I wish I had some kind of good Mets news today besides Ryan Church signing for 1yr/$2.8 mil and Angel Pagan signing for $575K (how great a job is it being a fridge player on a ML team? Pagan was hurt nearly all season. When he was getting back in shape he got to play in Brooklyn, then his shoulder was still sore and he shut it down for the season for all that he gets a raise of a little less than $175K.) So now here is what the Mets outfield looks like:

Manny Ramirez (Ah, I’m just fucking with ya head!)

Really here are the outfielders:

Tatis, Murphy, Beltran, Church, Reed, Sullivan, Pagan.

If you take out Beltran you would have a real 1962 throw back kind of outfield. The lone true right handed hitter is Tatis with Beltran and Pagan going from both sides of the plate but Beltran hits all pitching but Pagan is a much better hitter  from where else but the left side of home plate. Hey it’s all right with the exception of Beltran they all work cheap. Oh and don’t forget The Teen-Aged Hitting Machine who hits (what else?) left handed.

  I’m at the point now where I want Omar to sign Ben Sheets and Randy Wolf and kick Oliver Perez to the curb. If by some outlandish way the Mets would over pay in years and money to OP it would have disaster written all over it. The longer OP holds out for a Mets contract the more pressure he puts on himself and the first game his gets his ass handed to him in the first inning and the $iti Field crowd boos him and calls him an over paid piece of shit it will be uglier than Amy Winehouse the morning after and all night bender.



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  1. Couldn’t agree more on Perez. It’s time for Omar to walk away. If anything, Omar should be lowering his offer each time Perez/Boras balk.

  2. It was with Freddie’s Deposit Bottle Money that Steve Trachsel was available. He may even be available now. Ditto, Appier!

  3. It’s pathetic all the good that management has done the past 3 year of signing good players will be gone…. signed players that could and did help the team….but now their going back and being the penny pinching owners as in the early 2000s….Look at the difference in attendence that has grown through the past 3 years….METS fans wont stand for this…the booing and cursing of he fans will drive familys with their kids away….there’s going to be 10,000 less seats in the new park plus unhappy fans not buying tickets…..will cost the Mets so much more in $’s than hiring the right ball players to get us to a world series….YES the Mets owe it to their fans.

  4. Taycotrains says:

    Tatis, Murphy, Beltran, Church, Reed, Sullivan, Pagan.

    Wow that is pretty scary when you see that spelled out in black and white…….. Umm …How long till Giants training camp ?

  5. Well, the offense wasn’t bad last year. it was pretty good.

    So as it turns out, they don’t desperately need a guy like Manny. More offense is great, but if it handicaps the ability this year and next and maybe more, to fix other problems, it’s probably not the right decision.

    They’re not all going to be Santana. I’d accept Perez. I don’t think he’ll get worse, and he stays healthy and can probably get better. for years.

    On one hand you need more consistency to take pressure of the bullpen and late innings and Perez doesn’t do that. On the other hand, knowing he’s going to be out there every five days likely without injury provides some consistency too. You don’t really get that with Sheets.

  6. Must Be Freddie and JEFFY:

    They built $iti, without REAL FANS in mind

  7. kranepool says:


    Ceeter, ComCom’on stop drinking the Skill Sets Kool-Aid on Manny. Manny gives you a potent right handed bat that is sorely needed and the one player that would put the fear of God in the NL

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