It sucks to lose two of three to the Fish but it’s the first series the Mets have dropped all month so no screaming and yelling here about that. The major story of the day is the trade deadline and it looks like the Mets usually major players on deadline day will be standing pat. Maybe Omar has finally gotten it through his head that collecting old guys is not the way to go as it seems in every phone call involving a Mets deal the names Jon Neise (great Triple A debut last night) Dan Murphy (looks like he will be a big time hitter but needs a position) Eddie Kunz (the 8th inning gate man in about two weeks for Billy Wags) and of course The Teen Aged Hitting Machine (who should be brought up to the big team just to let the training staff work with him on stretching his hammys and conditioning a la Jose Reyes when Jose was a puppy) So if Manny Ramirez is NOT to be a Met then hopefully Omar leaves the phone off the hook.

Here in Massachusetts the big news is Manny. It’s 24 hours of Manny. What has seemed to have broken the hearts of the Fenway Faithful was Manny saying the Red Sox “Don’t deserve a player like him” but after he made those remarks he kind of back tracked and professed his love for the city of Boston and the Red Sox fans. Be that as it may the hot story here this morning has Manny going to the Fish, with Jeremy Hermidia going to the Bucs and Jason Bay and John Grabow going to the Red Sox. From all indications this is a done deal and all that awaits ato make it offical is The Used Car Salesman Seal of Approval. This sucks on three levels, first the Mets have no shot at Manny like I said it seems that the Mets front office has wised up and is done dealing kids of geezers even for geezers who can rake but it looks like the plan is to let the flowers grow. Second, it sucks if he goes to the Fish as this pennant race in the NL East is a three team affair Manny or no Manny (how do the Fish do it? They have to be the worst team ever to be in position to win a division) Third, there is going to be one sad soon to be thirteen year old boy going to Fenway for the first time Sunday if there is no Manny in LF.

Tons of Red Sox fans here on the Cape as to be expected some Highlanders fans as well but very few Mets fans which surprises me I guess we are all saving up money to get tickets to $iti Field so no vacations this year. Loads of European tourists as that Euro is very strong. Here is what I find here and at home in NYC, the Euro’s are the most impolite people on the face of the earth. They cut in front of you on line, are clueless on where they are going, have no regard for other people and the words please and thank you are never ever spoken . Use of any personal hygiene products  have not reached that side of the Atlantic. Just two swipes of deodorant Pierre under each armpit is all it takes.

One story I forgot to relay about Saturday night at Shea. I was sitting in Section 40 of the Upper Deck and next to us was a guy with no arms. He asked the guys in back of him if they were going up to the concession stand to let him know as he wanted a beer. So one of the guys tells hem he’s going up so the arm less guy whips off a shoe and with his toes grabs a ten dollar bill out of his shoe and hands (foots?) it to the beer runner. The beer runner comes back with a beer in a cup and armless says to place it right on the empty seat next to him. My son is in the next seat over and my daughter the next over and they both stopped watching the game and were fixated on the armless man as they watched him lower his head to the beer cup, grip it with his teeth and proceed to drink his beer. But that wasn’t the highlight of the night. When Carlos Delgado homered, the armless guy whips off both shoes and claps his feet like a seal.

God I love Shea Stadium.

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  1. Good story, Steve. Makes worrying about winning the NL east have a little bit of a reality check. As for the inactivity today, I think most fans are ok with it, as I am. But one thing…this thought that some decent player will be available after the deadlne needs to checked at the door. Evan Roberts said not to worry, the Mets got Shawn Green after the deadline. Exactly my point, he may be the reason the Mets did not go to the WS in 06. Plus, every team with a worse record than the Mets can block any trade as the player passes through waivers. I have to think FL, Phil (if they should be behind in the standings) and others would be happy to block a Mets acquisition if it were a good player. So, keep it up Fernando and Endy, we’re going to need you.

  2. Steve,

    Would love to say “You’re wrong” about Europeans, but you’re not. Well, some/most Europeans are as you describe them. The nicest ones seem to me to come from Italy. Ireland used to have extremely nice (often rough around the edges) people, but all this new found wealth has led to manners being cast overboard.

  3. However, the Euro is very strong and it’s going to make our trip to America feel like a long weekend as far as our checkbook is concerned.

    I’ll be at the game this coming Thursday with my family. We’ll be the whitest people in the stadium, in case we turn up on your t.v. We’ve hardly seen the sun this summer. Maybe the miserable weather makes Europeans grumpy!

  4. Oh yeah, we’re sitting in section 2 of the Upper Box. Noon start means we’ll hopefully get into Manhattan after the game for a while. My son has never been to Manhattan nor been on the subway. A gross oversight on my part as he’s now 7 years old. He wants to go to the top of the Empire State, but I don’t think that’ll happen. Lines are too long from what I hear.

  5. kranepool says:

    Eagle, it seems the German’s and French are the most rude. The Brits aren’t to bad and our own are much more hip and sophisticted than I could ever imagine.

    Have a great time at Shea you won’t believe what the place looks like with $iti Field taking shape next door. Glad you got here for the last season at Shea

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