With the World Series a day away from starting MLB invokes its gag order on the other 28 teams so as the spotlight can be shown on baseball’s showcase event. If your FOX this match up is a nightmare as neither team has a national following and most of the local yokels who claim to be long suffering fans of both teams are really bandwagoners but if you are a die hard baseball fan and put aside your allegiance to your favorite team and check your hatred for the NL champs at the door (Even if your a fan of the Highlanders and the Old Town Team, you can’t hate the Famous Rays as they helped pad your win totals for years so let them enjoy some national face time, besides most of the Famous Rays are future Mets, Highlanders or Red Sox anyway) this series has the makings of a great one.


Both teams are on a roll, both have excellent bullpens, both have engaging managers and both teams love to hit the long ball. The only draw back to this series besides not having our beloved Metropolitans in it is, FOX is televising it and that means Tim Mc Fullofshit and Doofus Joe Buck both of which are having a horrible post season. To make things worse FOX’ game telecast will give you motion sickness because their production team either hates sports or hates sports fans because after every pitch they cut to the stands, then the mangers, then the pitcher, then the batter, then back to the fans in the stands, then to the pitcher making the pitch an if the ball is not in play the repeat the sequence again. By the 5th inning you’re searching for your Mr. Met Puke Bucket that you thought you were finished with after the last J-Man pitching change of the season.


With all that I like the Famous Rays in 6. The Famous Rays have met each and every challenge this season whether it was going into to Fenway to take two of three during the season to hold on to first place or overcoming the Game 5 collapse and Game 6 loss to win the AL Pennant this team is now officially battle tested. As for the Phillies, Fuck them. 


Instead of tipping $100 bucks as the titie bar where Joba Chamberlain got his groove on the other night, he should have paid one of his buddies to be the designated driver plus get him a lap dance although you have to wonder the talent caliber in a Nebraska titie bar.


Here we have Mr. Sodom and Mr. Gomorrah meeting to work out a partnership to poison their fans with Mad Cow burgers, beak & toe Chicken Fingers and Snout Sausage.


Again the Mets are missing out on a great opportunity to add an edge to the organization if they don’t reach out Larry Bowa for their third base coaching job.


Sean Avery added spice to a very bad hockey game last night as the dull as dish water Rangers lost 2-1 to a Stars team that has given up goals by the ton so far this season but of course the Rangers or as they are known “The Wide of the Net Rangers” couldn’t hit the ocean with a puck off a pier again last night.  Avery talked shit to back up goalie Steve Valiquette during warm-ups and to King Henrik during the game. Brandon Dubinsky skated over to Avery to get him to move on and later in the game Avery was leveled by Dan Giradi and Paul Mara. The Garden Faithful let Avery know he is no longer a favorite of theirs as well. I read this today that Avery and MSG Networks John Gianone got into a very nasty altercation outside the Ranger locker room but Avery was his charming self when he was interviewed by the Maven after the game. I will say this about the on air staff of MSG especially Al Trautwig who has been talking non stop bullshit about Avery since Saturday night but when Avery was a Ranger and doing his ball breaking routine no one on the network had a discouraging word about the Avery Antics but now that he’s not a Ranger anymore he’s a prick with ears.

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  1. Will there be anyone in the country outside of Philly (or New York lite) rooting for the Phuckers? I’ll be getting a mohawk shaved into my back, and popping on the Ray Charles (which by the way, did Joe Maddon get his glasses from the Ray Charles bin?).

    That said, I’m concerned that my newly-beloved Rays don’t have the left-handed pitching after Kazmir to deal with Utley and Howard. The Dodgers didn’t.

    Maybe it doesn’t matter. The Rays are so much like the ’69 Mets that destiny will heft up the team and push it past the finish line.

  2. Tim Mc Fullofshit will once again call Cliff Floyd, “Chris” Floyd:

    I wonder if The FOX Camera Shots will include one of Jeter in the stands?

    Tim will then talk of Jeter all night long.

  3. BiggieSmalls says:

    turn on a Cornhuskers football game and get a look anthe talent in the stands. All blonde ayrian blue eyed bombshells

    I went to a frat brothers wedding in Lincoln and the tittie bars were stocked full of U of N hotties looking for a few extra bucks

    It was very surprising

    Just my two cents

  4. avery is a douche bag says:

    No surprise at all that kranepool likes steve avery – a total douche bag and disgrace to his sport.

  5. One of the few benefits to being a baseball fan overseas is that MLB doesn’t let us get the FOX broadcast. We get a cleaner production. Far fewer crowd shots and changing camera angles. We get far fewer annoying on screen graphics. And we get Dave O’Brien & Rick Sutcliffe. Sutcliffe can be annoying at times, but he knows his pitching. (During the ALCS Sutcliffe pointed out that when he was pitching nobody had an ‘oblique’. If you had a sore side, you had a sore side.)

  6. I should add that the broadcast comes from MLB International

  7. George Vecsey says that the Rays started allowing fans to bring their own food & drinks to the stadium when the new owners took over. He also implies that this is unique in major league baseball.

    I’ve always brought in lots of food to Shea. We can’t bring the hard cooler, but just this past year I carried a big cooler bag with plastic bottles of water and sandwiches. The security guys checked the bag, so clearly there’s no restriction at Shea. Right?

  8. I have a Saturday plan and every week, I brought (2) liter & 1/2 bottles of Polan Spring and nobody said “boo,” eagle.

    Left the caps on, even…

  9. Jeffey on WFAN with Fats yesterday…”Our number one objective is that our fans have a world-class experience at Citi Field. We also would like to build a team that can win a championship.”

    Does this bother anyone? It bugs me that he talks about the “Citi Field experience” as most important. More $ for him!

  10. I just wonder if the policy of “brown bagging” that was allowed at Shea will continue at $iti Field seeing that there will be this elabaorate food court and all. The Famous Rays also give FREE PARKING to their fans The Skill Sets would give me a press pass with Jay Horowitz carring my laptop before they’d give us free parking

    Biggie, thank you for the scouting report I always pictured more of a double wide trailer crowd in Nebraska that’s why it’s good to know there are a few nice “Ellie May’s” employed in Lincoln

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