You mean, let me understand this cause, ya know maybe it’s me, I’m a little fucked up maybe, but I’m funny how, I mean funny like I’m a clown, I amuse you? I make you laugh, I’m here to fuckin’ amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how? How am I funny?

The fallout from the awful Inaugural Season at Paupers Field patch just gets more embarrassing everyday as Stephen Colbert now weighs in on what is now known as the Pizza Patch as Domino’s Pizza is getting more exposure over the patch than those deadbeats over at Citi Group.

Last night during my diatribe on PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL I asked the questions (one of many and Manny) who is running the show in Flushing, The Skill Sets or these thieving unimaginaitive bastards from Citi Group?

Of course our pals at the 700 Level have posted the video of Colbert mocking the Mets (Mock the Mets, Mock the Mets, Step right up and Mock the Mets) and it just makes me wonder if anyone in the Skill Sets Circle jerk gives a shit or are they happy wearing a “Kick Me” sign on there back all the time.

Check out PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL from last night by clicking here.

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  1. The Skill Sets, especially The Heir, JEFFY, are running the show. JEFFY drove Nellie D, crazy. Omar is under JEFFY’s Spell. All of the Luxury Suites are sold out and JEFFY is playing to them, which in short, means that this franchise is playing big market money with a small market attitude:

    Steve Trachsel may still be available. I wonder if Kevin Appier is available?

    Jeffy’s Inspiration is Max Byalystock and Leo Bloom. This is the “Springtime For Hitler” Traveling Team.

  2. The Patch says THIS:

    “What Did The Little Mets Birdie Sing? Cheap, Cheap, Cheap, Cheap, Cheap”;

    For a 1st Class Ballpark, run by 3rd Class Owners, I’m NOT SURPRISED.

  3. I know that when you called it Paupers Field you were referring to the Wilpons, but it’s even better when I think of where Citibank is in the news today.

  4. I swear to Christ I think these guys hate their fan base so much they get EVERYTHING wrong on purpose…

  5. The Odds Maker says:

    Dude I am listening to your radio thing now. I feel your pain. What will it take for get those stupid owners to even have an interest in Manny? Can they not handle Manny? What’s the deal. Why the hell are they being hush on Manny. Omar needs to stop speaking like an attorney and stop begging the damn question. Jeez. What a bunch of schmucks! I can’t handle another choking season. I am not saying win a WS (which would be unreal) but seriously if these guys choke again making it to the playoffs I am going into baseball hibernation. I followed baseball from 87′ to 94′. When baseball went on strike so did I. I didn’t start following baseball till the middle of 06′ when the Mets were fun to watch again.

    Something does have to give right? What is it going to take?

    CharlieH. I am starting to think its true.

  6. Odds,

    I understand that there are a bunch of Mets’ fans that want Manny Ramirez, but I will say this, maybe Boras, encouraged by the stupidity of the Braves(Lowe gets four years at 36 & 15 per is ludicrous) is still looking of r a team to give Manny four years…and that GM should be committed. I could care less if he gets $50 million a year, as long as it is ONLY a TWO YEAR deal.

  7. The Odds Maker says:

    Four years would not be the worst thing in the world for the Mets in regards to Manny. Let me say that two would be optimal but sometimes I think teams should overpay in some situations not everything is equal and will favor the Mets which we all know. Frankly an outfielder either left or right I would overpay over any other positions. At least the guy will be expected to play evey day rather than every fifth day.

    At any rate I bet he is much safer than Castillo at four years. No way to tell other than his dominance from last year. Frankly it just ticks me off for them (Mets) to sacrafice a open slot for a kid who just got kick out of Winter Ball and already has hamstring problems. Especially when there is a proven right handed batter with big game experience, clutch, the whole nine yards staring them in the face with right now looks like little competition. Sure I know patience with our little AAA five tool whatever we call him but what happens if this young buck does not work out? The Mets will look like the biggest fools. As for Manny’s attitude there could be more than meets the eye with that. Apparently though, according to Torre himself he has one of the best work ethics in the in MLB. Why not sacrafice a little coddling once in a while for some added fear in the line up. At the same time this guy will take the Media for all its worth while laying the heat off guys like Wright and Beltran.

    Who needs Oliver Perez when a Randy Wolf could do. Especially when we have a real Wolf in left field? It is possible for one to cancel out the other.

    I know the Mets think it is all about pitching but Maybe it might be time to change their strategy.

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