Last night was my first hockey night of the season as I made my way over to the rink at 33rd and 8th for Rangers-Maple Leafs an Original Six match-up ( I heart Original Six) as we sat around talking politics, baseball and how the three young ladies sitting two rows down made those RANGERS sweaters look as good as Dior dresses, the Garden PA announcer came on to greet the crowd and after telling us how the NHL was proud to present and Original Six match up, the lights went down and this video played on the scoreboard screen.

Me and Tevje have alot in common we both love TRADITION! What bug the shit out me the most about the Mets is the lack of TRADITION. All the teams I root for the Rangers, NY Football Giants, Boston Celtics, Fighting Irish of Notre Dame all embrace their past. When you play for any of those teams it’s like being a U.S. Marine- there is no such thing as an ex-Marine once a Marine always a Marine-same for those teams.

But for the Mets, it’s like management is embarrassed by the teams past. Just look at this past season. I ‘ve ranted over and over how the closing of Shea could have been handled better and just the fact that the new place looks like Ebbets Field tells you what the Skill Sets think of our TRADITION. You know where it says $iti Field arcoss the outside facade of the park, why couldn’t you put a Mr. Met on one side and maybe the hat with the Apple on the other? Something to show that the METS play here and not that the DODGERS moved back to NY.

As I watched that video last night at the Garden, I asked a the friends I was with if they could ever see the Mets doing a video like that? They looked at me and said, “You of all people are asking that”? I know wishful thinking that some day I would see Ed Kranepool on the HD Diamond Vision of $iti Field say to one and all “I Am A Met” <sigh!>

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  1. Giacomin is retired to Michigan, Brad Park to Sudbury, MA, and Rod Gilbert, who played on a Montreal Select Baseball Team at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, was key in helping Les Mets sign Titan Tommy Glavine. Rodrigue Gabriel Gilbert is still in NY.

  2. Why, Gilbert’s a better GM than Omar Minaya!

  3. Shea Stadium is part of Mets Tradition. So Is The Polo Grounds. Where does Ebbets Field Fit in, as the Mets NEVER played there?

    Quite-Simply, It’s Freddie’s Tradition, as his team now plays in “Fred’s Ravine”.

  4. Steve, when are you going to start a Rangers blog?

    I’ve been a Rangers fan since Brad Park and Walter Tzkachuk were rookies in 1968. When I could finally afford a real Rangers jersey I got number 21 on the back. The guy who sold it to me said “last time the Rangers won a face-off”

    Turned out Stemmer was the Sharks broadcaster their early seasons in San Francsico at the Cow Palace. Our season seats there were front row on the goal line, with a TV camera right beside us. I got the back of my jersey on TV, but never heard whether Stemmer said anything about it.

    Thanks for the link to the video – and great to see the vid of Eddie’s return in a video produced by the club. Trading him was akin to the Mets trading Seaver.

  5. I agree with you Steve, the Mets do not embrace their past short of 1969 & 86. I realize the priority is going to be championships. But, part of being a Mets fan is also Marv Throneberry, John Milner, Bruce Boisclair, and I am proud of that. Craig Swan, Skip Lockwood, Buzz Capra.

  6. On the subject of tradition, I think they make too much of Endy’s catch. It was great, and the fact that he turned it into a DP was incredible. But, they lost the damn game, and missed a WS trip that we all had counted on. For me, it drdges up bad memories. Leave it to the Mets to fuck up something as sacred as tradition, either by not doing it, or when they do it, doing it wrong.

  7. The Wilpons are a bunch of asses. Tradition for Jackie Robinson, what did he do for Met baseball. That rotunda should be called
    Gil Hodges Rotunda. Hey Freddie and Jeffrey take your heads out of the ass of Mrs. Robinson, stop being afraid because she is black. Stand and respect the man that put the Mets on the board. The Wilpons need to start thinking with their brains..

  8. I just have to vent on this, even though the last comment was 3 days ago.

    Been a Mets fan since 1985, and I have to agree 100% that the current Mets management have no respect for any tradition. All they respect are marketing focus groups and ‘flavor of the month’ fads.

    Two things: 1) The black uniforms. I know this has been beaten to death, but the Mets need to ’86 the black crud duds. Hey, I’m not against the free market, if the Mets want to sell them, fine! Make them a Sunday only jersey, great! But to wear them every lousy game is a joke. 2) In 1998, the Mets ignored the 25th anniversary of the ’73 Mets which came within one game of upsetting the A’s dynasty. What did the Wilpon bunch decide was more important? “Lets invite Garth Brooks to spring training, isn’t that wonderful?!?”

    Ughh, hope the Wilpon’s sell the team and move to Hollywood!

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