When Warlord Jerry addressed his shell shocked warriors yesterday I hope he let them know that every team in the division hopes they fail again. I hope he let them no that every team in the NL East just doesn’t find then unpleasing I hope he told how much they hate them. I  hope he told them that the Nationals, Marlins and Braves want the Phillies to represent the NL East in the post season. I hope he told them that the also rans sit in their clubhouses and say “yeah we’re out of it but at least we didn’t choke like the Mets” and then laugh their ass’ off.  Seriously, nothing the opposition does or says angers the Mets.. Sure David Wright has been slamming hats and bats the last couple of days but don’t they see how the Braves, Nats, Marlins and of course the Phillies all turn into  Shaq serenading Kobe with “tell me how my ass taste” every time they play against them? With every loss and every blown opportunity to put the Phillies in the rear view mirror the Mets grab the bats a little tighter and overthrow their fastballs a little more out of the strike zone and fail to come through in clutch situations. It easy to throw all the blame on the bullpen but you have to question the entire character of the organization if they fail to make the post season for the second straight season. If that happens the Skill Sets will have some major decision to make here and not just how many olives to put in the martinis at the $iti field luxury suites.



The Braves came into Shea for their last series there and after beating the Mets two of three they are led by Larry Jones with cameras in hand to take pictures of the Shea Stadium scoreboard and no one on the Mets seemed to mind. Same with the Nats. First Elijah Dukes heckles Nelson Figurora and all he can do is call the Nats a girls softball team. Then Dukes goes nuts over a Mike Pelfrey ball inside. To Big Pelf’s credit he walked right toward Dukes and if not for Manny Acta coming out of the dugout there might have been an altercation. Willie Harris has been beating the Mets ass for a couple of years now maybe someone on the pitching staff will make him eat dirt.



Not only do I feel bad for Fernando Tatis for his injury and the fact that he was writing one of the great stories of the season but with him and Damien Easley out the Mets lose two of their best clutch hitters, Tatis was hitting .392 with RISP and .286 with 2 out/RISP and Easley was hitting a robust .314 with 2 out/RISP. Two guys who are killing the Mets in that department are Ryan Church (.179 2 out/RISP) and Carlos Beltran (.183 2 out/RISP) As I said it’s very easy to kill the Aaron Heilman’s and Scott Schoenweies of the world but when you lack the killer instinct to step on your opponents necks and snuff them out this is what you get, doubt, second guessing and Mets fans holding a puke bucket while watching their team fade down the stretch for the second year in a row.

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  1. The Skill Sets have set it at 2 Olives per Martini:

    They’re counting NEXT Year’s Receipts already;

    Omar, a man of many proven liar-bilities, has ceded control to Jeffy Python, who runs this flying circus, and shaking his rattle;

    I wonder when Omar will sign Steve Carlton as a spot starter.

  2. Mets fans holding a puke bucket while watching their team fade down the stretch for the second year in a row.

    That’s exactly right. I get a sick feeling about 6:30 every night now, because I know how I’ll feel at 10. This is unbelievable. It is freaky, it is spooky. They look EXACTLY like last September, against this same team. And you know what? It’ll come down to the last weekend, and the Marlins will smack them around, while the Nats lay down like dogs against the Phillies. Last year, we thought wow, that was horrible. To go through it again, there are now ords for that.

  3. what's the point? says:

    Church and Beltran are killing the Mets?

    I guess Beltran’s 100+ RBIs and Church’s strong April and May don’t count because they don’t hit w 2 out and RISP.

    This organization is sick, from top to bottom. omar minaya has assembled a gutless bunch of mary anns.

    Why isn’t there more discussion regarding the firing of omar minaya here? don’t give me that beltran/santana crap. he only got them because the yankees and bosox passed.

    next year, we get a new stadium still under laguardia planes, still a pain in the ass to get to, still surrounded by chop shops.

    the meltdown of this team started the day wilpon bought out doubleday. too bad d-day didn’t buy out wilpon.

    but he didn’t – which leads to my final point: the mets are jeffy wilpon’s toy for the rest of his adult life. to be a mets fan is to accept 30 more years of this crap.

    can’t wait for the signing of mo vaughan as the ’09 manager w bobby bonilla and rickey henderson as attitude coaches for jose “the season is april through august, si?” reyes.

  4. voice of reason says:

    What a shock, amother anti-Beltran column. There are other at bats that aren’t 2 out with risp. He’s got to be doing something right to have 110 runs and 106 rbi. Give it a rest already. Not only is he producing at the plate, but he is the Mets best defensive player playing one of the most important defensive positions.

  5. You know what? You guys are right I am too tough on Beltran. I’m realy not anti-Beltran and I do think he is the best CF’er in baseball but if this team does not make the psot season there has tobe a good hard look at which way to go here. I’m not advocating trading Beltran but Omar would not be doing his job if he didn’t listen to offers or even let it out there that he could be had.

    The reason I’m not on the Fire Omar badwagon is I see the fruits of the Farm and I think there is plenty of promise there and that is in Omar’s favor. Add in find Tatits, Easley, Chavez, Cancel all players who have contributed big on this team and again you have togive Omar credit. He’s not a perfect GM but I’d rather have him than most guys running teams in MLB

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