When Willie Randolph was let go a lot of venom was spewed in the direction of Tony Bernazard, Omar Minaya’ First Lieutenant and the Mets Director of Player Development .Bernazard was portrayed as a meddler and was no fan of Randolph and was one of the voices in Omar’s head to can Willie. I bring this up today because as I was reading John Harpers pieces in the Daily News today , he mentions how it was Bernazard who pushed for the promotion of Daniel Murphy, Nick Evans and Argenis Reyes all three have made big contributions to the resurgence of the Mets season. Bernazard also looks to have made the big decision to give Jon Niese a start last night which from listening to J-Man was not his first choice to start last night. I’d love to know how hard J-Man pushed to have either Brain Stokes or Nelly Figs get the start last night. From the parting words of Willie Randolph it is hinted that Bernazard and Manuel have a very good relationship and difference of opinion is good as who wants “yes” men around them al the time. So I’m sure J-Man made his case but in the end Tony B had a stronger case. Taken on face value, J-Man was most likely right about going with either Figs or Stokes or even returning Olympian Brandon Knight, not because of the green gills of Neise but with Santana and OP sandwiched around Neise that’s three lefties in a row which you want to avoid at any cost but especially with a team like the Brewski’s who pound left handed pitching. Remember back a few months ago the Mets moved John Maine up in the rotation to go between Santana and OP as J-Man wanted to avoid the three lefties rotation. But back to TB, I never thought of him as a villain that the media made him out to be now I don’t know the guy but I have to give him props for running a better minor league system than we all thought the Mets had.. All the so called expert publications told us Mets fans that the organization was lacking in Major League ready and lucky for the team they were wrong. 


So now Petey is working out to get his arm loose as that was the reason for him not feeling “comfortable” in his last start in Miami.  You all know I’m a Petey fan boy but he is becoming like an old car that burns oil and keeps breaking down. As much affection as I have for the Great Petey no matter how the season turns out it’s time to let Petey ride off into the sunset, as there is no reason to bring him back next season. Too much maintenance.

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  1. Frank from Jersey says:


    give me your opinion on what the Mets rotation will look like next year. I know there are a lot of wildcards like OPerez and what free agents are available. I think it’s pretty safe to assume we will not be getting C.C. so right now we have 3 definites:


    What about the other 2 starters? I know this will not be a popular idea but I would re-sign Heilman and give him a shot at the rotation – yep, I said it. After that, I would go free agency and hope we can get a solid starter.

    Next, what do we do with this pathetic bullpen? Do we call the second half of this season an abberration and keep these guys or do we get rid of most of them and start over? I was never big on Feliciano or showenweiss so I would trade them. AFter that, I don’t know. Ideas anyone?

  2. I think you open the $iti Field vault and give K-Rod what he wants. If someone will take Wags, get rid of him. If not, he becomes the most expensive set-up guy in the game. I think you let Heilman go, since Molina, he has not been right, with the exception of a few spurts. His days are over here, let him shake Molina and the boos and begin again somewhere else. You bring back Feliciano and Smith, sign Ayala, and I don’t mind Muniz as the long man.

  3. Frank, I’ve been calling for Heilman to be in the rotation when he was still considered a top set up man. Although I think his time in New York is done. He can prosper somewhere else, I don’t think there is any doubt, but he would have to pitch lights out until saving the clinching win of the world series for Mets fans to accept him back. I can see him being traded along with another cog for a starting pitcher, which would leave one rotation spot open.

    If Perez and Boras don’t hold us hostage, I would take Ollie back. Whatever Warthen did to him, it worked, and I’m willing to give him a raise, but not #1 or #2 money.

    The Brewers are in an interesting predicament. They don’t have any real high priced talent so it’s not like they are streching their budget yet. But both CC and Sheets are free agents and that probably means one of them is headed out of town. You have to feel like CC likes the national
    league and everything it does for his paycheck, so the Mets do have a shot, but with the possibility of Perez coming back and Niese a breath away from that #5 spot, do we really want 3 lefties in the rotation? I would go for Burnett if he opts out, personally, making the trade for Piazza complete.

  4. I have noticed that Mr Bernazard has been answering post games questions in the locker room on SNY on a variety of issues ( Pedro, Wagner, call-ups, etc. I guess that J-Man probably doesn’t mind having the Asst GM in the locker room or at least does not protest as much as Willie did.
    I have also noticed that Mr Bernazard is being quoted in the press more often. Is Omar on vacation – scaling back or just designating more duties.
    As for Heilman, I too think he should be considered as a starter next season or trade him. He can probably fit the bill as a good number 5 in the rotation if not higher, depending on whether Pedro comes back.

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