We are all getting a kick out of the new Mets manager, Warlord Jerry. He’s been cool and hip two things Willie Randolph will never be called. He’s funny and engaging with his “Goin’ Gangsta” and all but last night it all changed as the cool, hip and intellectual (a baseball version of Phil Jackson if you will) came up small in the biggest game of his interim as the Mets Head Gangsta.


With Johan Santana going great guns and making last night look like an instant Ulti-Mets Classic Manuel over thought and over managed in the biggest spot of the biggest game. You don’t even ask your Ace, your Horse if he wants to go out for the 9th in a game that you know your closer is down ,you  don’t say anything you just give him the ball and let him go. Now that doesn’t mean you don’t get guys up in the bullpen of course you do and the guy you get up is Dirty Duaner as he moves from set up to closer. Now I’m sure J-Man went over all this with his bullpen before the game as the biggest difference with how he runs his pen than how Randolph ran his is he gives out defined roles. So I’m sure Heilman, Smith and Feliciano were told they would be the late innings set up on the road to Dauner. But what we saw in the 9th inning was pure panic.


Leave out that Santana should have pitched the 9th    OK you go with Sanchez. Dirty had nothing as he got tagged for three straight singles Way to step up there Duaner. So J-Man has seen enough and he brings in Joe Smith. Good move as Smith with his down under delivery is the best bet for a ground ball and a much needed double play and that’s what Smith gets Carlos Ruiz to do hit it on the ground to Jose Reyes but instead of flipping the ball to Easley (why did Argenis Reyes stay in the game for defense?) Reyes tries to beat Victorino to second base and misses the base with his toe. So now everyone is safe and instead of two outs and a 5-3 lead it’s bases loaded and still no outs. Here is where Manuel over managed. Who is the better pitcher right now Joe Smith or Pedro Feliciano? Forget the lefty/righty bullshit. Smith is far better pitcher right now than Feliciano who has sucked all season. You knew this was going to be a disaster as soon as Feliciano was summand from the pen. I will give the batter So Tagguci credit for a fantastic at bat as he fell behind 0-2, he battled back after Feliciano missed way outside on the next two pitches and then Taguchi hung in and fouled off a couple (one in which he just threw his bat at the ball) and then came through with a big two run double over the head of Endy Chavez in right to tie the game a 5-5. Then Jimmy Rollins comes up and Feliciano is STILL in the game and he gives up a double to left to the reining MVP for a 7-5 lead that left the Mets and Mets fans stunned. 


So here I am 12 hours after this latest kick in the stomach by my favorite baseball team and still can figure out how this team can never rise up and step on the opponents throat when they have the chance. This loss is on J-Man, Luis Aguyo, Jose Reyes and the bullpen.  Lets hope Omar doesn’t panic and make a deal that cripples the organization for years to come. Maybe this group just doesn’t have the balls to be the Kings.


If you look to the West there is a guy in Japan, with a big wide grin on his face who may just find out YOU CAN GO HOME AGAIN!!!!!!!

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  1. I took ONE Look at Reyes’ Expression:

    I WANTED to kick Jose’ in his ARSE, but, with my luck, I might’ve sprained something;

    JACKARSES! If your TOP Starter is Fine, you go with him. This is NOT The Time to bring in Mel Rojas, if you get my drift.

  2. Guys, everything you say is right, but the key is scoring add-on runs. They did not do it, and I think we all had the gnawing senssation that it would come back and bite hard. It always does. When Utley caught Tatis’s ball to end the 7th, I gulped. You just had the feeling, didn’t you? And there is no real reason for it. Baseball’s best (maybe) pitcher on the hill and in control. But we did have that feeling. It is due to Sept. 2007. Until the next World Series flag flies, we’ll be fatalistic. The fact that our team makes it all to real for us does not help the matter.

    Do they show balls tonight?

  3. I live on the west coast so by the time I got home the 9th was just starting. Yeah it was a disaster, it happens. Sure Santana should have been out there but with a three run lead you have to expect your pen can get three outs or you’ve got no business contending for the division anyway.

    That said, here’s one positive. After the 6th run top of the 9th I didn’t turn off the game. I believed the Mets had some fight in them and they did, at least a little. They worked the count on Lidge and even pushed a run across. Would you have expected that from them six weeks ago? I would have expected first pitch swinging and a quick exit a few weeks back.

    It’s a crappy loss in a game they should have won but I’m not disheartened by it. I’m looking forward to tonight’s game.

  4. Sorry, while they played like mental midgets throughout most of the game, the fact of the matter is that you took out the guy that is supposed to be your best pitcher, who was not even struggling, and put in your seventh best pitcher at best. End of story. Chalk up another loss for the Tony Larussation of baseball and “pitch counts”. They are a load of crap. We are not talking about a 21 year old fresh out of college or high school (okay, they only have 21 year old high schoolers in NYC schools. I know I am one of the ones trying to get them kicked out), we are talking about an ace in his physical prime, why was it even in the thought process? And I would say that even if Wagner was “available to pitch”.

  5. David in Manhattan says:

    I agree that if he knew Wagner was not available, J-Gangsta should have sent Santana back out there for the 9th.

    But I am aready ok with the loss, tough as it was. We thoroughly outplayed them from the 2nd to the 8th inning, our guys were close to scoring a bundle of extra runs but line drives were caught, and we know would have won if Wagner had been available. When we lost it in the 9th, it was cause the Phils got some good swings from some unlikely contributors and a bit of luck all at the right time…they stole it from us on late heroics. This stuff can happen, but seldom.

    Watch us go get 2 of 3 this series.

  6. So, it was nice to see Jose Reyes stick around after the game again and stand up and face the media. Once again, the complete list of baseball fundamentals was on shining display by the most overrated player the Mets have trotted out there in the last 20 years. He is a disgrace. He is a frontrunner who hides from the media and the fans when things go south, but he is the consumate frontrunner and hot dog when they’re rolling, right? Didn’t they get rid of Lastings Milledge for this behavior. Oh, I forgot. Here comes the excuse. Reyes is just a kid. He needs time to mature. Give him time. Excuse me, he’s 25!!! How long are we, the fans, going to wait??!!

  7. David in Manhattan says:

    GerardK, I don’t understand what more you want from Jose Reyes. He is one of the top players in the game, he works hard, he is enthusiastic, he creates runs, the Mets have improved dramatically since he arrived, he dances merengue on ESPN, and if he plays another dozen or more years at this level he could wind up in the Hall of Fame.

    But what, he throws his glove when he is upset and he doesn’t do interviews? And this is REALLY upsetting?

    I don’t get it.

  8. David in Manhattan says:

    On the ESPN broadcast of the Mets 6-3 win, the on-air commentary of Dave O’Brien and Buck Showalter was irritating. In the wake of our 9th inning phizzle on Tuesday, their Talking Points for the game were about the ineptness of the Mets, the power and dominance of the Phillies, and a whole length-of-broadcast rave about Roland and Utley. They might as well have been Honus Wagner and Rogers Hornsby. When they went to commercial between innings, they would say that next inning Roland will be batting third, so don’t go away…stuff like that.

    No matter that the Mets have ownd the Phillies this year, that the Phillies have collapsed after their hot April and May, that Roland-Utley-Howard-Burrell are batting a combined .260 or so (and probably .220 since the beginning of June), that this month the Mets are the hottest team in the majors (though the “CC’s” in Milwaukee are making a serious play now), and that the Phils are sinking.

    OK, so O’Brien and Showalter are jerks, and the game taking place on the field undermined most of their Talking Point babble…cool. But one of the things they kept saying was that the Mets’ fans had given up on this team, and on several of the players, that the team has underperformed and been booed at home, etc. In other words, when we get too negative on our guys, people notice…the players themselves obviously, but also the rest of the country, and it extends the negativity.

    And despite all that, look who is back in first!

  9. David in Manhattan says:

    (oops…Rollins, that is…not Roland)

  10. Another “talking point” today is the Reyes jaunt around the bases after his HR. You know what? Phillie fans, shut up. Any team with Victorino and Rollins has nothing to say about cockiness. Yankee fans, do you watch the games when A-Rod flips the bat and stares into the Yankee dugout? Do you watch Jobber (as Francessa says) after a K? Shut up.
    I generally don’t like that stuff, but when a team does it in your face, there’s nothing wrong with sticking it back to them.

  11. kranepool says:

    David what do you expect from a guy (Showalter) that was worried more about if his players wore their pants leg high or low and wears out his welcome with his bullsit compulsive behavior. As for O’ Brien the guy was clueless when he did weekend Mets games and embarassing as a soccer announcer on the WWL as the Great Mike Francesa would do I give a big HANDWAVE to O’Brien and Showalter.

    Right On Rich. I like when Jose plays with an edge and if any tema has a problem with that tough shit.

    Delgado clean up? Live long enough and you see it all


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