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We had a great conversation last night on Pro Baseball Central with Mark Henderson of the Washington Nationals blog Nationals Pride. Viagra blog Check out the podcast at Pro Baseball Central or click on the blogtalk radio link on the right hand side of this posting. Viagra blog Also if you are on Facebook check out the Bring Hondo Home application as the guys at Nationals Pride are trying to pursued the Nats management to bring Frank Howard back to DC in some coaching or front office capacity. Viagra blog As most Mets fans know Big Frank was a coach here and with the Highlanders and is one of the great guys in baseball and would be an asset to any ML teams’ staff.


Got to hand it to my fellow Mets fans for coming out last night for the Million Manny March (even if there were only about 40 people there) in front of the SNY studios on 6 Ave. Viagra blog And give kudos to SNY for not chasing the fans “off their lawn” and giving them some air time on the Mets Hot Stove Show. Viagra blog


Speaking of Manny, viagra blog Mike Silva at NY Baseball Digest is being rational about Manny to the Mets and what bugs the shit out of me the most is he makes sense. Our conversations over Manny to the Mets and most things Mets related are like Col. Viagra blog Trautman and John Rambo in First Blood:


Trautman: Mike Silva: You did everything to make this private war happen. Viagra blog You’ve done enough damage. Viagra blog This mission is over, viagra blog Rambo. Viagra blog Do you understand me? This mission is over! Look at them out there! Look at them! (Omar, viagra blog Tony B, viagra blog Dave the Lawyer, viagra blog Uncle Saul, viagra blog Matt Yaloff, viagra blog Lee Mazilli, viagra blog Jeffey and Fred Skill Sets) If you won’t end this now, viagra blog they will kill you. Viagra blog Is that what you want? It’s over Johnny Steve, viagra blog It’s over!
Rambo: Steve: Nothing is over! Nothing! You just don’t turn it off! It wasn’t my war! You asked me, viagra blog I didn’t ask you! And I did what I had to do to win! But somebody wouldn’t let us win! And I come back to the world and I see all those maggots at the airport Gate A, viagra blog protesting me, viagra blog spitting. Viagra blog Calling me baby killer bullshit blogger and all kinds of vile crap! Who are they to protest me? Who are they? Unless they’ve been me and been there and know what the hell they’re yelling about!


Reality sucks!


I don’t think you could be bigger fuck ups than the empty suits that are running Citi Group. Viagra blog First, viagra blog you become the biggest welfare recipients in the country and when you get your first WIC card you go out and try to buy malt liquor and cigarettes instead of baby food and diapers. Viagra blog These assholes still don’t get it. Viagra blog NO MORE PRIVATE PLANES!!!! And because they have acted so irresponsibly the Congress is looking at their deal with the Skill Sets on the naming rights to Chop Shop Park (a/k/a $iti Field) Hopefully the US Treasury and Congress will step in and void the naming rights deal for the new park so the Skill Sets can give the new pleasure palace it’s rightful name “NO MANNY DUE TO MADOFF PARK”


Tomorrow at Shea there will be a wake for the old girl as she is just about demolished. Viagra blog I would love to attend but too many chores on a Saturday for me but I would like to send this out the flock.


With John Maine coming to terms on a one year deal worth $2.6 mil came under his $3mil arbitration figure, viagra blog so Omar Minaya wins the Showcase Showdown on The Price is Right.


Nik Kolidas over at Kiners Korner has a great post and pics of the Final Days of Shea. Viagra blog As I read

Niks’s post and looked at his great pics I had my iPod on and it was set to shuffle and R.E.M “Losing My Religion” came on. Viagra blog Some omen huh?:



 Every whisper

Of every waking hour I’m

Choosing my confessions

Trying to keep an eye on you

Like a hurt lost and blinded fool

Oh no I’ve said too much

I set it up


I’m off to The Rock tonight for Devils-Penguins two teams I despise kind of like going to a Phillies-Braves game. Viagra blog But since Marty Brodeur is out I can’t yell ‘FATBOY” so I guess I’ll just heckle the shit out of Cindy Crosby.



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