Take a listen to last night’s NY Baseball Digest show as Joey DeMayo dished out some great dirt on the off season plans of our Amazin’s. I listened to the show and three things made me sit up straight and listen. First, Ryan Church LOVES NY and Mike Francesa is full of shit (and cheeseburgers too) what pissed Church off was the fact that Dirty Duaner and Ricardo Rincon showed up late for games the last week of the season,  then there is a Jason Issringhausen mention. Remember Izzy?  His deal with the Cardinals is up and he could come to the Mets with a spring training invite to prove his elbow has been repaired and in good operating order, and then the one that had me going was the fact that the Mets will be in the Manny Ramirez hunt. In fact Omar tried hard to make a match when Manny was sent to LA so now that all it cost is money look for the Mets to make a move with Manny. I know I just ruined the day for a lot of you but I am and unabashed Manny fan and I vote yes for Manny to the Mets. Flame away, y’all!


Ambirorix Burgos is finished as a Met and a professional baseball player and a free man. Good riddance.


The can’t tear our house does fast enough; it seems as the back page of the Daily News show us. Click here for the multimedia show of the Shea dismantling  My wife came up with a great question the other day when she asked me “ Why didn’t the Mets let us walk on the field after the game on Sunday”?  Why dear ?, because that would be something  the fans would have cherished and Mets management is against us being happy. Really how could they not have done this? They had about 1,000 cops on duty and they could have let the fans line up with one line of fans walking from the third base side to center field and another line of fans go from the first base side to center field . I guess they were afraid that Mets fans would have the unmitigated gall to take some stadium dirt or some grass because as we all know that dirt and that grass will be used to raise funds for “charity” Yeah right.


I think I’ll be rooting for the Tampa Rays and maybe we all should as the owner Stuart Steinberg is a Mets fan and a season ticket holder and of course there is the Scott Kazmir scenario.


Howard Megdal has a plan to get the bullpen back in shape for 2009 in today’s New York Observer. It’s too bad the people who run the team don’t have the insight like people who cover team like Howard.


So today we get official word that Omar Minaya gets a 3 yr extension but according to Newsday, J-Man might be playing hardball with the Mets and if I were J-Man I’d slow down a bit as  Gary Carter is just a phone call away.



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  1. Ask ourselves one question, would we be playing now if we got Manny on 7/31? You betcha! He would have “outscored the bullpen” as Cohen says. A run or two in a few games and we not only are playing, we win the fucking division. I want Manny for 3, let him retire at 40, at home in NY, as a Met. BTW, what about an LA/Boston Series? What if Manny kills the Sox season? Talk about baseball theatre!!

  2. In my latest article, I’m going out on a limb, calling it a Red Sox-Dodgers Series:

    Here’s hoping that Freddie and Jeffy, don’t get in everyone’s way, like after 2006.

  3. kranepool,

    No self respecting new yorker uses “y’all” ever. If you must it’s yous.

  4. Spot on, Steve.

    And I hope to God Omar reads the OBSERVER…

  5. How low do the Mets need to sink before you are happy?

    AJ Per-zee (can’t spell his name): kneed Giants trainer Stan Conti in the balls. Go look up the story. He’s a nasty prick.

    Manny Ramirez – not worth it at any price. Guaranteed drama and headache. Would be right in line with Omar’s playbook tho because he has 500 HRs and 1,500 RBIs BEHIND HIM. Also – another punk who shows up pitchers.

    “J-Man” – a creepy, smarmy weirdo. Should thank god he has an MLB manager offer on the table but he’s going to negotiate??? The only team in the world who would sign this guy, who was at the helm for Collapse: The Sequel is the NYM. Tell him don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    And Gary Carter as a backup offer? Wrong – the reason we’re in this mess is that we already gave the mgr job to someone too arrogant to pay his dues learning the craft in the minors. Carter thinks being a catcher and HOF earns a get out of AA managing job card, go directly to the big leagues.

    The best mgrs are guys like Oberkfell (who pay dues on long bus trips to Macon, GA, etc.) or guys like Torre, whose first MLB manager job is in a low risk (ie, the team SUCKS) situation.

    The Mets you seem to desire are a nightmare. Bad GM (you love him); street punk whacko manager (you love him); catcher and ‘team leader’ who is HATED everywhere and is modestly talented (you love him) and a backup manager choice who carries the same hole in his resume that Willie had.

    You are going up the river like Captain Kurtz. The horror. The horror.

  6. Backman for MGR…I can deal with Manny, as long as he follows K-Rod. And we need a few nasty pricks on this team.

  7. Unless, of course, you want to bring back Bobby V…nut job but a great manager.

  8. “And we need a few nasty pricks on this team.”

    Well….here ya go….how about killing two people and driving away? VERY, VERY ‘gangsta’, isn’t it?

  9. kranepool says:

    I sense a lot of anger in you Stork, for a guy who is against “gangsta’s” who seem to have alot of that trait in you.

  10. Please explain to me how Omar get’s a 4 year extension??

    1-Pedro Martinez deal 44 million(disaster)
    2-El Duque deal 12 million (disaster)
    3-Moises Alou deal (2008) 8 million (disaster)
    4-Luis Castillo deal 24 million (disaster)

    88 million dollars for one good year out of Pedro??

    1-Heath Bell trade (disaster)
    2-Brian Banister trade (disaster)
    3-Matt Lindstrom trade (disaster)

    1-Delgado-Jacobs (Wash)
    2-Perez/Hernandez-Nady (Wash)

    I could really think of only two trades he made that were good:


    Santana-Gomez/Humber + 2

    They talk about what a great job he did?? He almost doubled the payroll I hope he increased the win total after spending all of that money.

  11. I don’t see why Jerry Manuel should come back. Willie was basically fired for last year’s colapse, why is Manuel being re-hired. Now he’s asking for more money??

    The media loves him because he gives them good quotes. “He’s gansta” what was that all about? That press conference reminded me of Saturday Night Live sketch. Say what you will against Willie Randolph at least he was professional.

    Also firing Rick Peterson was a huge mistake. He’s one of the smartest men in baseball and the Mets had him under contract.

  12. I am angry. Justifiably angry at what is happening to this team.

    My anger comes out in words, which are essenitally harmless – this is america, correct?

    Nice try on comparing my undiplomatic posts to ‘gangstas’ but only a complete idiot would fall for that.

    Your comment is laughable…I’m a tax-paying, law-abiding citizen who is ranting bc his beloved team sucks and is, to boot, devolving into a politcally-correct, gansta-lovin’ embarrassment. When I kill a cop or rape a ‘ho then perhaps my ‘anger’ (ranting at omar, jerry, etc.) will be comparable.

    Also – on the subject of anger – it’s time for Met fans to be angry. I can handle 90 loss seasons. I can handle the Art Howe debacle. What infuriates me is watching the Mets spend $135M AND suck AND reward failure (extending omar) AND hire someone with no experience (Willie) AND tolerate jerry manuel’s creepy, offensive act AND turn the in-game experience into a garish carnival of loud ‘music’ AND etc etc etc.

    It’s time to get angry at the Wilpons for this mess. I’ll use words and my wallet, not guns, knives, bats, etc. that real ‘gangstas’ would use.

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