Dear Skill Sets,



What impeccable timing you fellows have as I received your e mail to let me know that I can bid on every piece of Shea Stadium from bricks that will be in the ruble of the excavation of the stadium to the outfield walls, and the letters that spell out S-H-E-A.  I have to say it is an impressive list of memorabilia you’re hawking and I’m sure the monies collected for the items will be going to good cause but that’s not why I’m writing to you. No, after reading this list of items and the prices you want for them all I’d like to know is when will you stop fucking with your fan base? Do you ever get tired of embarrassing Mets fans and treating us like shit? Or do you get some perverse enjoyment knowing that your fan base or “customers” as you like to call us, are so loyal to the laundry you put out on the field that we will put up with more annoying bullshit this side of 34 Street and 8th Avenue?


Who came up with the price of $869 bucks for the pair of seats? Wouldn’t it have been more appealing to your working class fans to make the seats $200 or $250 for the pair. Even at that big price I would take a chance of calling a family meeting to request the family discretionary funds for a couple of Shea seats. We could forgo heating oil for a month as we could all wear our quilted Mets jackets, with the Mets hoodie and our Mets wool caps as we drink hot coco from our Mr. Met coffee mug. Same with the signage and posters wouldn’t $75 to $150 dollars be a decent price to pay for section signs and even an exit sign?


I guess I just don’t get it. The disconnect that you, the people you employ especially the game day staff that treat your “customers” like inmates at Gitmo. I’d like to chalk it up to the what I call the “9-11 syndrome” where anyone with a sliver of authority thinks they are part of the Fighting 69th as your rent a cop security force acted like total assholes on the last day of Shea trying to get fans out of the ballpark as soon as the closing ceremony was over. What was the rush?  Why couldn’t the few of us that hung around stay and chat about the ball park that we have spent the better part of our springs and summers in?  Oh and by the way I hope at $iti Field you have better attire for this force as 300lb men in tight orange golf shirts are not just an eyesore but they look as sloppy as your team in a September pennant race.


I know Freddy and Jeffey I have taken a nasty tone with you guys here and in other letters I’ve sent you but you have to understand you guys a fucking with something that is near and dear to my heart, my baseball team.  How can I defend my team against the forces of evil from the Bronx and Quakertown when they say everything you guys touch turns to shit? I try to defend you but you do things like this auction or not allowing the fans to walk on the Shea field for the last game or letting a woman gather dirt from the pitchers mound as a remembrance of her dead father. I try very hard to defend this franchise but you keep doing stupid shit that makes me throw up my hands. Now I know how John McCain’s campaign manger feels.


So I hope you find some deep pocket suit to buy your scrap and hopefully the money you raise goes to the Rebuild The Bullpen Fund as that would be a worthwhile cause if it’s for Jeffey’s Beach House in Amagansett then there will be another nasty missive in your future



Steve Keane

The Eddie Kranepool Society


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  1. Do you ever get tired of being 100% absolutely on target? Please don’t.

    Gitmo…nailed it.

  2. Hojohifive says:

    That was beautiful.

  3. Ok.

    That’s more like it. You sound angry – just like you said I sounded, and you were right.

    It’s time to be angry with the Wilpons. More important – it’s time to hit them in the wallet. We can argue all day long about whether omar is good (i say no) or whether manuel’s gangsta rap is offensive (i say yes)…it’s all fun.

    However, the underlying problem is that this franchise continues to be atrocious, albeit in new ways – ie, the COLLAPSES are a different form of humilation than sucking all year long and losing 95 games. Pick your poison.

    In any event — I hope you keep up this tone with the Wilpons and encourage other Met bloggers to join. There seems to be a Met fan base that is too loyal, if you ask me. Fans Who Love Too Much – on the next Oprah. After the Stems puked horribly in 2007, 4 million of us (yeah, i went to two awful ninth inning failures….) showed up.

    No more – I say boycott until fred and jeff throw in the towel. otherwise, take the experience of 1987 – 2008 and run it in an endless loop for the next 40 years. Lots of suck interrupted by occassional bouts of near competence.

    Your choice. I know I won’t be at $itiField for a LONG time. After the ’94 strike, I didn’t attend a game for 5 years. Can do that again. Easily.

  4. $869= WS wins in ’86 and ’69. Some smart guy came up with a way to make $$$ by getting all cute. For the ones that figure it out, the price doesnt seem as bad. For those who cant figure it out……

  5. I could EASILY attend Mets games at Shea Stadium. $iti field is another matter:

    2 Games at Fenway Park, in ’09;

    I trust No Wilpon.

  6. And it could be said that The Skill Sets are a conspiring bunch. Freddie kept putting kiboshes on deals and now Jeffy’s “$iti Field Or Bust” Mentality, with Mediocre Bullpens, are contributing to this mess:

    The Skill Sets are looking to run the Great Family Fan out on a rail, and, with $iti Field, will have done so.

  7. On the case, Steverino!

    I thought Freddy was waking up 4 years ago in the wake of the Kazmir Fiasco, but that was a mere moment of clarity before his retreating back up the ivory tower…

  8. Steve,

    Very well written, expresses the thoughts and frustrations of the fan base. Jeffy, you mean you can’t offer partial plans at Citi? So, buy a full season package, or fuck you? They’re sticking it to me and you, the people who pay money and cry with their medicore product every year.

  9. Spot on.

  10. Honestly, who are you to say how much they should spend and how much they should charge for things?

    Sure, it sucks that the world, and baseball, is more expensive. It’s still cheaper than other sports. It’s still affordable to go to games. So you can’t buy a run down pair of seats that would probably collect clutter anyway, big deal. It’s a business, and that’s a necessity that we have to deal with.

    The security at Shea has always sucked, I agree with that. Don’t know what there is to really do about it, but ignore them as much as possible, which is what I’ve taken to doing. I couldn’t care less how they’re dressed.

    I guess it would’ve been nice if they’d let us walk on the field after the game. However, it probably would’ve been a security nightmare. Maybe not, maybe so. It’s just not a big deal to me, it’s not like they owed us that. It’s not like we’d ever (except for some of us, via little league and the ron keith gary people..which you could’ve done if it was important to you) be on the field normally. Fans’ place is in the stands, and the players on the field.

    Collapsing sucked. I know. It pisses me off too, and Omar has already made the bad move of resigning Manuel, however I think he’ll make some good moves in the off season (and not necessarily the ones the ‘fans’ demand he makes because they think they know better) and this will be a good team again in ’09. And I can’t wait to see a game at The Citi, because so far it looks great and promises to be a fun time.

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