Very inconsistent pitching by Jon Niese in his ML debut. All of his three innings were a chore as he had base runners and deep counts each of the innings. 73 pitches (39K/34B) in three innings is the definition of laboring. The first inning Niese was clearly nervous as he gave up a HR to Rickie Weeks on the second  pitch of the game. It wasn’t a total loss for Niese as he showed a real good curve ball that had a great break and he was able to change speeds as well, hitting 90 mph on the fastball and then coming in with a curve and change in the mid 70’s. 

Niese’ biggest problem on the night was location early, then fatigue from throwing so many pitches early as the Brewers just were teeing off on him in the 3rd. Hopefully Niese will have gotten over his bad case of big league-itis before his next start if there is a next start as J-Man has let it be known that this no time for auditions as we are in a pennant race.

Nelly Figs has come on and pitched well as it’s 5-5 in the top of the 6th so it will be up to the bullpen to keep the Brewskis off the board. Secure that pair of Depends folks it could be a rough night.

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  1. voice of reason says:

    Kudos to Carlos Beltran. 2 important home runs this week, proving all the nay sayers wrong once again. All I hear all year is how he is having an awful year, how he can’t play hurt, how he should be traded (when the Mets were doing poorly). At this point he has nearly 100 runs score, nearly 100 rbi, plays a gold glove centerfield, and leading the Mets in games played. In his stay with the Mets he has endured, breaking his face on Mike Cameron (coming back to play against the doctor’s advice from what I’ve been told), knee surgery before this season (which caused him to miss almost all of Spring Traing, and was probably a major reason for his awful April) and boos from Mets fans on opening day. Sounds like a “problem player” to me. But, no matter what he does, it seems he will always be the Met equivalent of the Yankees Arod.

  2. Frank from Jersey says:

    My observations on Niese last night. First, it was *maddening* how he could not find the strike zone with any of his pitches. Yes, there was a lot of nervousness and this is completely expected but he never seemed to be able to shake that off and get mad and start pitching like he can. Definite plus curveball but it seemed to fool no one. His changeup looked nice but it looked like you could almost tell he was going to throw it. All that aside, I think he has the pitches to become a real nice #3 or #4 pitcher in the future with a couple more years of minor league seasoning. I liked him and look forward to seeing him in the future.

    As far as the phillies go, they aren’t going to be given the division on a silver platter like last year, no sir! The Mets are not going to lay down and die because Manuel won’t let that happen. I can’t believe the difference in watching them now as apposed to even a month ago. This team is playing with so much confidence right now. I still think it will come down to the last week but if the Mets continue to play like this, I can’t see the phillies overtaking them.

  3. The way that Figueroa & Stokes are pitching the pen right now, leave them there. I would rather take my chances with Niese, then screw up the way those guys are going.

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