“I HEARD A RUMOR……………..”

As I was pursuing the various stories across the web I ran across this on the great site MLB TRADE RUMORS.. It seems that the Padres are sending out feelers on interest in Jake Peavey and the Brewers J J Hardy feels his is as good as gone from the Schlitz City. So if you are the GM of the Mets (a job we all want and feel we’d be outstanding at) would you call SD GM Kevin Towers and offer Jose Reyes in a deal for Peavey? Or would you deal David Wright in a package for Peavey and RHP Mike Adams? I’d do it with Reyes as the centerpiece but for Wright I’d have to think that over because it would be much tougher for me to deal Wright than Reyes. If you could get Jake Peavey for Reyes I’d have to do it and then call Doug Melvin and work out a deal for JJ Hardy.


J-Man better be careful with this hard line stance he’s taking with his new contract. It seems J-Man’s thinking is no matter who the Mets go after to be manager they would have to go 3yr/$3mil minimum and he’s right but when the team you are associated with just collapsed for the second year in a row and the fans and media are questioning if your team has the heart and balls to win a championship you really are not negotiating from strength here. As I said yesterday Gary Carter would be here on the red eye tomorrow morning to take the Mets managers job. Don’t over play your hand here Warlord.





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  1. Frank from Jersey says:

    I can’t believe you would make that Reyes trade when everytime they show that stat on Reyes that the mets are like 0-78 when he doesn’t get a hit and like 78-0 when he does get a hit. He’s the kind of sparkplug teams would kill for! I can’t believe you would break up a the best left side of an infield to get a guy who will touch the ball about once a week. Dude, someone spiked your coffee this morning!! LOL

  2. kranepool says:

    Frank, Im talking JAKE PEAVY here! A Cy Young winner and he’s 28 yrs old you wouldn’t want this rotation


    then add JJ Hardy with his .283/.343/.478 24 HR 31 2b and above average fielding I’d have to do this. Frank, I’m talkin’ JAKE PEAVY!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. voice of reason says:

    I agree with Frank. No matter how many times Reyes is bad mouthed by many in the media, the fact is he is well on his way to a HOF career if he stays healthy (he’ll make 3000 hits by age 36 at pace of last 4 years, and is worthy of the gold glove at SS). That and the fact that Sabathia is available for $ only. If Sabathia would stop being pitched 250 innings, not only would he be just as good as Peavy in the regular season, there is a good chance he wouldn’t run out of gas in the postseason. BTW, Peavy’s postseason stats are even worse than Sabathia’s.

  4. umm i wouldnt do reyes for peavey but i would be all for getting JJ hardy and putting him in a package for Peavy and then signing CC Sabathia so then we would be the dream rotation( if we move maine to the pen and resign perez)


    that team is world seiries contender

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