A few quickies as I head out the door and enjoy this unseasonably warm weather:

Mike Silva has a link to the Transaction Guy site that tells of the SF Giants releasing three relievers one is ex Met Tyler Walker.

Here is a quote from Tim Mc Fullofshit in today’s Philly Inquirer that compeers the Mets 1986 World Series parade to that of the Philletes of 1980:

{You’ve spent a lot of time in Philly. What would a championship mean to the city if the Phillies pull it off?

I remember the parade in 1980. I remember Tug McGraw holding the Daily News up, and it said “We Win.” Five letters. There were 105,000 people at JFK Stadium. It was extraordinary. And I was at the Canyon of Heroes with the Mets after the ’86 season, and they had four million people there. I wouldn’t say it took a back seat to Philadelphia, but it wasn’t any better.}

Add Metsgrrl to the growing number of Mets fans who are tired of bailing out the Skill Sets and what their ticket refund NOW!!!!

Please Jerry Reece Make this happen!!!!!

For the fourth game in a row the Rangers Victory Song played as the Blueshirts held on to a 4-3 win in Cheesesteakville last night. I wonder if Brandon Dubinsky could join the Mets in the summer? By the way we need a name for the Dubinsky-Zherdev-Voros line, I submit the “Dubi-Do’s”   

The Wee Columnist of the NY Daily News has a rant today telling the Mets and Highlanders to stay away from Manny Ramirez as he is a very, very bad man. Unlike Little Luppy  who is universally despised by his peers for his nasty attitude and never leaving his compound in New Caan to cover a sporting event he bloviates on in his rag, oh and yes Luppy tell us again that you didn’t throw Lisa Olson under the bus and steal her Super Bowl story?

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  1. David in Manhattan says:

    I have to admit that I would love to see Manny in left field for the Mets, though I can’t stand the idea of a $20 million per year contract, or more than a 2-3 year contract.

  2. That’s ONLY if The $kill $ets allow this transaction:

    Ol’ Mc Fullofshit and Doofus Joe -uck were at it again in the 7th Inning, about Manny Ramirez, with the encapsulated version, with me shouting “STFU”;

    Wait! Now that Jeffy’s Big Buck$ Rumpus Room ($iti Field) is ready, maybe they’ll give an extension to Schowenweiss so they can get Acta in and Manuel, out.

  3. Did anyone notice that the two clowns in booth mentioned the Mets collapse and the blown 7-run lead on 8/26 on numerous occasions last night?

  4. I did notice that. I also noticed that Joe Buck twice announced fly balls hit to right that were actually hit to left.

    Joe, when you’re looking from the CF camera and the ball goes to your right, it’s been hit to left field.


  5. kranepool says:

    Like I’ve said, Doofus Joe wants to anything but broadcast this series both he and Mc Fullofshit have been worse than their normal level of suckatude.

  6. -uck is utterly USELESS:

    Mc Fullofshit, well it is Postseason on FOX and time for Jimmy Timmy to be a complete arsewipe;

    He, in last year’s ALCS, declared that “I think Youkilis Would Make a Good #8 Hitter With The Pitcher’s Spot Due Up.”

  7. Mc Fullofshit’s Classic Line in the NLCS ON FOX in ’06:

    “St Louis Blows In A New York Minute.”

  8. AND FUCK “The Midget” Lupica

  9. & Thanks for The Rangers Victory Song/Brings MSG Back to Life for me.

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