Some days you have to fish for something to write about and then there are days like today where the stories come fast and furious. Before we get to the Mets news a little bit about the Jets-Pats game last night. You all know I’m a fan of the NY Football Giants but I was very happy the Jets won last night maybe it’s a kinder sprit that Mets fans have with Jets fans as we both live by the “what can go wrong, will go wrong” mantra so when I saw Randy Moss catch that 16 yard TD to tie the game all I could think of the Mets/Jets fan out there questioning what awful deed they had done in their life that sentenced them to this form of torture. One thing the Jets have over the Mets is Brett Farve; the Mets need a Brett Farve.


No way in hell am I getting my hopes up that the Mets will (a) Make a serious pitch for C C Sabathia and (b) go higher with a contract for Sabathia than that of Johan Santana. Now that’s not to say I wouldn’t want the Mets to pursue C C I’ve gone on record at the end of the season that I’d want the Mets to go balls out for the Hefty Lefty but it’s just not the Skill Set M.O. to go toe to toe with the Highlanders in a biding war. I still don’t understand the logic that the Highlanders have more dough than the Mets as what do the Highlanders have that the Mets don’t (besides the 26 World Series flags) Both teams have new homes, their own television network, and meddlesome kid owners so to me it’s not a question of topping the Highlander offer it’s more what effect would a bigger than his contract have on Santana. If Santana says to the Mets that he’s cool with his $22+ mil a year and gives his blessing to go get C C and make the Mets the most feared team on the planet then Omar should pull out all stops. If this is just a ploy to turn Pack A Day Hank into a chain smoking fool then back off because as much fun as that sounds to me I’m tired of getting all hot and bothered and then suffering with another case of Mets fan blue balls that this team has given us over the years. Either make a solid proposal to land the big Kahuna or stay the fuck out.


The Willets Point Project has been approved by the NYC Den of Thieves so now all the back room maneuvering can begin. I’m just wondering if this Sabathia talk is a coincidence now that Willets Point will go from a rat infested shit hole to a convention/entertainment area that you know will have Sterling Equities fingerprints all over it. That’s why I laugh at idiots like Mike Francesa who downplay the money the Mets have their disposal. King Mikey better watch his ample ass that the Skill Sets don’t purchase WFAN and make Manhasset Mikey the host of Mets Extra.


Boardwalk Lee Mazzilli will be looking for work as he was bounced from the analyst chair at SNY Mets Pre/Post Game.  Maybe Lee can get some work at Brennan and Car or at Randazzo’s Clam Bar. It looks like the suits at SNY are waking up and seeing the suckitude of the on air talent they foist on Mets fans. I’m not done with my investigation but I have a strong suspicion that Matt Yallof is either a cousin or nephew of the Skill Sets/Uncle Saul Katz family as how else would he keep his job.


None of it matters because starting Jan 1 2009 the Baseball Network will be on the air and I get to see Hazel Mae again in all her beautiful glory. As part of my bucket list I have Hazel Mae, Tila Tequila and me spending a weekend in a champagne glass hot tub at the Mount Airy Lodge in the Poconos.


For a thorough analysis of the Nick Swisher to the Highlanders deal (a good pick up by Pee Wee Cashman) check out Mike Silva’s NY Baseball Digest.


A post from Curt Schilling on his 38pitches site usually gives me a stomach ache but this one taking on the case for Jason Varitek was very good, so good in fact in the Red Sox don’t want Tek I’d love to see the Mets sign him as an upgrade over Brian Schneider. Hat tip to BBTF for the link 


No blogging this weekend as I’m going on a trip with my son and his Boy Scout troop to the USS Massachusetts up in Fall River MA. It’s an overnighter so by the time I get home Sunday evening after being surrounded by 20 kids in a confined area I’m going to need a sedative. All this to make sure my kids put me in the good nursing home.

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  1. Fall River=Birthplace Of The RemDawg, Mr Gerald Peter Remy:

    Let’s see if Omar really has the Power, or will Jeffy stick his nose in way too far.

  2. TOTALLY disagree….Matt Yallof is one of the MOST knowledgable baseball guys out there….not to mention he’s been a die-hard fan since 1972 (he’s a Long Islander). He’s on top of his game and is a walking baseball encyclopedia.
    You will see how much the show improves with a new Analyst.

  3. Taycotrains says:

    Have a great time Steve !!!

    Your gonna love the “amenities” on that ship.

    Hope you know a good chiropractor …your going to need one on Monday.


  4. I love this site and I love your blogs…….I agree with what you say 99.99% of the time……..so with that let me pick a little fly shit from a hay stack on one thing you wrote.

    Jason Varitek at this point in his career is NOT an upgrade over Brian Schneider, no way, no how. I’ll say part of that again, AT THIS POINT IN HIS CAREER he is not an upgrade over Brian Schneider.

    As far as that whole “leader in the clubhouse” thing…….how many of us fans are actually in the clubhouse and know what really goes on and why are we putting so much weight on it? In addition, how can one guy who spent a good chunk of time at one place come here and VAVOOOM fixes everything that we think is wrong because of pontificators like Mike “I know everything” Francessca, or Joe “Mr. Cynical” Benigno.

    As I ramble on Varitek hit .220 and is 36 freaking years old – we can’t scream on Monday that this team is too old, then on Tuesday say we need a 36 year old catcher because he may be good in the clubhouse.

    Come on…………..

  5. I think if there is the old guy that we should have on the team, it should be a catcher, provided that he stays healthy and I might be asking for too much.

    You want a catcher who knows how to call a game and has a lot of experience doing it. Not to mention be able to throw out jerks like Victorino. Everyone under estimates the communication between a pitcher and a catcher. This is a concept that should never be treated lightly. Varitek would be alright but I think a guy with a bit more bat skills should also be needed to bring that lower batting order up a notch. There is almost nothing worse than seeing your ace continuously shake off calls and have frequent rubber conferences during that heated situation.

    It is like having a pilot dealing with a bad ATC. Your catcher is your ATC

  6. Hey, I was at the USS Massachussetts this summer. Interesting and then again not at the same time. Too much technical detail and not enough just what was life like for the guys who served on the ship. I was recently in London where I toured HMS Belfast, a ship that has a less illustrious record and is just not as big or powerful. Yet, the Brits manage to make the Belfast an interesting visitor experience.

    PS I’m with those who think Varitek is just too old now. If Schilling can make the case that Varitek should stay with Boston, that’s one thing, but I can’t see him coming to the Mets and being a real leader when he has no track record there and is unlikely to deliver many big hits, etc. Whether he can still catch a good game or not I don’t know, but if we were frustrated by Schneider’s bat we’ll be even more frustrated by Varitek.

  7. David in Manhattan says:

    Steve, I have always wondered how you could be so Orange and Blue in baseball, and yet favor the football Giants? Once upon a time I preferred the Giants to the old Titans, as a kid in the early 1960s, pre-Namath period, but like most Mets fans, it was all Jets by the late 1960s. The Jet played at Shea, the Giants played at Yankee Stadium! Yanks-Giants were the old, Mets.Jets the new.

    How about those Jets today, perched for once atop the division, 7-3, making a serious bid. If the Phillies can wit the WS, man, anything can happen! Tonight Jets fans will be hoping that the Cleveland Browns can double up on their destruction of the otherwise high-flying Giants on MNF a month ago with a demolition of the Bills tonight in Buffalo!

    As usual, your post had me cracking up, good stuff, though I am with the others about bypassing Varitek. Schneider is a better bet than a fadiking Varitek.

    I am placing my trust for 2009 in the Os: Omar, Orlando, “OK”-Rod, and Obama!!

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