It’s up to Big Pelf to bail out the Mets today and gain a spilt with the “Stros. Speaking of Big Pelf, how come I couldn’t find a PELFREY 34 T-Shirt at Shea Stadium? I looked at the souvenir stands on the Upper Deck and outside the Stadium and not one PELFREY 34 shirt. I admit I didn’t ‘t go to the team store as I was hell bent to get my free sports bag as my other fifteen or so other Mets sports bags don’t get lonely. I have so many Mets bags from giveaway days that when we go on vacation my van looks like the Mets equipment truck. It’s not just sports bags either it’s coffee mugs, lunch bags, bobbleheads, pens, key chains, t shirts, seat cushions, baseball cards, 2000 NL Pennant flags and my prized possession a CD of Meet The Mets, original and 80’s version and an instrumental played  by Jane Jarvis.  That list doesn’t even count the blankets, drawstring bags and hats I have from filling out credit card applications.  Yes I am seeking help for my Mets tchotchke addiction.


I was ready to get on the bully pulpit on how the Mets need to shut down John Maine right now but Mike Silva at NY Baseball Digest saved me the venom (by the way while your at Mike’s site click on his link to his interviews which are fantastic), it is admirable that Maine has taken on pitching through pain and that he has put team before self but he really is not helping the team or himself if his signature pitch the late giddy up fastball has lost it late jump. As we witnessed on Saturday without that second wind his fastball is very hittable. If surgery is needed then do it now so he is ready for spring ’09. Maine is way too valuable to the Mets to mess around like this.


It’s not time to think about the off season I know but when it comes to focusing in on who the Mets need to go after in the free agent market the number one name on their list had better be C.C Sabathia. With all the money the Mets are making, money is no object they have to be major players for Sabathia. Forget about Texieira I WANT CC.


I wish I knew what is really going on with Gimp Castillo? Did he beg out of activation on Saturday? Did Warlord Jerry win his power play with Omar? Is he not ready for prime time physically and or mentally to play? Or is it that he sees the team playing winning baseball and is putting team before himself?


Tonight at Shea the Shea-Goodbye Countdown goes to 16 remaining games. Yesterday Mex took down number 17 as he should but tonight the man who should take down number 16 will not be in attendance and it breaks my heart. Dwight Gooden for what ever reason has be estranged from the organization that gave him his start and put up with a lot of bullshit along the way and has aligned himself as more of a Bronx Bastard than a a Met. Doc was never known for making good decisions. What makes it even sadder is today is the anniversary of Doc becoming the youngest pitcher in the modern era to win 20 games in a season when he did it as a 20 year old back in 1985. Yeah kids, those were the days


Great story by Bob Klapish in yesterday’s Bergen Record (tip of the Mets cap to Repoz and the Baseball Think Factory) on his journey back from his devastating injury while pitching in a semi pro game. Scary stuff. Get well soon Klapper.





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