In a way I understand the obsession the Philadelphia Phillies have with the Mets. As much as the can celebrate being the best team in baseball, they know in the back of their mind that the Mets have the resources to make their championship rein very brief. They know this Mets fan base is not only vocal but is not intimated of it’s management to call it out and force it’s hand.  I mean what other pro sports team can be readying the opening of a brand new ball park and have it’s fan not give a shit about food courts and roomy seating if the team is not going to go out and fight for 162 games? And it’s not even about winning championships as we’re not idiots (as management thinks we are) no we know that a season that concludes with a World Series trophy is special what Mets fans ask for from their team is passion and 100 % balls to the wall hustle and if we don’t get it you are going to here from us.

And for this some in the main stream media chastise us for booing and giving our team a tough time. Well I’m not a boo bird as a guy my age looks silly booing anyway and beside why boo when I have a keyboard to get my opinion out. That’s why I feel our division rivals hate for the team is more a fear of us Mets fans.

When our rivals say the Mets celebrate to much, Mets fans say “Good, more curtain calls please” When they complain about Joese Reyes dancing and handshakes Mets chant “Jose-Jose-Jose” louder and longer. The biggest fear Mets opponents have is that the team takes on the persona of it’s fans because they know if that happens it’s over for them.

So Philadelphia enjoy your parade and I’ll continue my tough love of the Mets and I’ll slap them around until they show me they will slap and when they do your ass is ours.

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  1. Taycotrains says:

    “I have a keyboard to get my opinion out.”

    You and that keyboard are going to get me through the winter…I am glad I found this place !


  2. kranepool says:

    Thanks BT Hopefully we get through the winter with a new bullpen and the franchise gets an improved attitude!

  3. I hope no one is holding their breath for this. Only three players showed any willingness to kill, one is hurt and basically will never wear the uniform again (Wagner), another is a starting pitcher (Santana), the other is a rookie (Murphy), so….

  4. Kranepool,

    Off topic, but last night I saw my first Ranger game of the year. I thought I was watching the Mets. Solid game right up to near the end when they fell apart. Uggh.

  5. The Mets ‘Pen must’ve gotten dressed for The Rangers Game:


  6. The Rangers-Leafs game in the last 7 mimutes looked like Tom Renny sent out the line of Schoenewies-Ayala-Heilman to blow the lead.

  7. Take some advise guys, keep Wright and Santana and dump the rest, until you really see what you have, you’ll never get past us in September, not being a total hater, we have a ton of respect for Wright, but that’s about it, the rest are laughing all the way to the bank, well except Citizens Bank, that’s where they get their asses handed to them…..ouch!


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