You would think I’d be used to this by now, I mean this isn’t the first and I’m sure it’s not the last time this team will kick me in the nuts and leaves me crying on the curb but this latest installment of Devastating Losses in Mets History Vol 25  hurts very much. It hurts even  more because after D-Wright struck out on a pitch that was so far up and out of the strike zone that left me with that stunned “How could you do this to me look” as if I saw my better half walking hand and hand with my best friend. I mean Sugarpants you were my rock, my guy, the person who I knew I could count on. When did you turn into Alex Rodriguez? A complier of stats that looks nice on the back of the baseball card but when I needed you, REALLY NEED you, you failed me. I still love Sugarpants and would not trade him anyone but for tonight anyway he’s sleeping on the couch.


Ollie P usually comes up big in these situations but last night, Special Ed Ollie showed up at the most inopportune time. The Mets needed a big 7 inning performance and what they got was OP flashback from his Pirate days and if in fact that was OP last appearance of the season it will cost him millions of dollars as the Mets might be better off with a draft pick that OP schizophrenic ass.


Then we have Ryan Church who has turned in Jim Ignatowski, once a promising player who we were happy to have but two miss diagnosis head traumas later he’s become a lost soul. Church not only can’t get a hit in a big spot put his play in outfield makes him look like he’s running on ice in Jimmy Choo’s . Warlord Jerry has no idea what to do with Church but at this point could putting Endy Chavez in RF be any worse?


The last three innings of last night game may just be what fans, players, and front office people dwell on during the long cold winter as the inability to get a hit in a big spot will be on the tombstone of the 2008 Mets. There is a lack of toughness on this team both physically and mentally and after listening to Omar Minaya with Mike Francesa yesterday I sense that Omar realizes that as well. His praise for Danny Murphy was to the point where he said he pointed out to the veteran players that Murph has the intensity he wanted in his team. There is no swagger to this team, they never get mad,  everybody takes losing in stride now I’m not saying they don’t care as they care very much I know that but just once I’d like to see David Wright not give the stock, cliché  answers he has taken from the Derek Jeter Book of Bullshit Responses, and say “This fucking losing is getting old and tired and I’m to blame as much as anyone here for not coming through in a big spot, but you what?  There are other guys here who need to strap it on as well we have to stop being nice guys and take on some of that scumbag persona like that Kranepool blogger guy “  It’s not his way we know but someone needs to challenge the guys in that locker room and they also need to be backed by managment unlike Paul LoDuca and Billy Wagner when they called out teammates. No matter what happens these next four games one thing Omar is going to have to work on besides reconstructing the bullpen is he is going to have to work on finding some players with a little piss and vinegar in them.


We have no idea which Petey is going to show up tonight. It could be vintage Petey who knowing how important a start this is, rears back and let’s fly like it’s the last game he will ever pitch or we could get fragile Petey who needs a session with Dr. Phil to get over his emotional problems. Hopefully J-Man has a Plan B ready for tonight.


Anyone want to bet me that Ramon Martinez plays 2nd base tonight?



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  1. Frank from Jersey says:

    What a gut wrenching game to watch. The jubilation I felt when Delgado hit that granny and the equal disgust at the final out in the bottom of the 9th after a lead off triple. What team can’t bring home a man on third with none out?

    Here’s the deal: The Phils play Washington the last 3 games and since we’re already 1.5 games behind, even if we win 3 of the last 4 (yeah right), the phils would only need to take 1 game out of 3 from washington to force a tie which would be a 1 game playoff in PHILLY. To me, the division race is over so that leaves the wildcard. The schedule is sort of on our side here as we play 1 with the Cubs (and face an ace pitcher in Hardin) and 3 with the fish. The Brewers have 1 with the Pirates (ugh) and 3 with the Cubs (yay). Don’t get real excited about the Cubs part because the Brewers will be missing Zambrano and Hardin and as we’ve seen, the Cubs have been sitting some players and pitchers. I’d say us having a 50/50 shot at the wildcard is plausible but the way the Mets are now playing and the way the Brewers are playing (hungry), I think we’re probably done and good ridence to one of the most disappointing years of baseball for me since 2001. I can only hope next year that Minaya can fix the team and make them fun to watch again like they were for that small stretch at the end of August.

  2. I feel like shit. I did not want to come to work today. This team sucks the life out of you. I don’t give a shit what people say about the Sox of old, no fan base in sports has suffered like this one. I will watch the rest of the way, and go on Saturday, but I have nothing left. I can’t even bitch about the game last night.

  3. Ohhhhhhhh…I’m taking this philosophy. Enjoying my last four games ever at Shea Stadium. Drinking my beer. And just enjoying the art. Sure i’ll be happy when they win, mad when they lose. But I’m just going to treat this like any other game. ‘Cause you know, that’s how they are treating it. Oh and I love that take on the persona of that Kranepool blogger guy. Between me and you, we’d have this team doing push ups in between innings.

  4. PS I am not expecting Jack schitt from Pedro tonight. I’ve written him off already, as should the rest of us.

  5. The worst game of the year and that’s saying a lot. The worst because the bullpen help up and the Mets had chances in three straight innings to lock the game up, I just hope that Pedro can find one more good start in that arm but I don’t think I can look.

  6. I haven’t expected anything from Pedro in two years.

    It’s bad enough that I work in an office full of Yankees fans, today the lone CUBS fans in the office felt the need to come over to my side of the depths of despair and mention for the first time that did I know they were from Chicago?


    Brian Schneider walks out to mound:

    Trip #2:

    Trip #3:

  7. Pedro is FINISHED-It’s Over

  8. David Wright? The New “A-Wrong”

  9. Frank from Jersey says:

    I must say that I did get one really good laugh last night and that was from an exchange between keith and cohen that went something like this:

    keith: The stadium has cleared out some. I think the fans should stay ’til the end and suffer tomorrow morning (from lack of sleep) than miss the end of this game

    Cohen: I think the fans are already suffering right now

    ROFLMAO. That is my favorite Gary Cohen comeback of the YEAR!

  10. I’m one of the biggest Petey fanboys around but Ihave to agree with you folks (Coop, you’ve always been th evoise of reason with Petey) about Petey tonight he’s as done as a Lehman Bros stock holder

    Check out this thread from the where I hang out most afternoons, where the title is ____ wouldhave knocked that run from thrid base. Anything you see posted by Bob Heulser Fan Club is from yours truly.

    You now Fredi Gonzalez and his rag tag team can not wait to get to Shea to shove it down the Mets throats for the second year in a row.

  11. I need to take my own advice and simply stop watching these games. I still can not fathom what the hell was going through DW’s mind when he swung at that pitch.

    As intelligent a player as he is touted at being, Wright blew it big-time last night. Not because he struck out – but because he should have realized that, at all costs, he needed to get on base.

    You KNEW Pinella was going to walk the pair of Carlos’ to get to Church. That would have been a moot point at Wright simply taken all of the inside crap he was thrown and walk to first.

    Sure – I would have liked to see him drive the run in but it’s equally important to make sure you don’t play into the other team’s hand – just like he did.

    I honestly give up on this team this year. I think this is worst than last September only because that was a collapse and this year – its a lack of heart.


  12. Two things –

    1) Maybe David Wright would thrive in a place like Tampa. Trade him for pitching??

    2) I’m in Virginia Beach (David Wright country) and have had tickets to Saturday’s game since March. What do you think the plan for make-up games will be? 90% chance of rain is not good. Will there be a double header on Sunday? Monday?? Advice???

  13. Frank from Jersey says:

    “1) Maybe David Wright would thrive in a place like Tampa. Trade him for pitching??”

    You MUST share what you are smoking over there in Virginia beach!!

  14. Frank,

    I didn’t think I’d get good feedback on Wright. Why did the Cubs pitch to him and not Delgado or Beltran? Wright doesn’t get the hit when we need it! They know it!!!
    David Wright is a great second-tier guy. I fear time will prove me right. The Mets need pitching. Send Wright to a pitching-rich organization and fill the gaps. If I’m not mistaken, Murphy is a 3rd baseman. I suppose trading for Tampa pitchers is still a raw nerve. They have a rich system. They may not need Wright, but another team might… Just my humble opinion…

    What about Saturday’s game????

  15. Matt, first off D-Wright will notbe traded and he shlould not be traded but you are not the only one pissed off at Sugarpants as callers to WFAN are barbequing his ass today. It’s just frustration when we all settle down the make sex will be great.

    As for the games the next few days, it seems like tomorow and saturday could be the worst of the weather so Sunday would be a one admission DH with the closing ceremony held between games if Friday gets rained out as well that could be moved to Monday but if tonight gets washed out then who knows

  16. Swagger and anger have diddly to do with winning ballgames.

  17. ‘It’s just frustration when we all settle down the make-up sex will be great.’ CLASSIC.

    Calm down everyone and enjoy the last 4 games. Remember all the pain from June 15, 1977 until about 1982, and the 2003 season. In 1978 I’d take losing like the Sox did over playing like the Mets did.

  18. what's the point? says:

    Regarding this playoff hunt:

    Remember the old line about a dog who chases cars? “What would he do if he caught one?”

    What will the 2008 Mets do in the playoffs if they make the playoffs? It will make the humiliating dismantling the spankees laid on us in 2000 look like a close contest.

    Really – picture Luis Castillo facing K-Rod (if they got that far) with the game on the line. That would border on pornography.

    BTW – how do people reconcile the tone and observations of the posts here with widespread support for ofirmative minaya on this site? The vitriol spewed here at this team reflects on the big o, who is about to enter the NEXT FOUR YEARS of your rooting lives.

  19. I still can’t get over last night’s game. I was ready to deal with a bullpen blows it, but not that loss. A head scratching, gut wrenching, fist smashing loss if ever there was one.

    The one hope I have for tonight is that the bad weather scares Pinella to put a number of good players on the bench. Any hope?

  20. I’ve done a little math on bullpen burnout. The Mets have 6 pitchers who have exclusively started (no relief appearances): Santana, Pedro, Maine, Pelf, Ollie, and Niese. Together, they started 145 games (according to today). Together, they have pitched 870 innings, for an average of 6 innings per start. Remove Santana, who’s averaged nearly 7 innings per start, and the rest average about 5 2/3 innings per start.

    Is there any other bullpen in the league who’s worked this much?

    Is the performance of the bullpen down to the starters not pitching deep enough into games?

    Lots to think about this offseason.

  21. GAry

    It’s one reason I was in favor of signing Livan Hernandez before the season (can’t say how he did this year, however). He’s been an innings eater, generally and I thought it would be good to have even a mediocre guy who could go 7 innings regularly.

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