Little Jeffey Skill Set can not wait until all of Shea Stadium is carted off to the landfill o he can open for business his new cash register a/k/a $iti Field. Jeffey could not give a shit how you and I feel about Shea and about the attachment some of the fan base has with the old ball park, no all he cares about is his suites will be full with no nothing assholes as himself and guys like you and me will regulated to the upper deck where we can be seen but not heard just the way the Skill Sets like it. You can just envision little Jeffey jumping for joy as Shea comes down piece by piece:

{The track on which stands once slid to make Shea a football stadium has been unearthed. The twin light towers will be taken down any day to further clear the area beyond the outfield so the Mets can build the plaza wrapping around Citi Field.

“They’re so high, and so close to Mr. Wilpon’s new baby, ” said Toby Romano, a vice president of Breeze National, the demolition subcontractor, said of the towers’ proximity to the nearly finished Citi.

“Nice and easy, we’ll pull them down, ” said Danny Collins, a Breeze foreman.

“If it were me, ” said Jeff Wilpon, the team’s chief operating officer, who wants Shea to be gone as soon as possible. “I’d just go in and bring them down.” Wilpon added: “I’d love to drive a Bobcat, blasting through this place.”}

And you want to know why I get so fucking mad about the management and direction of this franchise?

Yes, Jeffey that’s the same irrational thinking that will doom this franchise as long as you keep sticking your beak in the baseball business where it doesn’t belong. Hey Jeffey-Poo maybe you can sell the Shea scarp and use the dough to pay off Gimp Castillo’s contract?

Then we have this quote from J W Colluci who is not a Mets fan as we see in this quote but he is a guy who doesn’t get laid much: 

{Inside the tight cab sat J. W. Colucci, an operating engineer.

How does it feel, he was asked, to be wrecking Shea?

“Sometimes, ” Colucci said, a smile on his dusty face, “it feels better than sex.”}


Hey Mr. Colluci go fuck yourself.




Why does everything Isiah Thomas try to do become so complicated?


A Tim Marchaman sighting , tip of the Mets Cap to the Baseball Think Factory.


Mets Fever has the lowdown on the AFL all star game and Eddie Kunz blowing the save in the game. I really don’t know how much stock to put into Kunz’ time in the AFL he has had some very good appearances but lately he is not pitching well at all and how much does this play into his role for the ‘09 Mets and what it means for the moves Omar needs to revamp the piss poor pen?


Willie Randolph turned down a job with the Curly W’s to be a bench coach for Manny Acta. No surprise there as Acta and Willie hate each others guts.


Check out Mike Silva’s NY Baseball Digest  interview with former Mets reliever Skip Lockwood.


Tip of the Mets Cap to great site Uni Watch for the link to Roger Angell story on George Hendrick, now a Famous Rays coach on his being the player who started the awful baseball fashion statement of pants to spats which I hate to no end.   

Nice win by the Blueshirts last night but a tough one for Coach Renny as he took a the stick of Blue Jacets d-man Rotislav Klasla in the noggin and was knocked cold.  

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