I did take some perverse pleasure watching the Famous Rays bullpen implode last night in one of the great collapse not involving the NY Mets. I admit I turned the channel at 7-0 to watch Life On Mars (Can we just give Harvey Kitel the Best Actor in a Drama Emmy now and save time later)  and flipped back at 11PM waiting to see the Famous Rays celebrate their first Pennant so you know I was shit shocked to see the game was at 7-4. I hung for the rest and I must say that Coco Crisp at bat in the 8th should shown to every little leaguer in the country as that is how you work an AB and a pitcher.  Wheeler is a classic reliever with two pitches, fastball/slider and Crisp just kept fouling off pitch after pitch until he got hanging slider to drive to right field. You have a pitcher on the ropes and team that is now drowning in self doubt and defending championship team that is never out of a game. Just classic baseball. Now Game 6 becomes must see as the Rays and Joe Maddon are in uncharted territory as they gave the Red Sox life. They had the pillow over their faces but lifted up too early.


The dark clouds of Flushing seem to be lifting a bit after reading Adam Rubin’s Q & A with Daniel Murphy maybe the hard nosed Dykstra/Backman type we have been looking for is right under our nose.


It doesn’t look like the market of Manny will be a large one. Manny and Agent Bloodsucker are looking for a 6yr deal for over $120 mil. Unless the United Arab Emirates is getting an expansion team next season, that’s not happening.  Those demands are off base. The Dodgers management is in a bind here as they have to make an offer to Manny but how long can they hang in with the Mets, Highlanders and the dark horse in the Manny races the Blue Jays? I don’t really see the Highlanders going for Manny but they could make a bid just to break balls. The Dodgers should be the favorite to sign Manny but Frank McCourt not only doesn’t own a TV station that flows dough he has a piss poor relationship with PrimeTicket but you would think he’d try to sit down with the station to workout a partnership to keep Manny. McCourt should plead his case that if they add more to the rights fee for Dodger games it helps the team sign Manny and that brings up ratings which brings up the ad revenues and everyone makes some scratch.    


If I’m Omar, I offer 4yrs/$100mil and wait for the counter offer. I wouldn’t budge off the years but I would go a bit higher on the money by using incentive bonuses but I’d cap my offer at $110 mil. Now in these economic times that looks like I’m bat shit crazy but as loony as it looks Manny will pay for himself as the SNY ratings go up and the merchandise revenues as well. If it’s just a question of money then Mets will make Manny theirs to loose if it’s all the other questions about attitude and the Manny Being Manny baggage that’ s another story. But if Manny gets away from Flushing again that will be sad. 

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  1. Taycotrains says:

    I am not sure about this one Krane…I been reading you for about 3 weeks now and it scares me how much we agree on things but we have come to a fork on this one.

    He is a great player agreed…but how many times did the Sox put him on waivers when he was with them ? Twice that I remember but the fat pig in the afternoon mentioned 3 times.

    Either way it does not matter but he got to be such a pain in the ass this year that they literally “gave him” to McCourt.

    That guy is one moody son of a bitch but when his head is screwed on he is a hitting
    machine so I guess I can see your point about wanting him.

    I just do not want a repeat of that 1990 team…I remember that like it happened yesterday.
    and even with the two collapses in the last two years I feel this team has not sunk to that level…A Manny signing I feel could bring that to being a real possibility.


  2. The $25 mil a year does not scare me…hell, I am never going to be able to afford $iti Field without a loan, so…but, the four years scares the crap out of me. Hell, I would offer him 100 million for 2 years, I don’t care. But four years of connecting with his “home boys” from Washington Heights…my buddy from there, even said that that was bad news.

  3. kranepool says:

    Look it is definetly caveat emptor when it comes to Manny and another hitter is not one of the Mets pressing needs (bullpen of course is #1 and a starter in the rotation #2 in fact Omar better be testing the Jake Peavy trade waters) but with all that bagage and the collapse the Mets need a savant like Manny as every team is has been on has won and that’s no cowinkydink.

  4. Manny will come-IF JEFFY approves

  5. I understand it is not a cowinkydink…and I understand he is a great hitter, as long as they get a closer, I almost don’t care what they do…

  6. I know what Manny’s numbers are, but 6 years is out of the question. How many times to you read the fans screaming that the team has to get younger, isn’t Manny going to be 37 or 38 next year? With our luck we’d sign him and then he’d turn into a 37 year old player…..been there, done that, etc…..

    He also mentioned he wouldn’t want to play in Shea because its not a hitters ballpark -I guess he’s the only one to not know that Shea is no longer.

    Can you imagine how he’d react to the “Shea Faithful” when hits .400 then strikes out once and they boo him off the field? That would be it for him, and the crying will begin.

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