Most people I meet assume that I am a JETS fan because I’m a METS fan so I guess they figure since my summers get ruined they assume I enjoy fucked up winters as well. No way as my pro football team of choice is of course The New York Football Giants and after watching the J-E-T-S pull a 2007 Mets like gag I wonder how long it would take me to suck the gas pipe if I were a Jets/Mets fan.

I know there a alot of you out there afflicted with Jets/Mets and I feel for you guys I really do but don’t worry come April the Mets will start a new season and from what I know of the J-E-T-S they thrive in April at the NFL Draft.    

Remember in the words of Felix Unger, never assume as you make an ass out of u and me.

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  1. As a Mets/Jets fan I can tell you that this feels bad but the Mets choke felt worse.

  2. Taycotrains says:

    Same here Steve I have to explain my allegiance to the Giants constantly.

    My fathers influence made me a Giants fan.
    (he tried to make me a Highlanders fan but that never took)

    My Grandmother made me a Mets fan (1967)
    She was a Dodgers fan who despised the Highlanders.

    Guess who her favorite player was ???

    Well heres a hint …

    My uncle used to drive her out to his restaraunt on Long Island twice a year once in the spring to wish him well for the upcoming season and once in the late fall to tell him everything he did wrong
    during the season…and no it was not Swoboda.

    I used to beg her to take me there and she always told me “No you cant there go he does not let kids in his place”…I think that might have been a “lie” LOL !

    GO GIANTS !!!

  3. I really really sympathized with you Will no one should suffer as Mets/Jets fan it’s not fair

  4. BT,

    How can we transfer the heart and balls of the New York Football Giants into our Boys of Summer?

  5. As a longtime Mets/Jetser I want to know- what kind of Fish do the Jets want as their last meal? Tuna? or Chad?

  6. New York FOOTBALL Giants? Oh, thank you, that clears up my confusion. I thought you meant the New York BASEBALL Giants, who only left 51 years ago. Or, are you just making fun of dumbass broadcasters (hello, ESPN) who continue to insert the word “football” between “York” and “Giants.”

  7. Originally Posted By peter
    As a longtime Mets/Jetser I want to know- what kind of Fish do the Jets want as their last meal? Tuna? or Chad?

    How about a Farve Flounder?

  8. We keep putting the word “football” in there because, well, it’s fun. There are a couple of other words we throw in there this year between “the” and “football”…”world champion”.

    I’m just sayin…

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