We all agree that the Mets bullpen has to be demolished and built back up. So before I detonate the TNT and blast it away to oblivion, the following relievers please step forward:


Pedro Feliciano

Brandon Knight

Joe Smith


Please leave to blasting area and enjoy your winter, See you in St. Lonesome in February.


The rest of you. SYA-FUCKING-NARA


Okay, now who do I want Omar to go after? I’m a Brian Fuentes fan and I wouldn’t mind signing him to close but he would be a fall back candidate and we all know Fuentes and K-Rod (his stock is dropping like he was listed on the Dow Jones) will not sign a dotted line until they meet with the Mets. Fuentes had a fine season and would come much cheaper than K-Rod. Fuentes had a WHIP of 1.10 (K-Rod 1.28) and his BB/K were 22/82 in 62 2/3 IP (K-Rod 34/74 BB/K in 68 IP) Fuentes has command of a fastball and slider that would look awfully good in the Mets pen.


The other free agent I’d go after is a no brainer Juan Cruz. Cruz size wise reminds me of former Mets reliever Tom “The Blade” Hall but pitching wise Cruz has exactly what is missing in the Mets pen that has been manned by to slop tossers, a flamethrower.


Another pitcher who would look handsome in Mets Blue and Orange is D-Backs reliever Chad Qualls. Qualls has fabulous size at 6’5 220 lbs and he’s a workhorse. Last year he appeared in 77 games and pitched 73 2/3 innings. His BB/K was a sterling 18/71 with a WHIP of 1.07. Qualls avoided arbitration last year by signing a 1yr/$1.3 mil deal and he could more than that triple that this year. With the D-Backs counting pennies and the Skill Sets shitting $100 bills I’m sure Omar could work his magic in a deal for the much needed Qualls.


Now my SLEEPER pick for this off season would take a deal to get and it might be a bit costly but I would almost (ALMOST) invoke a moratorium of my attacks on the Skill Sets if Omar could acquire Matt Capps from the Pittsburgh Pirates.


Capps had 21 saves for the lowly Bucos and in 53 2/3 IP his BB/K mark is 5/39 That’s right FIVE walks in just under 54 IP add to that a WHIP of 0.97 and that Capps is 25 years old and raw boned I would do whatever is necessary to bag Capps. I’d go as far as to find a way to add LHP John Grabow in the deal I’d seriously look at putting F-Mart, Nick Evans and Luis Castillo with a book of blank checks in his pocket from the Skill Sets account   which the Pirates could use to pay Gimp every two weeks You could sweet talk the Bucs into adding a another prospect, you know be creative I’m sure Omar and Neal Huntington can work something out.


I’m happy with the re-sign of Fernando Tatis and I’m sure we could all live with a  Murphy/Tatis LF platoon. The bench needs strengthen and versaliliaty so Omar needs to land either Willie Bloomquist (my choice) Jerry Hairston Jr. or Felipe Lopez to the every man on the bench.


Yes I want a new number catcher and you all know of my crush on Pierzynski but I’ll say this as well; as great as he was in the second half last year I will be disappointed if Carlos Delgado is the opening day first baseman. He proved us all wrong last year but he needs to go. It’s not personnel it’s business. As great as Delgado was I still look at him as a “Me” guy and not a “We” guy and if D-Wright is going to become the leader if this franchise and its face then 2009 is the place to start. It seems that Delgado is the voice in that clubhouse, a clubhouse that gagged two years in a row so if Omar, Tony B, J-Man and Jeffey want to get peoples attention then they need to ship Delgado out pronto.

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  1. I like the way you’re thinking, Steverino…

  2. I think that a sign/trade of Delgado (part one is done) would send a loud message to the team. Had great numbers, yes. Is he a “winner”? Well, we don’t think so, so adios. It will say we’re about winning, not stats, and anyone can be dealt. That clubhouse dynamic has to be shaken, too.

  3. David in Manhattan says:

    A word in defense of Carlos Delgado…this guy played some great baseball for us last year and it was he a a few other guys that got us in the end to within a game. (If Wagner and Maine had not gone down for the last two months, we would have won our division over Phillie). Sue Delgado had the bad start, but showed that he could really step up his game, his hustle, and results when he played for Jerry Manuel. With J Gangsta coming back, I say bring back Carlos.

    Now, if some brilliant opportunity comes around that involves moving Carlos and picking up a fine, younger 1B, ok, he is not untouchable. But if we go to war in April with Delgado at first, I am fine with that. I like the guy on and off the field.

    We have huge holes to fill this year, 1B is not one of the highest priorities.

    BTW, Steve, you are one seriously funny guy! You had me busting some loud laughs…I love your humor, man.

  4. Did you see/hear Rollins at the Phuck celebration? “We need to talk about the NY Mets. Let’s talk about Johan Santana. He’s a great pitcher, but it takes more than 1 guy. That’s what we have here”.

    Ok, enough. First pitch against them flips J-Rol like a pancake on a griddle. If he gets up and goes to the mound, I’d like to see Reyes get in the first punch, since they all seem to target him the most. If they don’t stand up for themselves and let this shit go without retribution, then our team is stocked with FUCKING PUSSIES!

  5. then, again, Rollins did call Phillie Phans, Front-Runners

  6. I like Fuentes, Brandon Lyon (d-backs), Dan Wheeler(Rays), Jeremy affelt (Reds) for the bullpen.

    Orlando Hudson for second.

    Bobby Abreu for left field.

    Also, maybe they could see if the Orioles want to make a trade for Brian Roberts.

  7. Delgado had two good months last year…Thats it. period………


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