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Viagra overnight So here we stand on the first of September with our Mets and Mets fans getting through a spring and summer that saw injuries, viagra overnight an upheaval in the managers office, viagra overnight an as advertised Ace pitcher, viagra overnight the emergence of a young Ace pitcher that gives fans a warming feeling of the late sixties, viagra overnight mid eighties when the Mets had a dominant 1-2 punch in the rotation, viagra overnight the unexpected performance of Danny Murphy, viagra overnight Nick Evans and Fernando Tatis, viagra overnight the crap shoot bullpen, viagra overnight and the thought that starting next season that we will be priced out of our new home as the Skill Sets seem to rather have a wine and caviar crowd than the Bud and Nathans crowd that have given it’s tears and cheers to the organization since the days of the Polo Grounds. Viagra overnight And with all that the Mets are a first place team today as the home stretch begins in Milwaukee. Viagra overnight Sweet.

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Viagra overnight I’m very anxious about watching Jon Niese go tomorrow night but I’m also concerned with the Mets starting three lefties in a row espically against the  Brewskis as they pound lefties like they were Pabst Blue Ribbon

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Viagra overnight The big addition to the team will be RHP Al Reyes who could be the missing link in the command challenged bullpen. Viagra overnight Reyes if healthy and on his game his a big strikeout pitcher so with Brian Stokes pitching well (thank you Tampa for making up a bit for the Kazmir heist) and Luis Ayala doing better than the rest maybe, viagra overnight just maybe we can have less angst watching Mets games plus the Mets organization has done well with players named Reyes.

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Viagra overnight 33 years ago today I was a 17 year old sitting in Shea Stadium watching The Franchise strike out Manny Sanguillen for his 200 K and the 8 the straight season he had reached that mark a record. Viagra overnight That was the last meaningful game at Shea that season as the Mets fell out of the division race.

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Viagra overnight The first thought that popped into my head when I heard about the death of Killer Kowalski was the Sunnyside Gardens in Queens. Viagra overnight It was second only to MSG as the Wrestling Mecca of the city. Viagra overnight Roller Derby too.

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Viagra overnight Of course the first thing I said when I saw John McCain’s running mate Sarah Palin was Now that’s a middle aged hottie, viagra overnight the second thing I thought was why doesn’t McCain just call it a forfeit and let the Obama/Biden administration get ready to take over. Viagra overnight Talk about pandering the only reason Ms. Viagra overnight Palin is on the ticket is because she is a Ms. Viagra overnight No way McCain picks a man with the limited qualifications than Ms Alaska has. Viagra overnight The other question I have is this woman has five kids and one a baby with Down Syndrome, viagra overnight you would think she would have her hands full at home, viagra overnight what would happen if McCain kicks the bucket (was Palin on his Bucket List, viagra overnight Pick a Hot MILF for a running mate) and person with no experience at all has to run this country. Viagra overnight Don’t give me she was the Mayor of town and the Governor of Alaska there are almost as many people on Staten Island than there are in Alaska and if SI Boro President James Molinaro had to run this country, viagra overnight I’d be moving to me Grand da’ house in Sligo. Viagra overnight  

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