Good stuff from Can’t Stop The Bleeding as they give the lowdown on the J-Man stalemate with word that Andrew Marchand of 1050 AM in NYC reporting that Bobby V would come back to the USA if the Mets job is open. What J Man has to realize as of right now the Mets have NO manager, so the longer J Man thinks of himselfas irreplaceable he may get a rude awakening.

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  1. voice of reason says:

    Bobby V is making $4 million/year in Japan (2nd only to Torre in manager’s pay). Unless he is willing to take a pay cut, there’s a snowball’s chance in hell that he’ll be the next Mets manager.

  2. Frank from Jersey says:

    Manuel does have a Manager of the Year award under his belt which puts some leverage on his side along with the fact that he took a sub .500 team and made the same team play 17 games over .500 in just half a season. Yes, there are other options but he definitely has leverage on his side too. On the same token, If i was the Wilpons, I would also have trouble budging on anything over 2 years myself. The money on the other hand, i would budge on if he agree’d to the 2 years.

    I will say this, the mets players love him and I remember reading the Sports Illustrated article on him when he won the manager of the year and he received the highest of praise from his players then and management.

    Should be interesting how this plays out. If the Mets go with someone else, you know he won’t be back as bench manager because surely other teams have him on their radar now.

  3. kranepool says:

    If the Skill Sets offered Valentine would grab the job in a Manhattan minute

  4. Frank from Jersey says:

    Let me just add that I like him alot and hope they re-hire him. I like the way he manages the team and plays his hot hand and I like the way he tells it like it is at the press conferences.

    On the same token, i’m also a major proponant of Wally Backman and feel he would bring fire to the team. I think he deserves a chance and has gotten a bad rap.

    You guys can all flame me now but I would kill to see Backman managing this team. Steve, you want someone with balls and an attitude. Start with Backman and let it be infectious to the players. You’ll see the ’86 Mets all over again next year if you hired him as manager.

    Let the flaming begin…

  5. kranepool says:

    No flame here Frank I got your back. I’m a Backman guy as well just seeing him Sunday was a treat and I can see him chalanging his team to be tougher I can gaurantte that Marlins would not have lingered on the field after Sunday’s game as their would have been a Pier Six brawl

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