what good is an “innings eater” if he eats innings to a 5 ERA? Let’s go with someone with some upside, not guys who are consistently declining. It just does not send a good message.

  8. Hey guys,

    What do you think of Heilman, Church and Pelfry OR Humber for Santana? Gives the Twins 2 major league players, plus Heilman is miserable in his set up role anyway. And I think he’s a FA after this season. I’m confident that Sanchez can take that spot, and in this scenario, we keep our two OF prospects, for when Alou gets hurt on April 15th and returns August 1. We can get a RF somewhere and let Gomez and F-Mart grow in AAA.

  9. David in Manhattan says:

    Yeah, if the Twins bite, sounds good to me. Do it. But I´m pretty sure they would demand one of the kids as well, Gomez or F-Mart, or Guerra or Mulvey.

    I hope you are right, Rich, about Duaner Sanchez.

    This patience that the Twins, Mets, and Santana all seem to have is driving me crazy, but it is probably a sound strategy for all three. For the Twins, they have ratcheted up the pressure on the Mets, who need this kid, gradually improving and sifting through multiple Mets’ packages…and Santana is driving the eventual contract numbers up and probably wind up with a six-year $125 million deal (or five and an option year)…and the Mets have watched the two other major main Santana pretenders move to the sideline, cause the yanks and Sox main motivation was avoiding that their main AL EAST rival obtain Santana. They seem to both be willing to stay clear as long as Santana is going to the other league. So the mets are in a power position now, as the buyers with the clout.

    I say pay heavy and get this guy, and we are back to real contention again. I mean, 2008 could be finally our third championship!

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