We are all getting a kick out of the new Mets manager, Warlord Jerry. He’s been cool and hip two things Willie Randolph will never be called. He’s funny and engaging with his “Goin’ Gangsta” and all but last night it all changed as the cool, hip and intellectual (a baseball version of Phil Jackson if you will) came up small in the biggest game of his interim as the Mets Head Gangsta.


With Johan Santana going great guns and making last night look like an instant Ulti-Mets Classic Manuel over thought and over managed in the biggest spot of the biggest game. You don’t even ask your Ace, your Horse if he wants to go out for the 9th in a game that you know your closer is down , you  don’t say anything you just give him the ball and let him go. Now that doesn’t mean you don’t get guys up in the bullpen of course you do and the guy you get up is Dirty Duaner as he moves from set up to closer. Now I’m sure J-Man went over all this with his bullpen before the game as the biggest difference with how he runs his pen than how Randolph ran his is he gives out defined roles. So I’m sure Heilman, Smith and Feliciano were told they would be the late innings set up on the road to Dauner. But what we saw in the 9th inning was pure panic.


Leave out that Santana should have pitched the 9th    OK you go with Sanchez. Dirty had nothing as he got tagged for three straight singles Way to step up there Duaner. So J-Man has seen enough and he brings in Joe Smith. Good move as Smith with his down under delivery is the best bet for a ground ball and a much needed double play and that’s what Smith gets Carlos Ruiz to do hit it on the ground to Jose Reyes but instead of flipping the ball to Easley (why did Argenis Reyes stay in the game for defense?) Reyes tries to beat Victorino to second base and misses the base with his toe. So now everyone is safe and instead of two outs and a 5-3 lead it’s bases loaded and still no outs. Here is where Manuel over managed. Who is the better pitcher right now Joe Smith or Pedro Feliciano? Forget the lefty/righty bullshit. Smith is far better pitcher right now than Feliciano who has sucked all season. You knew this was going to be a disaster as soon as Feliciano was summand from the pen. I will give the batter So Tagguci credit for a fantastic at bat as he fell behind 0-2, he battled back after Feliciano missed way outside on the next two pitches and then Taguchi hung in and fouled off a couple (one in which he just threw his bat at the ball) and then came through with a big two run double over the head of Endy Chavez in right to tie the game a 5-5. Then Jimmy Rollins comes up and Feliciano is STILL in the game and he gives up a double to left to the reining MVP for a 7-5 lead that left the Mets and Mets fans stunned. 


So here I am 12 hours after this latest kick in the stomach by my favorite baseball team and still can figure out how this team can never rise up and step on the opponents throat when they have the chance. This loss is on J-Man, Luis Aguyo, Jose Reyes and the bullpen.  Lets hope Omar doesn’t panic and make a deal that cripples the organization for years to come. Maybe this group just doesn’t have the balls to be the Kings.


If you look to the West there is a guy in Japan, with a big wide grin on his face who may just find out YOU CAN GO HOME AGAIN!!!!!!!

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