Ahhhhhhhhhhhh vacation time, it’s wonderful. Before I leave for Cape Cod and a trip to Boston and Fenway Park I will be in attendance at Shea for tonight’s game as the turnaround season rolls on. No post tomorrow as it’s a long travel day but I hope to post Monday my “Fitty’ Birthday” by the way , so before I get some last minute stuff done and head to Shea a few thoughts:


Two of the biggest players of this turnaround have been Carlos Delgado and Mike Pelfrey and not surprisingly both players have been helped by the change in manager and pitching coach. Delgado seemed to hate being at the ball park when Willie Randolph was in charge as it seems Randolph’s reign in the clubhouse was a tension convention but for some reason the main streamers give us just bits and pieces of  life in Mets clubhouse under Willie. I guess theiy will let us know when their books come out. Rick Peterson told Mike Pelfrey to never throw a curveball again. Dean of School Dan Werthen worked with Pelfery on his breaking ball to go with his 90+ heater to make him a complete pitcher. No bracelets, no gem stones just good common sense.


I can’t figure out Dirty Duaner. He gets ahead of batters and can’t finish them off. Is it bad luck or poor performance?


Brandon Knight, the definition of a journeyman, makes his Mets debut tonight as a stand in for Petey. Knight has had a great year in NOLA and was ready to join Davey Johnson and Team USA in Beijing but on the insistence of Dan Werthen he was summoned for this spot start.


Looks like the Highlanders stole Xavier Nady and Damaso Marte from the Bucs but I’m not worried about that as with all the rumors and names out there the guy I hope we land is Casey Blake. Blake has descent power and can player OF, 3B, and 1st  his one draw back is striking out a lot but we can live with that as Blake is the righty bat the Mets need.


Manny isn’t happy in Boston. The Red Sox front office, owners, players and fans are not happy with Manny.  I think you know where I’m going here, If I’m Omar I have to make a call in fact if Omar wants to give me Theo Epstein’s number and I’ll meet him for lunch when I get  into town.

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  1. I was at Fenway, 2X this Season, in April and in May. Unlike those Fan-Theorists who supported the Gagne’ Deal, I was a Severe Critic of the Deal from The Get-Go. A woman and her daughter, from somewhere in Boston, told me that much Of Fenway Park Proper, wasn’t thrilled with the Gagne’ Deal, with good reason, as David Murphy Is a Rookie Of The Year Candidate, while Gagne’s someone else’s Arsonist. She also mentioned that She and her daughter, had been to 3 Games at Shea in ’06, with Fenway being sold out, all the time, which I referred to as “Red Sox Nation’s Home In Exile”:

    Manny is neither Cute Nor Cuddly, for I savaged the crap out of him on my site.

  2. David in Manhattan says:

    Right, Manny is neither cute nor cuddly but he is one of the best righthanded bats this side of Cooperstown and would be just a huge asset to our team. As much as the Phillies fear us now, can you imagine their expressions when they read that we just acquired Manny Ramirez to play left field and drive in runs for the Mets?

    Also, Manny grew up in NYC, graduated from George Washington HS, and our city has like half a million Dominicans. He would be a very happy camper with us, and we have a manager (and some players) that would make sure that he plays hard.

    Question is, what would it take? We just assume the huge paycheck, ego, and poor defense? Or we have to send players too? This is where Omar earns his paycheck, knowing how to fashion deals that bring in the help we need from outside without removing the help we need and already have.

    Happy 50th, Steve! As a 55 year old, I can tell you, life goes on.

  3. David in Manhattan says:

    Looks like the Dodgers clipped Blake from the Tribe.

    Manny, come home to NY!

  4. Steve,

    I’ll be in Pwtucket for a couple of days next month. Planning on seeing the Pawsox. Ever been there? I’m assuming tickets will not be an issue. True?

  5. Maybe the Red Sox would like Pedro back as part of a Manny deal?

  6. Just watching the game from Boston. Would acquiring Manny mean the Mets owe him $40m for the next two years?

  7. The minute I heard of the issue with Manny asking out of the lineup, etc., I thought Omar would pick up the phone. Manny is the perfect rental. Keep him for 2 months, and see what happens.

  8. Frank from Jersey says:

    The BoSox are in the middle of a pennant race, do you really think they will let Manny go? Do you REALLY want him? If they lose Manny, the Skankees are sure to somehow take first, do you guys want that too? LOL Let Manny be Manny in Boston. We don’t need another overpriced geriatric project on the team. He would not come cheap even as a rental and they would want some Major league ready people in return to stay in the race and in case you haven’t been watching, we don’t have anything we can give up unless they’ll take Tatis and Knight and a low minor leaguer ;)

  9. Manny hits the ball, plain and simple. Is it possible these players leave their “Idiot” persona behind when they move on? Omar has got to at least make a call.

  10. The addition of Manny would win us the world series. If it can be done, it should be done, however, I don’t think we have the horses for that kind of race, he stays in Boston, we take a shot at him next year.

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