Looks like Omar saw his shadow yesterday and declared winter is over with the signing of Ollie P to a 3yr/$36 mil deal. The best part of that deal is the 3 yrs forget the money part it’s the years that are key as Ollie/Boras were looking for at least 5 years but had to settle in at 3.


Add to that news that Manny/Boras have turned down the Dodgers latest proposal of 1 yr/$25 mil deal which means the Manny to the Mets talk will never die as you have figure that Boras had to talk  Manny with Omar. He had to right? RIGHT?


More Mets news today as the off season levee has broken. It looks like the deal with Citigroup for the new Pleasure Palace is under fire and Citi Group may look to void the deal due to pressure from Congress. Is the karma changing in Flushing? Will we see the ball park named after Gil Hodges or will it keep the Shea name atop the façade?


Mike Silva has a great post on New York Baseball Digest on how the Mets strive to be good and not great and as I commented on Mike’s post as long as the Skill Sets strive to be just good me and the rest of the Mets bloggers will continue to fight them to strive to be great. That doesn’t mean to spend like our neighbors in the Bronx but to have a plan stick to it and make any necessary move to attain greatness. Signing Manny would work well to achieve that goal. The Skill Sets remind me of the landlords I deal with who get violations on their buildings and cry to the court that they have no money to make the necessary repairs to meet the city code. Usually these buildings have address on Park Ave and Central Park West and are worth umpteen millions of dollars and just like with the Skill Sets I give them a big yawn when they cry to me about how hungry they are when they have not just loves of bread under their arms but the whole damn bakery.


Joel Sherman in his HARDBALL blog talks up Ty Wiggington who makes so much sense for the Mets it’s guaranteed the Mets won’t sign him.


Excuse me now while I pry my eyes out with a fork. 

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  1. “That doesn’t mean to spend like our neighbors in the Bronx but to have a plan stick to it and make any necessary move to attain greatness.”

    And why do you think they don’t have this plan? Just because it doesn’t include overspending on something that’s not a glaring weakness, doesn’t mean it’s a bad plan.

    The Mets have been great on paper, and ended up performing ‘good’ the last two years. They made drastic improvements to their biggest hole, and have much healthier players at 3 positions they didn’t last year. Santana could possibly be their oldest Starting Pitcher. Things are looking great to me.

  2. Let’s NOT forget that The Highlanders have spent close to $2B for mediocre seasons and that with their acquisition of “A-Ho”, or “A-Fraud”, they have gone NOWHERE:

    Nevertheless, Freddie and JEFFY, have gotten in Nellie’s Way, way too many times. No real Supporting Cast was signed around Mike Piazza;

    At Professor Thom’s at 219 2nd Avenue in The East Village, which is a Red Sox-Themed Pub, we disparage our former haunt, The Riviera Bar and Sports Cafe’, with the F Word Preceding each name on The Riviera List. Jeter and Company have been on this list since it was 1st chanted in ’06, with Freddie & JEFFY added on the Last Game of ’07, as well as Sol Katz and the rest of Sterling Mets LP Board.

  3. David in Manhattan says:

    Manny clearly wants to play LF in NY with the Mets, and not with the Dodgers, who have courted him assiduously.

    Minaya may be publicly denying the possibility of Manny with the Mets, but Omar The Shrewd One is holding some cards here, and I still predict we will see Manny in rumpled orange and blue, driving in runs for the Mets this year. Figure $17m for 3 yrs. Good deal for the Mets, and let’s face it, for Manny too, at 37, and he knows it. Everyone does, except Scott Borat.

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