There is no better place on earth than New York City on the first crisp cool fall day even though we haven’t had one of those classic “Con Edison can’t handle the electrical demand summers” there is something invigorating when you step out the door and it’s 51 degrees with a chilly breeze. The afternoons are even better as the shadows of the sky scrapers bring back memories of Seaver/Cuellar and Koosman/McNally and just makes me root harder for the Mets to get into the post season as this season HAS TO KEEP GOING. Not just because fall baseball is the ultimate sporting event (made even better that my son was asked to play on a team in a fall baseball league today even though he didn’t sign up as he rather play soccer this time of year but the coach knew of him from Little League and asked him to play for his team today. Talk about your late season call up)  but it’s only fitting that the team from the South Bronx which has looked down it’s nose at us for years closes it’s stadium doors with no post season game but a with a meaningless play out the string game tomorrow night and that Shea the old clapboard house that many an insult has been hurled at it finishes out in style with post season baseball. 

Last night’s game was no work of art by any means but OP was great, Brain Stokes had his fastball back and Daniel Murphy will find a place to play for the Mets this post season and for many seasons to come.

Is FOX kidding by putting Cards-Cubs on in NYC with the Brewers-Reds on at the same time?

Let’s hope Petey has some magic left in that right arm tonight

I can’t say this enough please Skill Sets and Omar shut down John Maine for the season get him the surgery he needs and let the cow chips of the bullpen fall where they may.

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  1. Yankee Stadium I closed with NO Postseason:

    Yankee Stadium II will do the Same;

    When Y S I closed, the Mets went to Postseason and a 7 Game World Series;

    History may be repeating itself, rather-nicely.

  2. My Piece on the 5 Oldest MLB Parks is up. My Reasons for NOT Including Yankee Stadium, are Obvious:

    Bud The Used Car Salesman and Company, are drinking way too much Ripple, promoting the Highlander Stadium Farce.

  3. The Highlanders should have a 3 minute moment of silence for the death of Highlander Slum Stadium led by Mike FATSLOB Francesa and Susan I am really a Man Waldman


  5. Nauseating, just nauseating. Did you see Gonzalez gesture toward the Mets dugout after the game? Losing to that time and having the rub it in our face, that’s too much. Blame the pen all you want, but we know they suck going in. The offense is to blame today. First and second, no outs, twice, no runs. They got what they deserve. We may be watching our last game of 2008 next Sunday.

  6. Yeah, they sure didn’t waste any time wiping those smiles off our faces.

  7. Frank from Jersey says:

    I know as a long time baseball fan that making the playoffs is the ultimate goal of your team, in this case, our team, the Mets. But, if the Mets somehow make the playoffs, we all know the bullpen is going to make us want to vomit as they blow playoff game after playoff game to real teams. If they can’t hold leads to the dregs, what makes us think they can hold a 2 run lead in the 6th inning against the Cubs or Phllies or whoever?? It’s probably better we don’t get all excited about playoffs and heartbreak. Let the Mets die quietly yet again so we can finally concentrate on football. I’d rather not see the Mets bullpen blow leads every game in the playoffs.

  8. Frank from Jersey says:

    I have to add to what Rich said…Neither Blowenweiss nor Feliciano should be facing righties…EVER!! Righties are hitting like .682 and .974 against them respectively (well it seems like it!!!) You get the point.

    Anyone remember baseball when you didn’t have “specialists” and you just put your best guys out there whether they were righty or lefty? Why do people have to fuck up the sport with all these bullshit ideas? How come there were less injuries to pitchers before anyone cared about pitch counts? Now God forbid someone throws over 100 pitchs a game! How is it that these skinny guys from the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, etc etc could pitch 300 innings a year but these big strong pitchers of today have their arms fall off after 175 innings and don’t tell me because they didnt’ throw as hard back then!

  9. what's the point? says:

    The other problem with making the playoffs is that it would make the season look like a success for ofirmative minaya.

    We need the mets to miss the playoffs if we are to get rid of minaya. The skill sets are eating more dead payroll (randolph, wagner, art howe?, mo vaughan? bonilla still getting paid?) than KC pays their current roster, so they will probably let The Second Worst Mets GM in History (steve phillips has a lock on #1) come back for 2009, even if (WHEN) there’s another implosion and choke.

    Insert your omar defense points here and I’ll counter with LOOK AT THE PAYROLL AND LOOK AT THE RESULTS!!!

    Don’t tell me about the farm. Johnny Murphy and Frank Cashen had a farm.

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