Greeting from the Catskill Mountains. Some how I got talked in to going up to hither lands for Thanksgiving Weekend and as I look out the big picture window of the lobby where it sure looks like winter and while my wife and kids go horseback riding( the last time I was on a horse was when my mother was putting dimes in the ride outside of Woolworth’s on 5 Ave in Bay Ridge) so while I have idle time I’ve read some stories on the direction the Mets are going for a closer and all I can say is I hope Omar is not the guide on the trial my family is riding on because I may never see them again.

I’m a bit cloudy on just what Omar’s strategy is when it comes to the pen. He doesn’t want to spend a lot of the Skill Sets dough on a K-Rod or Brian Fuentes and he could take out a patch up approach with Kerry Wood or Trevor Hoffman. He may trade for Bobby Jenks or Houston Street or he may just hand the job to Bobby Parnell and or Eddie Kunz. What Omar has become is the Johnny Rodz of baseball (old time wrestling fans remember The Unpredictable Johnny Rodz)

Hopefully this bullpen riddle will be clearer starting next week when the Winter Meetings kick off in Vegas.

As soon as that first snowflake fly’s I’m heading back to civilization

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  1. as with most off seasons i think omar’s plan is simply to sign the highest priced free agent for the position he feels the team needs most. he has shown little imagination and vision for building this club. we are not only short in the BP, but also SP. it seems to this fan that omar doesn’t address a need until it slaps him in the face. there are plenty of BP options available, but we only hear about k-rod or funtes. how about bieml, curz and lyon(who has closing experience). the whole BP needs an overhaul, but we only hear about the closers. omar has also left the SP weak and undermanned. is he going to overpay in years and for lowe or burrnett? are either of those guys better than lily or mench were 2 yrs ago(sorry can’t let go of how omar the fraud let both thoes guys get away). i for one am not optimistic about what omar will do this off season, hopeful, but not optimistic.

  2. it’s tough to kill Minaya as no one has made a significant move so far this off season. I don’t know how much the economic situation will dictate how much this years crop of free agents will get or if the owners will use it as an excuse for their favorite past time, collusion

  3. i’m not killing him for this off season, yet. off seasons of the past where i think he really hasn’t come through to improve the team, both major league and minor league teams.

  4. Omar Has A Plan:

    As Soon as Jeffy gets out of the way, it might be implemented.

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