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Buy in vancouver viagra Sorry for the late posting but I’ve been on the phone with Barack Obama as he is pleading with me to be his running mate in Novemeber. Buy in vancouver viagra I’m taking time to contemplate what to do. Buy in vancouver viagra Obama has promised me that when we win in Novemeber my duties as Vice President will not take away from my blogging about the Mets, buy in vancouver viagra in fact he assured me of being at opening day next year at $iti Field as I woud be his rep at the game. Buy in vancouver viagra This is a very tough decison I have to make. Buy in vancouver viagra J-Man thinks he has it tough.

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Buy in vancouver viagra I have to give credit to the Mets relievers, buy in vancouver viagra they are far more restrained than I could ever be if I were in their shoes. Buy in vancouver viagra Everyday now that Billy Wags looks like he’s done for the year (you know one the inflammation in his elbow goes down an MRI will show a tear, buy in vancouver viagra it’s Mets luck kids) their ability, buy in vancouver viagra guts and talent are questioned by the fans, buy in vancouver viagra media and the manager and not one guy has exploded in anger. Buy in vancouver viagra I wish I had that kind of temperament because I know if I were a Mets reliever I’d have told this whole city to go fuck itself by now.

Buy in vancouver viagra Here is what me, buy in vancouver viagra you the media and the players need to get into their heads, buy in vancouver viagra there is no white knight on the way to close out games for the Mets. Buy in vancouver viagra If the Mets and I mean Omar, buy in vancouver viagra Jeffy and Tony B even think about dealing Nick Evans, buy in vancouver viagra Dan Murphy, buy in vancouver viagra Jon Neise or the Teen Aged Hitting Machine for some ragged arm reliever off the wavier wire then the name of the blog will be changed to I Hate The Mets. Buy in vancouver viagra No one is going to hand over a reliever to the Mets (Nick Evans for David Weathers? I will burn every piece of Mets clothing and memorabilia I have if that deal is ever made ) and the Phillies will block every wavier move that favors the Mets so forget it. Buy in vancouver viagra The best you can hope for right now is that Al (Curly) Reyes, buy in vancouver viagra joins Jose (Moe) Reyes and Argenis (Larry) Reyes as the Mets have done well with guys named Reyes.

Buy in vancouver viagra Oh and scratch Todd Jones off your wish list as he just landed on the DL with a sore shoulder.

Buy in vancouver viagra If John Maine were healthy he would move to the closer role but with his shoulder problems you can’t ask him to pitch on an day to day basis, buy in vancouver viagra in fact when he does start it looks like 5 to 6 innings tops is what your going to get out of him so the four days rest he gets between starts is much needed. Buy in vancouver viagra Forget Petey as well even though he has the mind set and heart to close he just doesn’t have the pitching arsenal to succeeded in that spot. Buy in vancouver viagra OP? to valuable as a starter. Buy in vancouver viagra Santana? “Nuff said. Buy in vancouver viagra That leaves Big Pelf and if in the next two weeks that no one steps up and does the job Big Pelf would be the guy that heads to the pen. Buy in vancouver viagra If Pelfrey were a big strike out guy the move would have been made already I think but since he’s not then the Mets brass will use him in the late innings only as a last resort. Buy in vancouver viagra He woul dsuced there for the fact that he has mastered hitting the low strike zone and can induce double plays . Buy in vancouver viagra If the Mets can’t find someone to step in or step up and they do make the post season more likely than not Big Plef will head to the pen.

Buy in vancouver viagra Now I’m calling on citizens from all over the world this is Captain America calling.

Buy in vancouver viagra Hey things could be worse, buy in vancouver viagra Carl Pavano could be your starting pitcher

Buy in vancouver viagra This has to be seen to be believed.

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Buy in vancouver viagra

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