Very late with my post today as I’m in some serious need of motivation.  It’s a Carlos Delgado playing for Willie Randolph kind of day for a few reasons.


The A/C in the building has been shut so with the warm weather it is hot as hell in this office today so it’s hot and stuffy kind of like all of Highlander Nation .


Knowing that the Phelatios are a game away from the World Series on the power of one of my favorite players, Professional Hitter Mat Stairs makes it even worse. Then you have the Little Hawaiian Punch Victorino in his Little League batting helmet and grass skirt making big play after big play and acting like he doesn’t need that winter job of his anymore. (EDIT: I got rethink my opinion of Stairs as he “likes to have his ass pounded WOHA NELLY, I guess he’s seen Victorino do the hula in the shower)


A little vindication for Pack A Day Hank as St Joseph of Torre the patron saint of tea drinkers decided that Derek Lowe was done after 73 pitches and turned the game over to relievers as green as plantains.


Looks like Papi ain’t so Big without Manny around? Tell me that a lineup with Beltran in the 2 spot, Manny in the 3, Delgado 4 Wright 5 Church 6 with Reyes on top wouldn’t make the NL shit itself silly?


The more a look at it the more it seems if K-Rod wants to be a Met it will be under the Mets terms and not his. I think Omar would rather go with lower level free agents like Juan Cruz, Jeremy Affeldt as bridge guys  and a closer/8th inning guy like Brain Fuentes but I would like for Omar to explore a deal with the White Sox for Bobby Jenks and of course, AJ Pierzynski.


I’ve got to agree with Mike Silva, it sounds like Joe Bad Bing Benigno and Mike All Mighty Francesa sound like a match made in radio heaven. If WFAN would pair Francesa and Benigino in the afternoon then they should put the team of Curly Carlin and Kim Jones on at 10 to 1 and make Evan Roberts a utility host.


An other reason for lackadaisical day is my sadness over the death of NY Rangers prospect Alexei Cherpanov. For the non-hockey fan, Cherpanov is the Ranges equivalent of Fernando Martinez and from although the reports out of Russia are very very spotty it leaves one to wonder if an ambulance and or a difibulator were at the rink this tragedy could have been avoided.


I think someone else like guys pounding on his ass as well 

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  1. Taycotrains says:

    I agree very sad about Alexei Cherpanov.

    I my the only one who thinks Victorino looks


  2. Please, St Joseph, stop that team tonight and two more times after that! That team and their fans make me sick to my stomach. One guy here at work is from the Philly area. I’ve known him for years, he’s often in my office and has seen my Mets lamp, calendar, etc. He has never once mentioned baseball to me until the past few weeks. Now it’s “How about those Phillies?” every time I see him. He is the model of what makes me sick. That team has no fan base, and that city (I spent 18 months there) has no use for baseball. But now they all go around with their “how bout those Phillies” shit. If there’s justice in the world, LA will pull it away from them.

  3. Get over it loser Rich. No fan base? That’s funny coming from a Mets fan. Last series
    vs the phils at the shit hole called a stadium nothing but empty seats. Last ever series vs marlins with team still in contention empty seats everywhere. Shit fans, fat a-holes with no teeth and and team full of chokers who are more concerned with dancing when they get a home run down 7. Team full of losers with even bigger loser fans. Watch us how we parade down Broad Street

  4. Respected fans sports, all of us regret as recent death Alexei Cherpanov, we russain fans want in out city cunstruct monument yong talant. Ask you help we! All who withn’t indeference Z137246510878,R358151872591- who how many can, in advance thank all.

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