Looks like the Ollie P negotiations will go on for a while but I have a feeling he will sign back with the Mets sometime this week.

I love how people are telling Mets fans to pipe down on the Manny to the Mets talk, it either comes from media types who have no allegiance to the Mets expect that they cover them for a paycheck (that’s you Ed Coleman ) or some “anonymous” GM that most time is a figment of a writers imagination. The bottom line is the Manny makes the Mets a World Series contender and I will write about Manny every god damn day if I have to to get the Mets to sign him and plant in LF.

Joe McDonald has a slide show of pics showing the final days of Shea. It’s just a matter of weeks until Shea becomes a $tit Field parking lot.

Well what do you know, all was not well in Highlander universe during the rein of St Joseph of Torre. Can’t wait to read this book.

Never underestimate the stupidity of people

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  1. Taycotrains says:

    That Torre book is going to be a “great read”.
    I cant wait to get a copy !


  2. Writers have no allegiance to the Mets? It’s their JOB. They’re not writing a blog. They REPORT, not make up stories. THEY have standards. We read YOU for entertainment, shits and giggles. Just do your job and let the PROS do theirs.

  3. Great point on Coleman, Steve. I’m listening to that clown on Saturday morning, and he is literally moaning about having to cover the Mets in Port St. Lucie for a month. He talks about how “boring” it is and how “there are no good places to eat”. Then fat dope Marty Noble comes on and agrees. His life will also be miserable down there. How dare the Mets have spring training! What an inconvenience to Marty and Ed.

    Hey assholes, you are talking to people who get up at 5 and ride the SI Ferry to work, in the freezing cold, to put food on the table. People who if they are not unemployed, are tightening their belts to make ends meet. And these two shitheads have it so tough. What the fuck are they thinking about? Are you listening, WFAN management?

  4. I’ll be in Port St. Lucie for the first time this year, so we’ll see if it’s as dismal as people make it out to be. Probably.

    Coleman at least is one of the more reasonable people on WFAN.

    The Mets just don’t need Manny as much as he costs. Sure it’s just money, but what if it inhibits something else in the near future? What if Murphy can contribute? It’s not like the Mets have lost any offense from being near the top of the league last year.

  5. kranepool says:


    I guess I didn’t make it clear. What I meant was a media person like Coleman gets upset because Mets fans are clamoring for Manny Ramierz because as fans we live and die with our team and want them to do what is necessary to give us a fighting chance to accomplish that. That being said Coleman was the same guy who celebrated the Red Sox winning the World Series by prancing around in his Red Sox cap.

    Oh happy to supply your daily requirment of shits and giggles

  6. Kranepool: I think we’re on the same page here. And I do enjoy your writing on a daily basis. Coleman’s a talking head who steals his news from the dailies, but I don’t think any reporter or columnist should pull for any team unless they broadcast for them. I’d sacrifice my nutsack to cover the Mets and I wouldn’t be a whiny beat reporter either.

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