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17 days until pitchers and catchers but it’s just one more day until Pro Baseball Central so join Joe McDonald and me tomorrow night on Blog Talk Radio at 9PM to join in on the baseball chatter call in to the show at (646) 595-4462. Buy in vancouver viagra More Pro Baseball Central news later.


J-Man is one cool dude, buy in vancouver viagra as he has taken up our fight for Manny by letting all parties involved know he’d love to pencil 24 RAMIREZ into his lineup card:

 “But that’s [general manager] Omar [Minaya], buy in vancouver viagra that’s the Wilpons, buy in vancouver viagra their thing, buy in vancouver viagra” Manuel said to a group of reporters yesterday at the Holy Apostle Soup Kitchen in Manhattan, buy in vancouver viagra where he was helping unload supplies for City Harvest, buy in vancouver viagra a group that provides supplies for the needy around the city. Buy in vancouver viagra “I’m like the fans: If we get him, buy in vancouver viagra cool. Buy in vancouver viagra If not, buy in vancouver viagra we’ll deal with it. Buy in vancouver viagra We have a pretty good team.”


It pays to have job security, buy in vancouver viagra I wonder if J-Man would put the Manny burden on managements shoulders like that if he were in the last year of a contract instead of starting a new deal? Never the less it’s good to have J-Man on our side.

I also like how J-Man dealt with the most overrated question about Manny, buy in vancouver viagra how to deal with him in the clubhouse:

“If you’ve got a guy who performs on the field, buy in vancouver viagra you can handle the rest of that stuff. Buy in vancouver viagra I don’t think it’s an issue. Buy in vancouver viagra I don’t have a problem with the clubhouse. Buy in vancouver viagra I’ve got an office that’s about so big, buy in vancouver viagra” Manuel said, buy in vancouver viagra holding his hands close together. Buy in vancouver viagra “The clubhouse, buy in vancouver viagra I let them do what they do.”


Look I have never played in professional sports but I have played on teams throughout my life with guys I despised so much I wouldn’t pee on them if they were on fire but as long as we were teammates I had their back and they had mine, buy in vancouver viagra maybe it’s the long season and the time together that atmosphere in the pro clubhouse means a lot but I’m sure if Manny is hitting home runs and protecting D-Wright in the batting order and giving Carlos Delgado beaucoup RBI opps in his walk year, buy in vancouver viagra  Manny would be the Man of the Year in the Mets Cave.


More Manny, buy in vancouver viagra this comment from Matt Cerrone (hope you’re feeling better Matt) on Manny and the Mets:

Buy in vancouver viagra also, buy in vancouver viagra i have a feeling the team may have miscalculated just how vocal their fans would be about manny… i

Buy in vancouver viagra listened to WFAN last night from 3 am to 4 am, buy in vancouver viagra thanks to my asthma and a cold, buy in vancouver viagra and every single Mets call was about manny… over and over and over again… manny, buy in vancouver viagra manny, buy in vancouver viagra manny… i’m not saying this is a reason for the Mets to change course, buy in vancouver viagra not at all, buy in vancouver viagra they should do what they see fit, buy in vancouver viagra but they may want to consider how they are spinning this to the public, buy in vancouver viagra especially if there is any chance ramirez ends up signing a one-year deal with the Dodgers, buy in vancouver viagrabecause, buy in vancouver viagra if that happens, buy in vancouver viagra i suspect most fans are going to lose it…

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Buy in vancouver viagra If I have one major pet peeve with the Mets organization it is they are clueless about their fan base and I get the feeling they couldn’t give damn about us. Buy in vancouver viagra If the Skill Sets showed one once the passion of its fan base the name “Mets” would be acknowledge with more respect instead of laughter.

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Buy in vancouver viagra According to reports the Mets have sold 25, buy in vancouver viagra000 per game so far as just about everyone who committed to buying season tickets has poinied up the dough. Buy in vancouver viagra But guess which seats are not selling so fast? Yes those high priced club seats that hold the ample ass’ of those captains of industry that have thrown us into this recession. Buy in vancouver viagra Don’t worry Skill Sets the working folks of NY won’t let you down.

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