Gee thanks Omar you couldn’t have made this deal while we were on the air with Pro Baseball Central last night? Don’t worry though I ain’t mad at ya as you have made one very very sweet deal here. To Aaron Heilman I say you’ve gotten your wish live long and prosper my friend as you try to find happiness as a starting pitcher for the Seattle Mariners. That look of gloom and doom that was on your face after getting shelled last year will fit in perfect in a city where it rains 360 out 365 days a year.


To Endy Chavez, thank you for The Catch and for your outstanding defense please take this section of the Shea Stadium Left Field fence as a token of our appreciation


To Joe Smith, I am very sorry to see you go and I’m sure you’re not to thrilled either but your young and maybe some day we will be reunited. Keep those sinkers low in the strike zone. Sorry but I have to go I have Tobi Stoner on the phone. “Tobi good news Smith is gone looks good for you to make the big club”


To Jason Vargas, I had high hopes for you young man after seeing your rebound performance in the AFL in fact it touted you as my dark horse candidate to step up and thrive in the new revamped bullpen and my prediction may come true except it will happen in the annomitity of Safeco Field.


To Mike Carp, all the best as a fringe ML’er


To Ezequiel Carrera and Maikel Cleto, Hasta la vista los muchachos.



Welcome J J Putz you of the blazing fastball and outstanding K/BB ratio you have the potential to be part of the best 1-2 bullpen punch in baseball. Not only that at 6’ 5’’ 250 you’re one big Putz; a Shvantz (I’ll stop with the putz jokes) so if all those teams in the division want to “Bring the Hate” well bring it on as we have no fear because we have a big Putz (really I’ll stop with the jokes) and fear no one, oh and thank your parents for naming you Jason Joseph Putz and not Shilmazel (seriously I’m done with the jokes)


Sean Green looks like Bison material and Jeremy Reed is at best a 5th outfielder who is better hitter than Chavez and very good defender as well. How could you not like this deal for the Mets and Omar is not done yet as it looks like he really wants to bring Ollie Perez back in the fold as long as Agent Boras and OP don’t get stupid with contract demands. If the Mets offer 3yr/$36-38 mil with 4th year option and Team OP turn that don’t he’s an asshole. The guy resurrected his sorry career in NY and now with a fortified pen plus the fact if he turns down this deal,  Randy Wolf will grab it so it’s in Ollie’s best interest to sign on for another hitch in Flushing.


Any word from the greatest hitter to wear dreadlocks? Cover those cards Omar. 


If you didn’t get to listen to our Pro Baseball Central show last night click on the link on the top right hand side or click here to listen to the podcast as we went over K-Rod CC and other options that the Mets are looking at.


Last but certainly not least, I was a bit embarrassed this morning as I was riding the Staten Island Ferry to work. Now normally when I sit down to peruse the newspaper the first thing I do is go to the back page and look for Mets news. But this morning the front page of the NY Post headline and picture had me in a state of drool. A picture of a naked Jennifer Aniston with the words “JENNIFER ANISTON’S SEXY NUDE PHOTO SHOOT” PICS AND STORY ON PAGE 3. I torn that newspaper open to page 3 and there was the lovely Jennifer in all her bare ass splendor. For the next 20 minutes of the ride I was fixated on that photo. I was oblivious to anyone around me. What wonderful visions I had in my head of Jen and I on the beach in St. Croix and her whispering in my ear “baby let’s go back to the room, the Mets are on and Johan’s pitching” but then this nasty voice woke me from my dream state to say “WHITEHALL TERMINAL ALL A SHORE” Damn it, no no I can’t leave now me and Jen are going to watch the Mets game in our room NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Now that’s not the embarrassing part. As I tried to get my bearings a woman about my age or little younger just gave me a look like I was some dirty old man as I guess having my eyes riveted to a beautiful woman is a crime. I was ready to tell her she was a jealous old jelly ass but she looked like she could beat the shit out me so I kept quiet.


I don’t know if I’ll post anymore today I have to finish reading the Post. “Coming Jennnnnnnnnn”.   

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  1. voice of reason says:

    For once I agree with most of your assessment. But to say “To Mike Carp, all the best as a fringe ML’er”, seems a bit arrogant on your part to project someone’s career before he is given the chance. How many Mets fans (you included) were saying the Mets had nothing in the Minors before Dan Murphy came up to the bigs? Carp had nearly identical minor league stats at the AA level last year as Murphy. The knock on him seemed to be his fielding (much like Murphy I might add). In the American league, he won’t have to field. He’ll play DH and maybe be a backup 1B. He could be a stud DH, only time will tell.

  2. How ’bout that Omar?!! Some of his moves don’t always turn out well, but at least he’s out there swinging!!

    I’m a real happy Mets fan right now, but I hope this trade doesn’t follow some of our past less-than-stellar efforts to bring relievers in, such as Isringhausen for Billy Taylor or Carl Everett for John Hudak.

  3. That was a great show you & Joe put on last night, Steve…

  4. You love to blow your own horn….Grow up my friend. Every thing you write in your column is common knowledge….Do Not place yourself above all others, for you are not.

    Relax and good things will happen for the mets….

    Get a real life….

  5. Voice, Carp has had issues as far as physical conditioning but some of that is immaturity. Carp was also upset when Murphy was brought up ahead of him and right now was more worried about how much money he was going to make in winter ball plus he is limted to play 1st base but offensivly he does not project as a big time ML’er at that possition.

    Mark, I love the moves and I’m an Omar guy but we still need a starting pitcher and right handed bat in the outfield.

    Charley, thanks so much for listening to Pro Baseball Central and for the kind words.

  6. Well, well, well. You stinkin Mets fans are pumping your chest hard after signing K- Rod and Putz. Well, let me a Phillies fan remind you that your starting rotation after Santana is garbage. Your bullpen still sucks before the 8th inning. Jose Reyes s still a Jack-ass who will always talk as big as Rollins, but will never be able to hold his jock strap. Delgado will not produce the midseason numbers he did last year, and Beltran will come up small for your club once again. Go ahead and trade your prospects for Marquis, he will just be another piece of litter in the trash heap that you call New York. Come September, you will again be looking up at the Phillies in the standings, as we will be on top once again. But rumor has it, David Wright prefers his men to be on top.


    “is this a real life or just a fantasy”?

  8. Steve,

    I had a similar experience to you this evening (the J Anniston experience). I went to the library and went to check the National Geographic, which I read there when I get a chance. And, what do I see? This photograph on the cover of the Match magazine from Paris. I picked up the National Geographic and stood staring at the picture on Match for a good while. I didn’t even know who Patricia Kaas was (she’s over 40, however), but that picture had me hooked. Never read a word in Nat’l Geographic and left when my wife came to collect me at the library.

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