I’m moving to a new desk today (a nice corner spot) so I wanted to post some items before I get busy with the heavy lifting so here we go:


No one is a bigger fanboy of Petey than me but no way, no how does Omar bring him back. Thank you Petey and good luck. See you in Cooperstown.


Okay all you commentators who told me I was out of my mind about bringing Jason Varitek to the Mets, after further review you guys are right I’m nuts. It just that I am not impressed with Brian Schneider both with the stick and especially behind the plate.


Anthony (or as we say in Brooklyn ANT-NEE) has a post on Hot Foot on the culinary treats awaiting us at $iti Field. If I were on the concession planning committee I would add an old time New York candy store at the ballpark as well. Have penny candies, Pretzels, Mets periodicals and of course EGG CREAMS!!!! If Freddy Skill Sets doesn’t have a spot for an Egg Cream concession then he’s not as Brooklyn as I think he is.


Speaking of $iti Field, Maury Brown of the Biz of Baseball posts on how the name $iti Field will still be atop the ballpark even with the firm throwing 50,000 workers out into the street a month before Christmas.



Do you get the feeling that Francisco Rodriguez’ agent Paul Kinzer is in a bit over his head in negotiating a contract for his client? How do you not have the medical records from the Angles to show the Mets or any other team interested in K-Rod?


Happy Birthday Jay Hook. Also the late Cal Koonce was born on this day.


Omar better keep an eye on Brain Sabean as he is looking to grab all the fringe relievers on the market. I’m not a big fan of Sabean as I feel he is very overrated as a GM but the signing of Jeremy Affeldt was solid and the word is he is looking to lock up Joe Beimel and Juan Cruz as he sees the NL West as weak enough for the Giants to make a run at the division in ‘09


In this post by Joe Posnanski he writes about listening to football on the radio and how football in person is much tougher to watch than on TV as you need to see replays from three or four angles to appreciate what happened on every play. The best part of the post though is that Posnanski is writing a book on the 1975 Cincinnati Reds. I will be all over that book when it’s released. Back in those days, as much as I was a Mets fan the Mets were pretty bad and I just found the Big Red Machine fascinating.


WCBS880 has pics of $iti Field (with its grass in place) and the demo of Shea Stadium. I wish Shea was demoed already as watching these pics is torture. I hate watching Shea just waste away Please give the place the dignity it deserves.


I know hockey does not have the pizzazz of baseball or football in this town but Henrik Lundquist should be a much bigger deal in NYC than he is. Hopefully he and the Rangers will enjoy a Stanley Cup during his Ranger career as his goaltending will lead to his 30 to hang from the Garden rafters. 


Legendary basketball coach Pete Newell has passed away at 93 and big men everywhere are sad.

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  1. David in Manhattan says:

    Love the egg cream reference…though I always thought it was a Manhattan thing! That classic candy store could be a major attraction in itself…but in addition to penny candies, jawbreakers and so forth, it needs the egg creams, the daily newspapers, and to really complete the deal, comic books! Do they still exist?

    I agree that Pedro’s work is done with the Mets.

    But Carlos Beltran’s work will be even more important at Citi Field. The new Citi dimensions will deepen right-center and left-center fields. Here is a comparison of the dimensions:

    Shea: Left field – 338 feet
    Left center – 371
    Center – 410
    Right center – 371
    Right field – 338

    Citi: Left field – 335
    Left center – 379
    Center – 408
    Right center – 383
    Right field – 330

  2. Egg Creams are a BROOKLYN Thing, even a Bronx Thing:

    At least $iti is asymetrical-Beltran might thrive, but $iti is in a different field angle from Shea Stadium, hence not the same as Shea was;

    Wind Currents change with the way $iti is configured.

  3. Truth is, I never liked Egg Creams. I used to get my spaldeens at the local candy store and I’ve always been kind of surprised that there were no ‘Met’ spaldeens on sale at Shea.

  4. David in Manhattan says:

    I loved an egg cream, but at best it might last you 5 minutes, but a 25-cent spaldeen could take you through a whole summer of handball (regular, chinese and american), stoopball, benchball, stickball (fast pitch and off the wall), punchball, boxball, etc. For anyone that wasn’t around back in the day, these were all real games that we used to play with spaldeens.

  5. Candy store idea is brilliant…hope the Mets saw that. Knowing them, they probably did, but the 21 year old intern that saw it, probably just laughed it off.

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