I stayed up to watch the Phillies fall to the Friars (the Padres play by play man kept calling the Padres that all night so now it’s stuck in my head) as Mets fans are happy Brian Giles turned down a deal to the Red Sox as he drove in the late inning runs to lead the Friars to the win. I then turned over to see J.J. Hardy beat the Dodgers in 10 innings so by the time I got to sleep it was about 1:30AM. I didn’t get up this morning until 9:30 which is like slipping into a coma for me. So by the time I rolled out of bed, went for bagels and the papers (yes I’m a dinosaur that loves to read a hard copy newspaper) had my coffee it’s now like 20 to 1. My day is thrown off terribly. With no baseball games to coach I’m not used to weekend morinings with nothing to do. I had a bunch of stuff I wanted to write about but the late start to my day (even on my day off I’m up by 6 AM) I’ll just give a couple of quick hits:

Kudos to Petey for a great game last night. Maybe, just maybe he can stay healthy for the stretch run and have a few more like last night left in him. Pitching back to back starts against the same team is very difficult even to a second division team like the Bucs so that makes last night start more impressive.

Don’t kill Eddie Kunz for last night, either J-Man uses this kid like he is conditioned to, to close or pitch the 8th inning or just send him back to Bingo. As Kunz said last night after the game he is used to pitching everyday or every other day last night appearance was his first in a week. This kid has been conditioned to close since college, so he is what he is so either let him pitch late innings here or send him back to Bingo but whatever the Mets do stop dicking around with the kid.

With the news that Billy Wags is not ready to get back to action, Omar and J-Man have to sit down and figure out what will be done about the late innings. One thing is for sure this mix and match of releivers has got to go. I guess we won’t know until tomorrow when Wags gets yet another MRI on his forearm/elbow but one thing is for sure the Mets need a game plan and if it involves taking either John Maine or Big Pelf to the pen then lets do it already.

Omar aquired Luis Ayala from the Nats for Anderson Hernandez early today. I guess Mel Rojas didn’t return his call.

D-Wright gets a day off today and Damien Easley will play thrid and bat third.

Joel Sherman had a column today on how the Highlanders will have a decison to make on the direction of the franchise and what to do with Captain Craptastic. Can you imagine the aggony of Highlander fans if Capt Crap ever was traded? How about to the Dodgers and Mr. T? We can only pray it happens. Also Sherman snuck in a comment about will the Steinbrenners even own the Highlanders after 2010. As soon as The Bronx Robber Baron takes his last breath, Pack A Day Hank, and Horse Whisper Hal will put the For Sale sign up so fast it will make your inter-locking NY cap spin. Remember what Peter O’Malley did so don’t think this is far fetched.

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  1. I watched the Friars, too. Tony Gwynn is great in that booth, and it was so refreshing since Friday night it was the Phillie feed. Personally, I think Harry Kalas is the biggest phony in the world. That fake, media voice drives me crazy. Also, I remember listening to a Phillie/Cardinal game down the stretch in 1987, when the Mets needed St. Louis to lose. After the Phillies won the game, phony Harry says, and I’ll never forget it, “It’s great that the Phils won, but the only problem is they made Mets fans happy”. I don’t care if your longevity put you in the HOF, screw you, Harry.

  2. Frank from Jersey says:

    Been nice to watch the Metrapolitans lately, hope it carries over when they play real teams.

    I can’t get too excited over getting a pitcher who has complained all year about wanting to be traded and who’s ERA would rival Heilman’s and who, throughout his entire career, has given up more hits than innings pitched and is NOT a strikeout pitcher. I don’t see any magic happening here. The Nats were offering Ayala straight up for a jock strap and a bag of batting practice balls before the trade deadline and even with so many teams needing relievers, they still couldn’t get rid of him. It’s no miracle he passed waivers this late and the Nats took a career .138 hitter in Anderson. All I’m saying is don’t cry when they bring him in and it’s him instead of one of the others that gives up the go ahead hits.

  3. kranepool says:

    low risk high reward on Ayala who knows maybe the change of venue and wanting to show his old pal Omar he’s worth more than a rental will make this pay off. He’s not here to close or even pitch late innings (even though he was the bridge to Cordero) so let’s see what he can do. It only cost the Mets A-Hern

  4. Frank from Jersey says:

    kranepool, i understand exactly what you are saying and figured there would be a reply of that type but I guess i don’t like him because I hate hearing about players demanding to be traded. The Nats were patient with him through his arm surgery yet he demands to be traded throughout this entire year. Here I sit at my desk at work eating lunch making $19 an hour which doesn’t come close to supporting my family and this guy wants to be traded. Boo hoo! He’s playing fucking baseball for God’s sake, how bad can it be??? I’m sure he’s making well over 1 million a year too. We have enough cry babies on the team! LOL

  5. Captain Craptastic?

    Ahhhh, there’s a Side-Benefit:

    Tim Mc Fullofshit won’t have much to say on a FOX Telecast, alongside of Doofus Joe -uck, which is good for everybody;

    “The Sound Of Silence”, written by Mets Fan Art Garfunkel, would come to life.

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