Only in baseball can you be called “filthy: and be highly complemented. Last night Warlord Jerry sat at his post game presser and said the Pelfrey had “Filthy stuff” and proud to say it. The progression from rags to riches continued for Big Pelf with another turn back the clock performance with a complete game win. As the ninth inning rolled around according to the SNY radar gun Pelf was hitting 92-94 mph with his fastball. Now that’s nasty. With John Maine as sure as gone for the season Big Pelf has told J-Man to cancel any plans to give him a leave of absence as we got a pennant to win. Old time baseball I love it.


We all sit and watch with awe the reincarnation of Carlos Delgado and not one of us can figure out how he turned his season around.  I tried to figure it out after his first inning opposite field home run and then again after his majestic shot to center field and I still can’t figure out how he’s done it. It can’t just be the change in manager it has to be something else I just can’t figure out what.


Some detergent company will wise up and get Jose Reyes to endorse deal for their product. The guy has the dirtest uniform in baseball. Not a game goes by where he stays clean but it’s not just in spots but from head to toe filthy (there is that word again) he’s Nails without the tobacco.


The NY Daily News and NY Post should be ashamed of themselves for not putting Big Pelf on the back page. Instead the News puts Big Papi and Captain Craptastic for the um-teenth fucking time as this long over done Rivalry has past its expiration date. NEWSDAY got it right at least. Here is a bulletin fans of the Bronx Bastards and Old Town Team neither of your teams is going to the post season as the Rays will win the East and either the White Sox or Twins will be the Wild Card so you folks are shit out of luck. Sorry but someone had to put you out of your misery. The Post has Michael Strahan on the back cover. I love football and the G-Men but it’s the end of August and Big Pelf just pitched back to back complete games and the Mets are headed to the Land of Cheesesteaks to take on the Phucking Phillies, THAT”S the RIVALRY that should be played up.


Oh yeah, Fuck Joba, We got Pelf.


I have found the Mets new closer.


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  1. How about Delgado getting his uniform dirty with that diving stop in the ninth? That wouldn’t have happened early in the season.

    And I loved the Shea crowd chanting Pelfrey’s name. Or at least Gary and Ron were telling us they were chanting his name. It sounded like mush to me. It’d be great if SNY could crank up the crowd mics a bit.

  2. Frank from Jersey says:

    In that article you linked, the baseball looks like a softball in that kids hand LOL. Maybe they should just bump him up a league.

  3. SNY sould also turn up the mics during J-Man’s post game pressers. Half the time, he’s answering questions, and you don’t know what the question was. And I know we’ve bitched about this before, but if we take up a collection, can we buy them some vertical blinds for the studio? Seeing those morons do jumping jacks behind the in-studio crew is just bush league. How about a huge Mets logo as the back drop?

    Giving credit where it is due, Yallof was watching video of Maz pulling down the number with Mr. Met, and asked Maz “which one are you?” I must admit I laughed.

  4. Love the answer by the “Gansta Man”…not going by pitch count, but by how he is pitching…he was not laboring, he was pitching easy…Old time baseball, Eddie Shore, Toe Blake….oops, sorry, did not mean to mix my metaphors.

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