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Quicknote as it is moving day from Cape Cod to Boston have to pack and get ready for Fenway Park. First it looks like Petey was rusty but healthy bottom line is if that fastball has no movement he will get lit up.

Maybe J-Man should have batted for Chavez with Castro as that looks to where the game was lost last night even though the blame goes to Heilman (doesn’t it always)

Welcome to the Mets Dan Murphy with Jon Neise and Eddie Kunz not far behind.

Red Soc fans gave Jason Bay a huge standing ovation last nigh in his first at bat. Bay looked both touched and embarrassed by the gesture as I guess it hit him that this ain’t Pittsburgh.

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  1. Why do they put Murphy in LF in his debut? He’s a 2B/3B, so why not start him at 2B? Isn’t there enough pressure on the kid in his debut? Why do they do this shit? Same thing with Evans…I’m all for giving the kid a shot, but there must not be another organization in baseball that plays more guys out of position. WTF?

    I like Beltran in the 2 hole, let him stay there and use his speed.

  2. He did pretty well out there, didn’t he? In theory you’re right Rich, but with Easley and Reyes manning second base awfully well, I think it was a good idea not to introduce a fourth member to the second bases club, not to mention he’s only been playing 2nd for two weeks and starting him at third would do nothing more than make him the 139th starting third basemen for the Mets in their 46th season, ouch.

  3. Frank from Jersey says:

    Well, since no recent posts I guess I will spread my doom and gloom to an old one ;)

    Didn’t we all see this coming, really? Did we really think they would continue to play THAT kind of baseball the rest of the year?? Hell, they even sucked me back in but the extra inning loss in the game Wagner blew his 523rd save this year was the final nail I think. I’m having a bad enough time with my job to have to come home and watch the Mets blow games like that. I get so pissed off and I start breaking shit in my house and it’s not worth it. I hope Florida wins the division on pure heart. I will tune in again in September when the Mets are well out of it and they bring the kids up. That will be fun to watch FMart and company.

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