A very big tip of the Mets cap to Will Carroll via Baseball Toaster who put up this clip of Jon Stewart and the Daily Show showing the dick heads at FOX News talking out of their big fat ass’

Am I the only person not impressed by Nanook Nancy’ speech last night?  Oh and thanks John McCain for forcing the NFL to start tonights  Giants-Redskin game at 7 PM so you can give the country an hour speech it which you will tells us absolutely nothing

Memo to Mike Francesa, Shut the fuck up about how hot it is siting in the bubble at Giants Stadium to do your train wreck of a radio show, it’s not like your digging a ditch okay your sitting on your fat ass guzzling Diet Coke by truck load trying to be entertaining and it’s not working. That’s not sweat from the heat Mike, it’s flop sweat.

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  1. Swampdragon says:

    I have tickets to Saturday’s game. So how do you think the Mets organization will handle hurricane Hanna this weekend? With a tropical storm hitting the NY area on Saturday the right thing to do would be to announce the game as postponed tomorrow. Knowing the organization all too well I am betting they get as many fans in to pay the parking and buy a few hotdogs before they call the game. As much as I love to root for the team on the field this organization is no class. Every time I go out to Shea it never fails, they give me another reason not to come back. Ushers and security are obnoxious and vendors are apathetic and work on their own schedule. I hope the Wilpons have taken a look at the Phillies and their ballpark. Whenever I go down there I feel like I am entering one of those stores at the mall where everyone greets you. Mets employees treat you as if you are annoying them and getting in the way. It even extends to Spring Training. Sorry had to rant. The more I go to Shea the more I hate this team. With those high ticket prices next year lord knows they owe it to us to ratchet up the service levels.

  2. I know I’ve been gone a long time, but why is the NFL playing on a Thursday night. And, I didn’t pay much attention to the papers this morning, but that was a regular season game, wasn’t it?

  3. Swampdragon, YOu have to hope that the storm either goes out into the Atlantic or it rains all night and all day as that’s the only way tomorrows game gets called early.

    Eagle, with NBC paying out big bucks for the right s to Sunday Night Football which by the way is as useless as Sunday Night Baseball and part of th epackage is the exclusive Thursday Night Opening of the season. Last night for a game of rivals like NYG-WASH the quaility and juice was disapointing.

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