There were a couple of comments from previous posts that I was going to answer in the comment section but I felt it would be better  to answer them in a full posting especially the second  one from an alleged Mets fan.


The first comment comes from Phanatic who is I guess a fan of the Phuckin’ Phills:


{I guess the fact that the Phillies scored 8 runs yesterday without a homerun will be ignored on your website. Well, isn’t that convenient.}


Well, since I am commenting on it you would be wrong Cheese Wiz breath. Yes the Phinks did mange to beat the Hollywood Bums without the aid of thier best weapon the home run but that game yesterday is what I envision baseball in hell to be play like with the duo of Mc Fullofshit and Doofus Joe announcing it that was the equivalent of 4 hours of root canal without Novocaine.


This post comes from someone named Ceetar and I’ll break his comments down in five sections:


{Honestly, who are you to say how much they should spend and how much they should charge for things?}


I’m guessing here you mean the Skill Sets and you’re right I have some pair of balls to be outraged that all of their energy is going into filling up the suites with wine sippers who couldn’t give a flyin’ fuck if the Mets won or lost. I mean really I do have some nerve fighting to make sure that the working class Mets fan that has supported this organization for years through more lean times than winning times is able to attend a Mets game that won’t cripple his bank account.    



{Sure, it sucks that the world, and baseball, is more expensive. It’s still cheaper than other sports. It’s still affordable to go to games. So you can’t buy a run down pair of seats that would probably collect clutter anyway, big deal. It’s a business, and that’s a necessity that we have to deal with.}


Maybe you have to deal with it but see me I have tough time dealing with shit that pisses me off. I guess what’s affordable to some is a big luxury to others. I’m very fortunate that I was able to spend over $1500 dollars just for tickets to Mets game this year add in parking and food and shirts, hats and other Mets crap I’ve bought this year it’s well over $2500 dollars right now there are not many people who can afford that and what you need to remember is baseball is not a rich man’s sport it has always been the middle class that has supported baseball and especially the Mets and the Skill Sets need to remember that as I am especially surprised by Freddie Skill Set as he is so Brooklyn Dodger-centric and that WAS their fan base.




{security at Shea has always sucked, I agree with that. Don’t know what there is to really do about it, but ignore them as much as possible, which is what I’ve taken to doing. I couldn’t care less how they’re dressed.}



Do you go through life just ignoring assholes? I mean at some point you take a stand and I don’t know about you up when some fat slob making 7 bucks an hour says that I can’t walk through the field level section because my Upper Deck ticket makes me unworthy of such a privilege it pisses me off. The same way when I’m told that I have to leave a stadium on the last day of it’s use because said rent a cop says so as for how they dress I guess you’re a fan of orange pollyester, with belly’s hanging over the pants and dirty rags in the back pocket look sorry but I’m not.,  




{I guess it would’ve been nice if they’d let us walk on the field after the game. However, it probably would’ve been a security nightmare. Maybe not, maybe so. It’s just not a big deal to me, it’s not like they owed us that. It’s not like we’d ever (except for some of us, via little league and the ron keith gary people..which you could’ve done if it was important to you) be on the field normally. Fans’ place is in the stands, and the players on the field.}


I guess you weren’t at the last game as there were more cops at Shea, it was like a Dunkin Dounuts grand opening. You must be in the Bush cabinet with that “security nightmare” scenario. It would have been fine to let everyone walk out to through the outfield fence but then that would be something nice to do for the fans and that’s against the Skill Set Doctrine. As for me going on the field I have been on the field at Shea as have been my kids so I’ve been fortunate enough to have done that but maybe, just maybe someone in attendance that day never had that chance wouldn’t have been the descent thing to do to afford that chance for someone? Guess not.    




{Collapsing sucked. I know. It pisses me off too, and Omar has already made the bad move of resigning Manuel, however I think he’ll make some good moves in the off season (and not necessarily the ones the ‘fans’ demand he makes because they think they know better) and this will be a good team again in ‘09. And I can’t wait to see a game at The Citi, because so far it looks great and promises to be a fun time.}



Who would you have hired instead of J-Man? I’m pro-Omar as well but the Mets are beyond being “good” it’s time to be a championship team and the first step is to find some grinders and pitchers for the bullpen. Don’t get me wrong I’m looking forward to the new park as well Ijust hope I’m welcome there that’s all. 


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  1. I was at the game on Sept. 10th and I swear all the cops and security guards were running all over the place making sure no-one took anything. I was afraid some security guard was going to lock me up for taking too many mustard packs.

    I was looking at the Shea memorabilia the Mets have auctioned. They had a crapy mustard and ketchup dispenser going for something like $600 dollars?? What the fuck?? I might give you $40 bucks for something like that but 600?? No wonder were in such a mess in this country with people spending 600 dollars on shit like that.

    If you ever get a chance take a look at what happened when they were ready to knock down Ebbets Field. They basically gave away pieces of the scoreboard, turnstiles, pennants, banners for next to nothing. “You want the 1953 National League Pennant” ok how about $5.00?

    Try and look at pictures from that auction an Ebbets Field. It was extremely bizarre. They had 3 midgets dressed as ball players with clown make-up running around while some guy was auctioning off the board with “Snider” written on it that was used for the manuel scoreboard. “How much?” $2.50?? “that’s too expensive, I’ll give you $1.75. Sold!!

  2. Just think what will happen in 20 years when Jeffey Skill Sets moves the Mets to that growing metropolis of Port St. Lonesome what kind of auction they will have at Bailout Field

  3. My bad. The Ketchup/Mustard dispenser is at $285 right now. But don’t lose hope there are still 19 days left.

    No wonder that security guard was staring at me at the mustard dispenser.

    They actually have a sign for the family toilet selling for $285. I’m not making that up.

    Why would anyone want something like that??

    “Look honey, that’s the sign from where I took my last shit at Shea Stadium”

  4. “Do you go through life just ignoring assholes?”

    No – that’s why I’m here, amazed and appalled at the things you write.

  5. philsphan says:
  6. Time For “The $kill $ets” to GET OUT:

    They would go to Port St Lonesome, to avoid REAL Fans

  7. kranepool says:

    Not exactly breaking new ground here philsphan all Wally did was read this site and other Mets blogs and repeat what has been said here the Mets may have the best collection of talent in the league but they are an not the good team. When you can never win the BIG one and your pen blows 29 saves you are what you are not very good . As much as I kill the Skill Sets even they have to be enbarassed by this team and J-Man has hinted the same that more commited winning players are need more “we” than “me” guys

  8. Their a very good team but they’re unbalanced. They have 4 star (A) position players and 1 star (A) pitcher. The problem is they don’t have many (B) players. Most of the rest of the team is filled with journey-man players, washed up stars and players that really should be platoon players. They have a terrible bullpen.

    But in reality the Mets would have won the N.L. east if they had any sort of bullpen. Baseball Prospectus has a stat called WXRL. It’s the best stat to measure the success of relief pitchers. Not surprisingly the Mets ranked dead last in the Nationlal League. The highest ranking relief pitcher on the Mets was Duaner Sanchez and he ranked 54th overall.

    They Mets remind me a lot of the 1990’s Seattle Mariners.

  9. WHEN Darren Oliver and Chad Bradford were ordered dumped, methinks on Jeffy’s Orders, I knew that ‘pen was in big time trouble:

    I forget just how many times at the sight of Schowenweiss, I would scream “Please, No”, when he came in and f–ked things up.

  10. I was agreeing with you about the security(Still could care less how they, or anyone else, dresses). Just..I don’t know what we can do besides bitch about it. I did, here ( by ignoring, I didn’t mean not talk about it, I mean literally ignore the guards, As long as what I’m doing is legit. (Walking around the stadium, etc, I just ignore them if they try to talk to me, ask for my ticket, etc)

    It was ‘affordable’ to me too. I had a saturday plan. went to 20+ games. Was at Opening/Closing day. Had/have money in for playoffs. It’s still the cheapest of the sports. You can still (next year) get into the stadium for most games for the same price as a movie ticket, or two Venti Frappachinos. If the Mets didn’t spend money, and do things like this it would be hard to compete. No Johan, Beltran, etc. It’s unfortunate, but it’s the truth.

    I agree, they probably could do a lot more for the fans, but what you seem to expect is more than we deserve, and more than they need to give us. Walking on the field? when was that ever a fan benefit? 1895? (Well, probably well into the 30s or later).

    Jerry is a joke manager, it’s not who would I want, it’s just _anyone_ else. Willie obviously wasn’t the problem, or at least, it wasn’t specifically him but an organizational thing that Jerry was part of. Outside blood and perspective is needed. It’s not the players, it’s the use of the players.

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