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Did you think a month ago we’d be as amped up for this Phillies series? The mind set of the Mets fan just 30 days ago when the Seattle Mariners came into Shea and bitch slapped our heroes it looked like the last summer at Shea would be one huge disappointment. Cheap onlinecom order viagra But here were are one month later and everything is set up for a classic three gamer at the Dive Bar known as Shea. Cheap onlinecom order viagra All the elements are in place, cheap onlinecom order viagra heat, cheap onlinecom order viagra humidity, cheap onlinecom order viagra a packed house and Johan Santana who I think will be make his mark tonight as a Met. Cheap onlinecom order viagra As pessimistic as I have been about this team this season with the win one-lose one way of playing and I am now coming around to the team will find a way to win. Cheap onlinecom order viagra I wanted to go out to Shea for at least one of these games but due to running out of the office early for the past two weeks to play Casey Stengel and starting my vacation next week (two weeks in Cape Cod with a trip to Boston and a visit to Fenway Park and yes have laptop will travel so I will try to post as much as I can)  I have to catch up on my work so I will be watching from the comfort of my living room (I might even have the laptop on so I may do some posts during the game)   It’s all you can ask as a fan for your team to give you a summer and stretch run and the Mets are giving us that right now.


Billy Wagner says it’s nothing but the Mets are still sending him to the doctor to check out his arm which still bothered him yesterday. Cheap onlinecom order viagra Now we wait and see how he feels this morning before the send him back to the doctor and maybe an MRI. Cheap onlinecom order viagra What would have been the problem with giving Wagner the MRI yesterday? Why wait until today? Have the Mets and the medical staff learned anything from the botched diagnosis of Ryan Church?


WOW who knew there were so many Marlon Anderson fans out there. Cheap onlinecom order viagra The comments and E mail I’ve gotten seems to put me in the minority when it comes to Mets spare part. Cheap onlinecom order viagra My contention is that J-Mann can not afford to put Anderson in the outfield as he is and awful outfielder and as far as second base goes there is no way he should play over Damian Easley or Argenis Reyes as Easley is the better hitter and A. Cheap onlinecom order viagra Reyes the superior fielder. Cheap onlinecom order viagra As for first base it’s to bad Anderson isn’t a righty hitter as that would be perfect. Cheap onlinecom order viagra So the question is would you rather have a guy that you can use exclusively as a pinch hitter or would you rather keep a third catcher or send Nick Evans back to Bingo. Cheap onlinecom order viagra I’d keep both the third catcher and Evans due to his righty bat and let Anderson go.


The cooks in the Diamond Club will be churning out some extra grub as Philly Phats is coming to town to cover this series. Cheap onlinecom order viagra Here is his column today where he asks why Cole Hamels is not going against Santana in game 1


Top Prospect Alert has a revised list of the top 10 Mets prospects. Cheap onlinecom order viagra Of course the Teen Aged Hitting Machine is #1 but the surprise is  Ike Davis  at #2 and Reese Havens  at #3 and no ranking of RHP Brad Holt who is on a faster track to the big leagues than either of those  players.


I don’t hide my hatred for the New York Highlanders, cheap onlinecom order viagra not so much the players but it’s their management that I despise. Cheap onlinecom order viagra I hate the way they go through you bags to get into that overrated ball park and if you have a back pack or a brief case they will not allow you to bring them into stadium and force you with no choice but to go across the street to the bowling alley and pay five bucks for them to watch your bag while you go to the game. Cheap onlinecom order viagra They have the unmitigated balls to justify this as threats to Homeland Security that goes also with their phony patriotism by playing God Bless America during the 7th inning at every single home game. Cheap onlinecom order viagra Well, cheap onlinecom order viagra just when you think the Bronx Bastards have managed to cover every facet of douchebagery they come up with something so outrageous that it’s hard to believe. Cheap onlinecom order viagra The storm troopers at the gates of Highlander Stadium will now confiscate sun block (yes you read that right SUN BLOCK) that fans are bringing into the stadium because are you ready for this, cheap onlinecom order viagra it may cause a terrorist threat. Cheap onlinecom order viagra Un-fucking-believable. Cheap onlinecom order viagra But get this, cheap onlinecom order viagra they SELL sun screen at the concession stands for $5.00 for a one once container. Cheap onlinecom order viagra I guess this is justified under the Patriot Act. Cheap onlinecom order viagra My favorite quote in the story though comes from Mr. Cheap onlinecom order viagra Sean Gavin, cheap onlinecom order viagra a fan attending a recent game:


“I was really pissed because, cheap onlinecom order viagra since I am Irish and I have a bald head, cheap onlinecom order viagra I need my sun block, cheap onlinecom order viagra” said Sean Gavin, cheap onlinecom order viagra 40, cheap onlinecom order viagra who had to toss his SPF 30 at the gate Saturday. Cheap onlinecom order viagra


“After they saw me dousing myself with it, cheap onlinecom order viagra it should have been obvious to them that it was sun block and not some explosive.”



Right On my bare headed Irish Brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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