I wanted desperately to go to bed but I was I got to involved in last night’s late night with the Used Car Salesman and now I have to scramble as if it’s  Sunday it must be High School Open House Day as I have to go with my son to two more schools on his list.  So ‘ll be brief. Very sloppy game on both sides with bad base running and errors with the Rays not living up to their rep of top fielders and strong bullpen and the Upton run scored reminded me of little league but the game was compelling and I guess MLB had no choice but to start the game at 10PM but I doubt to many people stayed up for the end unless they were coming home from a night of partying.

Saw this today that the Fish are looking to deal Kevin Gregg and though tif not a closer for the Mets a great 8th inning guy and the Mets and Fish have worked deals before so I’m sure Omar will be dialing Larry Beinfest. Or one would hope

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  1. Taycotrains says:

    I conked out in the 7th…looks like I missed
    a great top of the 9th but glad I was asleep for the bottom of the 9th.

    Good luck with the open house thing…I have done that with my 2 oldest after all the running around they both picked the first school they looked at.


  2. I’m listening on Radio, now:

    I DON’T want to hear from -uck and Mc Fullofshit;

    My list of Greatest NY Area Anti Yankees Fans, with pics and photos of Shea and Fenway, will be up tomorrow night.

  3. ONLY if Jeffy Skilless Sets allows it:

    Wait-this is the $iti Field Era.

  4. I listened on ESPN, to avoid -uck and Mc Fullofshit:

    The Tampa Bay DEVIL Rays are back, as their pitching was as fullofshit as Tim usually is;

    The Mets took the Season Series from The Phils. There wouldda been Postseason, but it wouldda got in the way of Jeffy Skill-ess Sets Big move to his new Rumpus Room and Cash Cow, $iti Field;

    Watch them make big moves now that Shea is closed.

  5. Michael,

    Johan wasn’t a big move? Beltran? Delgado? Wagner? Pedro?

    It’s not about the “big moves,” it’s about the RIGHT big moves — ie., saying NO to Manny and K-Rod, jettisoning Crapstillo, bringing in O-Dawg, Lowe, Fuentes & Gregg.

  6. Good Moves I’d like, Charlie:

    Big moves such as Schowenweis, was disasterous;

    Dumping Oliver and Bradford were dumb moves;

    Johan was a great move, but Omar “He’s In Charge-Yeah, Right” Minaya, never addressed the ‘pen.

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