The tedious Mets off season keeps crawling along as Ollie Perez and Scott Boras are holding out for federal bailout money and the Mets are offering Jeffy’s nickel deposit money and we Mets fans sit here wondering why we even give a shit about this organization.

Time for Omar and Co. to put a competitive deal on the table for OP with a deadline. Omar be a man and tell Boras shit or get off the pot with OP this ain’t Sandy Koufax we’re courting here.

At this point maybe bringing in any two Randy Wolf, John Garland, Ben Sheets or Freddie Garcia is as good if not better than paying a Kings ransom for OP or maybe I’m just a frustrated Mets fan that is freezing his ass off in 6 degree weather wishing it was April allready.

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  1. Temperature here in Australia: 110 degrees.
    Temperature in Peekskill: 6 degrees.
    Plane flight from Sydney 8pm.
    Chance of me being on that plane < 50%.

  2. When healthy (big if), Sheets is very good. The Mets should offer Sheets a contract that’s heavy on incentives. He pitches a full season with a good ERA, he gets megabucks. He’s injured most the year, he gets much less. Have some different amounts for pitching 1/2 season, etc. They could offer a multi-year contract with these type of conditions.

  3. Jeffy’s Nickel Deposit Money?

    A Jim Dandy!

  4. I wish Omar would tell Boras to take a hike, period. I don’t want Perez (or Pedro, for that matter–it doesn’t matter to me that PM has a different agent) back on the team. Any one the four guys you mentioned (Randy Wolf, John Garland, Ben Sheets or Freddie Garcia), but especially two of them, would be better than OP and Pedro.

    Marty Noble, IMHO the only good thing about MLB.com and the Mets writer, is not high on OP either. OP’s stats were bad last year and he was terribly inconsistent.

  5. Steve Trachsel Might STILL be available.

  6. Interesting article in today’s Times. The title is “LaRussa has litle doubt about McGwire’s Integrity”. Is it just me, or is it fucking hilarious that a convicted drunk driver, someone who endangered lives of innocent while driving half in the bag, is commenting on someone else’s “integrity”? And we’re supposed to give a shit about his thoughts on people’s integrity? Hey pompous ass Tony, you’re lucky no one was on the road at 3 am, or you’d be facing homicide charges. Please don’t ever talk about what’s right and wrong, ok, Tony?

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