I enjoy listening to Vin Scully more now on Dodger telecast than I did when he was the voice of The Game of the Week and when ol’ Vin goes away there will never be another like him, so leave it up to one of the biggest ass hats to ever grace 126 Street and Roosevelt Ave to take Scully to task for “talking too much” when Scully stated the obvious when he stated that Kent is hitting better since Manny Ramirez joined the Hollywood Phonies at was slotted in the clean up spot with JK in the 3 hole.  I’m sure there is a large Dominican fellow in Boston who would second Vin Scully’s observation.  

Kent has to know the consequences of taking on a icon like Scully. When Scully leaves this earth people will mourn, when Kent meets his demise people will wonder what took so long.

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  1. One of the joys of living in Los Angeles, even as a Mets fan, is the privilege to hear Scully on the Radio and TV. Jeff Kent has always been a classless jerk but he’s really picked the wrong man to pick a fight with in LA.

  2. Why am I pissed after a 6-1 road trip? Maybe because there’s no excuse to lose to this team, the pen failed, and I wanted to be 2.5 up. The older I get, the more this gets to me. Should go the other way, no?

  3. I will stomp on that big arrogant hat of his. The dude’s head looks like “the leader” from the Hulk and Fantastic Four Comic books.

    Scully will always be one of if not my favorite. I happened to like Garagiolla as his color guy but didn’t realize until getting extra innings a few years back that he does the games solo there. He is his own color man.

    They should have won today, I didn’t know Doc Ellis popped a tab and pitched for the Pirates today, you would think since we barely hit. The pen failing makes the loss more agonizing. If Maine can’t make it past the fifth inning, maybe we should put him in th epen for two months like St. Louis wants to do with Wainwright and start him again next year.

  4. I wish i could figure out how to get Scully’s call of anything, let alone the Mookie grounder as a ringtone on my cell phone…I love the “Brass Bonanza” but no one, and I mean NO ONE I have ever heard was better than Scully..he can make you care about a t-ball game if he was calling it, and you did not know any of the kids playing.

  5. Frank from Jersey says:

    I agree, Skully is one of the great class acts ever to be part of major league baseball. Kent is in my top 10 least favorite active baseball players, hell probably top 5 BUT I still like that he used to give Baroid Bonds a tough time all those years in San Fran.

    Remember awhile back when Kent broke his arm or leg on his motorcycle right before the season began and lied to the team about it because his contract forbid him from riding a motorcycle and then he got busted in the lie? That was Kent wasn’t it??

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