The empty suits at MLB Properties really have too much time on their hands as they have given an ultimatum to the clubs of the Cape Cod League that if they continue to use the nicknames of major league teams, they have to get the approval of MLB Properties of all the merchandise they sell at their games and on-line.

If the clubs don’t change the names and not comply to MLB Prop approval then MLB will withhold the $100K they give to the league that helps out greatly in the CCBL maintain the ball fields. If you have never been to the Cape to see a Cape League game the ball fields are all high school fields that are beautifully kept up. The work is all done by volunteers who are lovers of baseball and of their community which doesn’t register with the empty suits on Park Avenue. (tip of the Mets Cap to Spitting Seeds for the link)

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  1. MLB NEEDS to “GFY”:

    It doesn’t mean Good For You:

    MLB? You Need to “Go F–k Yourselves”.

  2. BiggieSmalls says:

    i dont get the outrage?

    Seems they have no problem cashing MLB’s checks every year.

    This is a copyright issue. These teams are not affiliated in any way with the MLB clubs they are named after. Using MLB names and logos creates confusion and dilutes the MLB brands. They have no right to use logos and names that they did not create or own.

    Why don’t they just come up with their own names for the teams that are more in tune
    with Cape Cod?

    I bet they wouldnt call themselves the Hyannis McDonalds and put a big Golden Arches on thier uni’s without permission.

  3. kranepool says:

    Biggie read the story again. MLB Properties wants to have th efinal ok on any kind of t shirt, cap or tchockie that the Cape League teams sell. By using local bussines to make these items they kepp the cost down and they can get the items to the teams fast. With MLB some dumb ass in a suit will have to review it thenlet it sit on his desk while he goes to lunch by that time it season and summer are over and so is their biggest selling season.

    For someone whohas never been to the Cape I know it is hard to comprend how big a deal the Cape League is but I’m sure if you spent and evening at Vets Field in Chatam or been to Orleans or Yarmouth for a game and saw the thousands of fans and the thousands of fans and the beautiful surroundings of those parks you’d change your tune.

  4. BiggieSmalls says:

    but Steve.. if they are using MLB Logos and brands I can see their point.

    IF they make up names like the Hyannis Musselheads then they can come up with whatever logo they want and make it where ever they want.

    Ive never been but one would think that local names and brands would add something to the feel of the league. Assuming MLB keeps kicking in their monetary support to keep the facilities top notch. Which I would think they would continue to do.

  5. kranepool says:

    It’s not that the teams like the Mets, A’s, Braves, Mariners, Red Sox or Cardinals have a problem with the teams using their names it’s MLB Properties that has the probelm with the teams not cutting them into the profits of merchandise sales. It’s not like the Cape League is making boat loads of money and not all the teams sell as much merchandise as others. All the folks who do any work for the league are volunteers even as far as taking in players to stay in their homes like in Junior Hockey what I’m trying to say is MLB Properties is run by a bunch a clueless dickheads

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