I read this story by Harvey Aarton in today’s NY Times twice to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. Now I have family and friends who root as hard and have long time association with the Bronx Bastards as I do with the Mets but this dickhead, Jeremy Flung is an embarrassment to not only the Highlander fans but to all fans who live through thick and thin with their allegiance to the teams they root for. How in the world can you call yourself a Highlander fan and not only go to Fenway but wear a Red Sox cap and ROOT for the Old Town Team? Can you picture yourself wearing a Phucking Phillies cap and going to CPB to root for the Phelatios? Hell to the god damn No you wouldn’t. The only thing I rooting for as it goes for the Phinks is they all eat in one of those greasy cheesesteak dumps and get food poisoning

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  1. I thought the same thing when I read it this morning. That was news that was not fit to print, NYT. I think my poor dad, who loved the Highlanders as much as his family, rolled over in his grave.

  2. The Wilpons are a bunch of asses. Tradition for Jackie Robinson, what did he do for Met baseball. That rotunda should be called
    Gil Hodges Rotunda. Hey Freddie and Jeffrey take your heads out of the ass of Mrs. Robinson, stop being afraid because she is black. Stand and respect the man that put the Mets on the board. The Wilpons need to start thinking with their brains..

  3. Sounds Like A Yankees Front Runner to me:

    The Bleacher Creatures Would Serenade him with Unprintable Lyrics for that Stunt.

  4. avery is a douche bag says:

    yes, i can imagine rooting for the phils – just to embarass your boys omar and jerry and perhaps to light a fire under the idiot wilpons’ asses.

    we’re at desperation levels with this met franchise, and 42,000 phillies caps at $iti field might wake fred and jeff to their incompetence. i’m willing to give it a shot. booing doesn’t seem to work

  5. avery is a douche bag says:

    ps –

    he kranepool. did you read what ‘rob’ had to say? it made a lot of sense, but it wasn’t guilty liberal bullshit. he said ‘enough’ jackie robinson worship.

    i happen to disagree – i like the j-rob rotunda – but i’m wondering how your liberal fuse didn’t get lit on that post

    ps – fuck obama

  6. voice of reason says:

    Um – what does Obama have to do with this post? Abolutely nothing.

    I can see myself rooting for the Phils, as they are the only team in the WS that plays REAL baseball (no DH). That’s enough for me. Ii root for the NL team no matter who it may be.

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