I’m speechless. Really what can you say about when your team wins and you still feel like it was a loss.  Eight pitchers to win a nine inning game? That’s almost impossible. And why is Al Reyes warming up in the bullpen and you don’t use him? In fact what is the deal-ieo with  “I can call you Jose or Argenis and Jose and Argenis when you call me you can call me Al” Reyes? Why hasn’t he seen the light of day as this Lehman Brothers Bullpen continues to flounder?


As bad as last night was what made it worse is Brandon Knight could only go 5 innings. No fault of Knight’s even though he was not very effective, he hasn’t pitched in a while and he left the game with his team up by 6 runs so Knight more than did his job but as we know unless the starter goes a minimum of 7 innings the Mets are fucked.


I think it’s safe to say, that Aaron Heilman will not throw another pitch in a meaningful game this year for the Mets. In fact the next pitch he throws in a big league game should be in another uniform. Time to cut Heilman loose. Yeah I know, brilliant deduction Sherlock. I don’t know what else to say really, watching Mets game is not a pleasure anymore. Your team is up 6 runs to a rag tag fourth division team as a fan you should be thinking magic numbers and post season instead of pacing the floor and sticking your head in a puke bucket.


Just when you thought all is lost we get this video via the Daily News of a guy so drunk at last weekend’s double header that he doesn’t feel or hear the fans around him stacking empty beer cups on his head. As I watched this over 9 min video besides wondering if the guy was dead because how could you not feel the beer cups or hear the fans screaming, I thought where were the Shea Gestapo? Here is a guy getting abused by fans in the stands and none of the SkillSets Storm Troopers intervene? But when I try to walk from the SUBWAY sandwich stand in LF through the Field Level concourse to get to the RF ramp, I’m not allowed as the Jeffy’s Thugs tell you only Field Level ticket holders can go through that concourse. If you argue, these belligerent assholes give you a hard time. I know they are only taking their orders from Skill Set High Command but their attitude still sucks. Fucking Rent a Cops.



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  1. what's the point? says:

    Aaron Heilman looks scared and/or uninterested when he pitches.

    He reminds me of one of those guys you know growing up – GREAT at baseball but they really don’t like the game or liked basketball better. They were indifferent to their baseball talent. His lack of passion for what he does is all over his face. Great relievers crave the adrenalin of late innings. This guy looks like Dr. Feelgood is about to rubber glove his colon when Jerry hands him the ball.

    He looks like he’d rather have another job but just does this because he’s good at it. (Or was good enough at Notre Dame for the Stems to draft him high.)

    I used to believe that making him a starter might be the solution, but now I think we should just trade him for a couple long-shot prospects if we can get that much. If he blossoms somewhere else, we can honestly say there was no hint of it that we missed.

  2. I love the Puke bucket comment, couldn’t have said it any better myself. We’re just going to have to deal with and get lucky in the playoffs – yes I said it, playoffs baby!

    We’ll just have to fix it in the off season and put our faith in Omar. Oh boy, pass the bottle.

  3. Drink HEAVILY and OFTEN. The Skill Sets like what Omar’s Doing


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