If anything came up as a positive last night that the Phelatios won the NL Pennant it’s that the flame that was close to Omar Minaya ass to make his team better just turned into a blow torch. I ‘ve read a lot about who should go, who should come back and who the Mets should go after but as much as we Mets fans want to see some movement immediately nothing will happen until after the World  Series and after the free agency grace period. As far as the bullpen I would say you won’t see any action on that until December to see what players are offered arbitration and who doesn’t as the non-tendered list should bring something of substance to the beleaguered pen. This process will be take a while to play out and I’d say to all Mets fans to be patient but I know better than to go that route.


I am staring to fee bad for Mike Francesa. Here was a guy who was on top of the sports talk food chain and now has become as relevant as a rotary telephone. It’s hard to get mad at his Anti-David Wright rant yesterday as I feel more embarrassed for him than pissed. To say that David Wright is not a five tool player and that “every team in baseball has a David Wright “ is so over the top stupid it was like listening to a drunk at a dinner party slur his words and spit his food. WFAN has tried to do everything to save Mike’d Up as they see that Francesa by himself can not carry a show (just like Derek Jeter can’t carry a team by himself) and Program Director Mark Chernoff has trotted in just about all of the talent the station has to find a match. So far Joe Beningno has been the best of the lot with surprisingly Evan Roberts putting up a good showing as well. Kim Jones was good to but Mike was treating her like it was his sister and not a colleague and the biggest disappointment was Chris Carlin who was dreadful but I digress, it seems most of the callers and posters on MikeFrancesa.com feel that this attack on Wright is personal. A caller brought this up to Francesa and he acted in his typical rude way. For Francesa to diss Wright as he has in belittling his ability not only in the field but at bat (at one point in the day, Francesca said that Wright’s 33 HR’s and 124 RBI meant nothing and that Wright was an awful 3rd baseman which if a blogger wrote that they would be laughed at and their site never heard from again) .


It sad because as much as I would bitch about how out of touch Francesa is I listen every day at work and I’ve always found his analysis spot on for the most part, but now I see a guy who looks ready for a nervous breakdown and who misses his partner more than he will ever let on. 


Mike Silva has a post on this Francesa Fiasco at his always informitive NY Baseball Digest site 


R.I.P. Tom Tresh. I remember getting one of his bats at bat day at Highlander Stadium as a little kid and having my friends beg me for it looking to trade me a Ron Woods bat for a Tresh bat and when I wouldn’t budge on the deal being called a “stupid fucking Mets fan” which is funny because those same friends still call me that to this day.  


Joel Sherman in his Hardball Blog writes on how Larry Bowa enjoyed working with Manny Ramirez and how Bowa is rumored to be headed back to the Highlanders. If Bowa is looking to leave LA why doesn’t Omar grab him to coach 3rd base? A Bowa type is sorely needed and Bowa did play for the Mets. Okay that one was a stretch but I would love to see Bowa waving home runners at third for the Mets.


Here’s what I took from last night’s Presidential debate. If you were going to jump off a building, Barrack Obama would talk you out of leaping to your death. John Mc Cain on the other hand seems like he would yell “Will you fucking jump already!!!

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  1. I agree that the fat blowhard is really hurting on his own. I thought Joe B. was the best of the tryouts, but Mike didn’t give him any air-space and squashed the few comments he had. I love Joe B. and I still want him back with Sid Rosenberg. They were hilarious together.

  2. Mike “Bottom Line” Francessa, is NOTHING on his own. NOTHING:

    A Blow torch belongs on Omar’s Arse. Ditto, That IDIOT, Jeffy;

    No Wonder Nellie Doubleday has so much contempt-Jeffy shakes his rattle and there’s trouble.

  3. I give anyone credit who can listen to fat ass. I refuse to, unless it is 5 on Weds and the Mets manager is on. I did not even realize until I read this that other hosts were trying out. I just wish he’d fail miserably (sounds like he is) and get fired so the airwaves around here can be cleaned up. Then, WFAN will get me back as a listener in the afternoon. I’m a little surprise that Steve thinks his analysis is “spot on”. From what I remember, his analysis was always littered with his own biases (anti Met) and incorrect “I know everyone in spawts so this is true” shit.

    I find him to be a clown whose time has come and gone. Anyway, I agree with Steve that the Phucks winning the pennant may be the slap the Mets need to do something. I’d love to see Bowa here, and hopefully the loss will make Manny want out of LA and into Flushing.

  4. In Game 2 of the NLDS against the Brewers, Shane Victorino hit a walk-off grand slam, after which he raised his finger in the air as he ran around the bases.

    Prior to the next game, a picture of Victorino, running the bases, with his finger in the air, was taped to his locker by his teammates with ‘J. Reyes’ written above

    Took this from Metsblog, but I did hear it on the broadcast last night. I’ve always said, how can any team with Shane Victorino on it have anything to say about anyone else’s antics???

  5. 1.) List of people who need to be dropped on their asses with the first Met fastballs of 2009:

    Shane Victorino
    Josh Willingham
    Hanley Ramirez
    Willie Harris
    Lastings Milledge

    2.) Here’s all you need to know about the Grand Bloviator with regards to David Wright: his quote from 2003 — “Who’s David Wright?”

  6. My anger is more focused than Charlie’s. I say Shane and Ramirez will suffice.

  7. Mike’s lost his mind. His show sucks. He’s arrogant pompous and no one likes him. So all he can do is bring up an assinine topic like trading David Wright.

    David Wright has a career ops+ of 139. Try and find another third basemen who’s put up numbers like him by the age of 25. Your looking at a guy who is on a George Brett Career Path. So trading Wright would be the equivilant of trading George Brett after the 1978 season.

    Wright won’t even hit his Peak until the 2010 2011 seasons.

    So lets sum things up:

    1-George Brett Career Path
    2-Best position player the Mets have ever produced
    3-Manageable contract
    4-25 years old
    5-won’t reach his peak until 2010 or 2011
    6-Face of the franchise
    7-4 full seasons with an ops+139
    8-Most popular player
    9-Good person
    10-3 AS appearances, Gold Glove, Silver Slugger

  8. Taycotrains says:

    Great story about the “Tresh Bat” !!!

    My father “dragged” me to Highlanders Stadium sometime around 70 or 71 and I got a Ron Bloomberg bat that day…I traded it to my friend Scotty for a half eaten pack of grape
    “Now and Laters’…I still say I got the better end of the deal !


  9. the one thing that Mike and Mad Dog had going at the end was that Mike offered somewhat reasonable analysis and Mad Dog actually watched the games. The only thing Mike watches now are Sunday NFL games. That is his money train now. When was the last time Mike watched an NBA/NHL/non-Yankees MLB game? 3-4 years? I am not even sure Mike watches the playoff games. Maybe a few innings. And maybe he leaves the game on in the background. But i just get the sense that he doesn’t care anymore and all his analysis these days is based on what he watched 4 years ago.

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