I know a lot of you in Orange and Blue Country don’t give a rat’s ass about this post season (Most Mets fans it seems are like my Ranger fans brethren as when the Rangers are not in the Stanley Cup hunt that’s the end of hockey season for them) but I do as I have put my angst and despair of the 2008 Mets campaign behind me and quite frankly I am very much looking forward to both LCS series.


I’m hoping the Dodgers take the NLCS and I’m also hoping that Omar Minaya is hiding outside the Dodgers hotel with a big bowl of rice and beans from one of the fine Dominican eating establishment in The Heights to lure Manny back home, but this series is sooooooo close that the only thing I’ll predict is a Seventh Game. This series comes down to bullpens as the Phinks have Brad Lidge and the Bums have Guns of Broxton to close for them. The supporting cast in each pen has Mets fans drooling and hopefully Omar is taking notes on how to build a better pen. This series goes 7 games and that’s as far out on a limb as I’ll go.    


Same for the ALCS, my appeal for the Rays of Tampa is the owners Mets/Brooklyn roots, Scot Kazmir and the fact they take their name from one of my favorite pizzerias in Manhattan but then I have the issue with the Old Town Team of summer on Cape Cod and the Dropkick Murphy’s on my iPod and of course my close encounter with the Rem Dawg .  Tito is rolling the Dice (K) here by starting Matsuzaka over Jon Lester and then going with Josh Beckett in Game 2 saving Jon Lester for Game 3. The Rays counter with James Shields, Scott Kazmir and Matt Garza so I’ll say whoever is up 2 games to 1 will win this series.  


Tony B is such a bad guy that the Mariners are looking at him for their GM spot. Sure I’m a cynic as I think it’s just window dressing as Bernazard meets the Latinio requirement for the interview process, Kim Ng filling two spots as an Asian-American woman so the minority window dressing will be complete this way the M’’s can give the job to Pat Gillick as he returns to the Emerald City.


I’m having the TiVo set for Life on Mars as I’m all over this show like a pair of Jordache Jeans. If I see Michael Imperiolli walking around the neighborhood I’ll ask him if he wants some of my old quinoa shirts, wrap around sweaters, or platform shoes. Don’t laugh I was a hottie back in those days.


What a night NLCS, Life on Mars and Opening Night of the NHL!!!!!! WOOOO-HHHHHHHOOOOOOO


Speaking of the NHL, Republican VP candidate Sarah Youbetcha will drop the first puck at Saturday’ Rangers-Flyers game  Also the Stepford Governor will be selling Tupperwear between periods .


WOW I haven’t bought an issue of Playboy since I wore those quinoa shirts and platform shoes but this issue is a must for me.


Tonight in Philly, Deion Sanders get to throw out the ceremonial first bucket of ice water over Tim McFullofshit’s head.


     Looks like I better chop some more wood for the Hot Stove. This sucks it really really sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. I’m excited for Life on Mars too. the BC show was one of the best things ever put on TV and now that ABC has ditched the original pilot and recast the show it could be great again.

  2. Frank from Jersey says:

    “Tony B is such a bad guy that the Mariners are looking at him for their GM spot. Sure I’m a cynic as I think it’s just window dressing as Bernazard meets the Latinio requirement for the interview process, Kim Ng filling two spots as an Asian-American woman so the minority window dressing will be complete this way the M’’s can give the job to Pat Gillick as he returns to the Emerald City.”

    –This is what is wrong with this world when it is required that we cator to as many minorities as possible. I know that statement makes me look like the bad guy but I’m not racist, it’s just annoying that business’s have to do that. It’s a waste of time and money and resources. Whatever happened to just hiring the best candidate? You can’t anymore because someone will hollar “Racism!!” and start a lawsuit. We just posted a position on my team at work and a white guy got it and I had to call the 2 latino guys that didn’t get it and kiss their asses so they wouldn’t play the race card. I didn’t have to call the 3 other white guys that didn’t get it – fuck them! Again, I’m not being racist here, i’m just showing what this world has become.

    Finally, Steve, I know you hate McCarver but I’ve always liked him mostly because he told it like it was and not many announcers do it in your face like he did. He is like you! You tell it like it is in your blog and we all love it! McCarver tells it like it is in public which to me makes him even more likeable because he doesn’t give a crap. Manny deserved every bit of what McCarver said about him because it was all true and if you want Manny being Manny patrolling left field for the next 3-4 years at $16 mil a year than you are crazy! hehe ;) He will get that fat contract and then turn into the P.O.S. that he is.

    I’m done ranting..can you tell I’ve had a horrible last couple days?

  3. kranepool says:

    YIKES Frank Me and McFullofshit? I thought we were pals LOL

    Here is a posting I saw from Sons of Steve Garvey who quote Joe Sheehan of BP on Manny and blow McFullofsits theory to bits.

    Manny has played for three teams and all three are better for having him. I know if he cmes to the Mets he will drive us crazy but no matter your feelings about him personally you have to admit he is one of the greatest players in baseball history, plus he got major league cajones and as we know our club is cajones-challenged

  4. kranepool says:
  5. Frank from Jersey says:

    You probably already read this and it actually supports your line of thinking for the most part but also the side of Manny that would make a team trade a player like Manny for a Jason Bay straight up.,0,1163651.column?track=rss

    No doubt Manny is one of the greatest hitters in the game and all time when he feels like it. Good thing for the dodgers he “felt like it” but that was probably to show up the Sox and beef up his walk year.

    If we got him, would I be pissed? Hell no but I would be sitting there wondering when he was going to implode while his 37 year old body starts slowing down his numbers.

  6. Frank from Jersey says:

    Let me just add that if he put up crappy numbers for the Mets and the fans started getting on him and boo’ing, that marriage would be over before you could say Mcfullofshit

  7. Life on Mars was great on the BBC. I’m keen to see how it works on American t.v. The soundtrack alone was fantastic.

  8. Steve,

    Is she still Mrs. Greschner? 48, huh? I can’t believe it’s been that long.

  9. kranepool says:

    Just hearing Little Willy by Sweet made the night for me on Life On Mars and the cast is first rate.
    Eagle, Gresh and Alt split a few years ago she is now hooked up with former Icelander Alexi Yashin and Gresh has re-married and has about 5 kids. I feel like Cindy Adams here!

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